We are all ONE in Supreme Consciousness, and we are moving into this higher state of Be-ing right now!

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I mentioned the other day that some Lightworkers are being moved to create projects that support a new way of Be-ing. This is one such project started by friends of mine in Bulgaria >

I decided to share their project with you today as guided to bring the message across that we are all One in Supreme Consciousness and we are moving into this higher state of Be-ing right now! What we do for one, we do for another. We are all inter-linked through what can be  likened to the Wi-Fi which you use to connect to the world wide web or Internet. Wi-Fi is a wireless connection that exists only on Planet Earth, but your Spiritual Wi-Fi connects you to EVERYTHING, to All That Is and ever shall BE.

Beloveds, we are asking that you be aware of this, and begin to think of yourselves as greater parts of a Unified Consciousness.  We are reaching a state of Be-ing where it is going to be impossible to ignore the plight and suffering of others. More and more of you are going to feel moved to reach out and help others, even if it is only with a small monthly donation to some worthy cause. It doesn’t matter where you decide to give, because we are all family. In a higher state of being and consciousness there are NO BORDERS.

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