Crystal Healing Links?

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I am specifically looking for a link that was posted in tinychat in the last few months. One of the chatters runs the site and it has information on crystal and gemstone healing. If you have ever posted a link to such a site run by you on tinychat, please comment the link below for me.


Also, if you anyone else runs such a site they are welcome to post as well. (Though, I do encourage them to drop by the chat room and say hi!)


Finally, if you have other quality resource sites that you would like to post on the topic, please feel free to do so. Specifically, I would like sites that approach crystal healing from a vibrational and ascension related perspective (that which includes all 12 chakras, not just the first 7 that are recognized on many traditional Reiki/healing sites.



Thanks very much for any help you can provide!


Namaste :)

Spiritual Reality Power Of Meditation

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Not breaking news for most members of the GFP, however, to a newly awakened being=soul this video is a must see and provides important information about meditation and the many benefits meditation brings. Topics include; cosmic energies, opening 3rd eye, healing, astral travel & expanded consciousness to name but a few.





The World's Best Healing Video (Part-1)

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Everything you ever need to know about Health, Healing and Prevention of all diseases presented in 9 part video series by www.worldsbesthealingvideos.org (launching soon).
World's only completely "FREE" Healing courses for the Body, Mind, Heart & Soul. No e-mail sign ups, No downloads (Instant access), Heal your Life, Share the videos and Heal the World.
 Part-1 is about the latest scientific research about the dangerous effects of negative emotions. Stress is the No.1 cause of all diseases. Learn how negative emotions affect every organ, cell, DNA and all the systems of our body. "BEWARE" and "BE AWARE" of negative emotions

Free healing offered through source based homeopathy and a bit bout me

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Howdy y'all,


I have been a regular visiter of this site for a very long time.  I currently reside in the 7th dimension and transmute sound.  I guess it is fitting since I'm a musician among many other things.  I did my post graduate studies in homeopathy and studied source based homeopathy which is esoteric in the homeopathic community.  Basically I find the source your energy is attracted to you and use the homeopathic form of it to re-allign the energy and to remove the manifestation of disease of the dis-harmony of energy.  Due to my morality, I am unable to charge for this service because I believe health does not come at a price.  I also have holistic health centre which is a charity where I live to serve my believe, I however do not practise there because I am a woman who has a lot more to do.  I do know that some people are unable to access such services because of their current econmic situation which I know is changing or because such services is not offered in their area. 


If you are suffering from any ailment, and you would like to some homeopathic treatment with no cost to you, please contact me or add me to skype at justagirltm and we can arrange a consultation which can take anywhere from half hour to 2 hours depending on how deep your case is.  To let you know ahead of time it feels like psychoanalysis however, nothing is analized, it is just seems that way because I need to find the energetic dynamic you are stuck in in order to find the remedy to release you from it.  Homeopathy heals the psychee, emotional and spiritual bodies and the the physical changes are just the manifestation of the harmony of the psycee, emotional and spiritual bodies. 


Apart from healing through homeopathy, during my nightly travels I do alot of shamanic healing to wherever my energy is needed. 


13:20 Calendar (12.29.12): HEAR THAT? GAIA’S STAR HEART IS HEALING!

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13:20 Calendar (12.29.12): HEAR THAT? GAIA’S STAR HEART IS HEALING!

ART: “The New Gaia-Light Activation Key Codes” by Gaia-Dawn Core Heart, http://www.gaiadonheart.com/

“You remain in the joy of creation and the creation of joy. Beloved Heart, at this pivotal instant of awakening, Be-come One, Be-come the Core One... Be-come the One Core-Heart.”

MUSIC: Donny Hathaway - Voices Inside (Everything is Everything) Live, http://youtu.be/lSdglxtW8Lg

“Come On, People! Raise the Vibration!”

♥ 11:11 MAKA WICAHPI WICOHAN (Word of Love, The Way of the EarthStar, Universal & Spiritual Laws of Creator):

HEALING OF AND FOR THE Anniversary of Hanging of 38 Dakota Akicita Native Americans Indians That were hung on December 28, 1862

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HEALING OF AND FOR THE Anniversary of Hanging of 38 Dakota Akicita Native Americans Indians That were hung on December 28, 1862.  In Mankato Mn Ordered by Abraham Lincoln.


I was lead to do this healing with the assistance of Chief Black Hawk, White Calf Buffalo Woman, Flow Huber(Retentive in physical, was Black Hawks wife in past life) Indian Chiefs, Warriors Leaders were invited to come to healing today. 


Healing of the 38 men that were Hung - Karma cleared, Healing of Ancestors.


The Following Ancestors were also invited to receive healing for themselves, there tribes and all of there people from the time this took place to the current.

All were Healed, through there hearts, with forgiveness, unconditional love, releasing of all pain and suffering, all emotional, physical trauma, and restored of the mind,body,soul.


The places were these traumatic events happened were asked  to be healed as well as it will act like a web and spread out and continue to heal the land as the ancestors bring this energy back to there people from the ancestors of the past. All People Stated below were taken to a Sacred Healing Chamber for healing of themselves as well now having that connection and path of where to take other ancestors of there tribes to receive the same healing. This is a open portal for them of healing.  I shared a white sacred peace pipe with them after this process completed.


Use of the 11th Ray with 4 Elementals, Lady Quan Yin, chohan, Lady Mary were use with healing symbols of: Peace with the body, Peace with culture, Peace with Family, Peace with Heavenly Mother/Father God, Peace with Humanity, Peace with Mind,Body, Soul, Spiritual Freedom, Spiritual Balance, Soul Family Connections, Release, Regeneration, New Hu-Man.


Nothing that is done out of love is in vain – Archangel Raphael through Isabel Henn December 17, 2012

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Note: The intention of this message was to give solace; he knows how people suffer and are confused about what happened and he wants to help people to see clearer and to tell the real context why this horrible murder happened. He says that the young man is in this a victim too.


AA Raphael


My Beloved, as horrible the murder of the children and their teacher was, I beg you, but to remain calm. These admirable humans knew before their incarnation how their lives will end once. Not the exact circumstances, but the fact that it is through an act of violence. None of these wonderful beings had to suffer. Their souls have left the body just before, there were only carcassess that have been hit by the bullets. Their souls were received by us and led to the higher dimensions, in which they have ascended.

Their death was not in vain, but an act of charity. It helps to wake up the people, and to find the meaning behind it all – that violence is not a means to achieve a goal but only a means of the dark side to sow fear and chaos. This murder was not a desperate act of a sick young man, but had the target to hit as many people as possible and to decrease the overall vibration in order to prevent the ascension process.


Give Love A Try

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Note: I am not usually into writing poetry but I was guided this morning to write this poem. I received confirmation that my guides and angels were working together with me on this when I unknowingly posted it on my blog at precisely 11:11. Feel free to share freely, with proper credit. Love & Light, Rach



my heart is breaking
the angels cry
a nation is mourning
questioning why


answers won’t come easy
some may never be found
for now, we can open our hearts
to let the sorrow drown


we can argue about guns
and we can argue about motives
yet all the while
families and friends speak votives


my heart is breaking
and the angels cry
what difference could I be making?
my mind gives no reply


it’s no small feat
to fix a world broken
but i’ll start small, and
continue until everyone has woken


it’s a fact i know that
true change starts within
so i’ll start with a smile
and call everyone my friend


and someday i know
this philosphy will expand
to include one and all
in each and every land


my heart is mending
the angels tears are dry
we’re all in this together
let’s give Love a try


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