Strange New Worlds: The Amazing Alien Planet Discoveries of 2013

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Space.com - 12/26/13, Mike Walls

100 Billion Alien Planets

While astronomers didn't bag that elusive first "alien Earth" in 2013, they made plenty of exciting exoplanet discoveries during the past year.

Here's a list of the top exoplanet finds of 2013, from a tiny world about the size of Earth's moon to a blue gas giant on which it rains molten glass:

The smallest exoplanet

In February, astronomers announced the discovery of Kepler-37b, the smallest alien world ever found around a sun-like star. The planet is about 2,400 miles (3,900 kilometers) wide, making it just slightly larger than Earth's moon. [9 Exoplanets That Could Host Alien Life

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An alien planet may lurk around nearby failed stars

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Nbc.com - 12/30/13, Megan Gannon

Image: Brown-dwarf system

Astronomers have spotted signs of a possible exoplanet in a nearby system of twin failed stars. If confirmed, the alien world would be one of the closest to our sun ever found.

Scientists discovered the pair of failed stars, known as brown dwarfs, only last year. At just 6.6 light-years from Earth, the pair is the third closest system to our sun. It's actually so close that "television transmissions from 2006 are now arriving there," Kevin Luhman, of Penn State's Center for Exoplanets and Habitable Worlds, noted when their discovery was announced in June. 

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PHOTOS: 100,000 South Koreans Protest Election Scandal, Labor Clampdown

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Global Voices - 12/28/13, Lee Yoo Eun

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A series of different protests as well as a mass strike organized by labor groups rocked South Korea on December 28, 2013. 

From noon till late at night, about 100,000 citizens and labor workers angrily demonstrated against the current government's election manipulation scandal and clampdowns on labor groups as well as moves toward privatization of the nation's railway system, though the administration denies such claims. Some observers are calling the outbreak of demonstrations proof that public anger has nearly “reached its boiling point” [ko].

Evolution or Extinction?

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Augureye - 12/27/13

I know, it's so much easier to just believe you are powerless against the might of these corporate giants, that nothing you alone can do would even be noticed by them.  Have you ever spent the night in a tent with a hungry mosquito?  To regain your empowerment is going to require you to see with new eyes, as you begin to unravel the matrix.  You need, for instance, to see that those who enslave humanity are counting on subterfuge and misdirection to win the day.  They cannot prevail in a fair fight with us, which is why they always operate from under multiple layers of obfuscation and hide in the shadows.  This is why they put so much effort into pacification technologies such as HAARP, the GWEN towers, chemtrails, fluoridated drinking water, and  EMF soup from a thousand microwave transmitters.    

Beneath all the hype, noise and diversion, We have but a single choice:
Evolution or Extinction

Pick One!

Exposed: The Soviet Union spent $1 billion on mind-control program

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News.com.au - 12/30/13, Jenni Ryall

The original scheme of transmitting and receiving bio-circuitry of the human nervous system. Picture: B. B. Kazhinskiy

The original scheme of transmitting and receiving bio-circuitry of the human nervous system. Picture: B. B. Kazhinskiy Source: Supplied


At the time, the Soviet Union and the United States were in an arms race of a bizarre, unconventional kind - that has been exposed in a new report.

The Soviets poured at least $1 billion into developing mind-controlling weaponry to compete with similar programs undertaken in the US.

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