HS Message: Using Communication as a Form of Communion

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Today I wish to discuss with you the importance of utilizing your throat chakra as a form of higher communication or "communion" with the external/outer world. Just as your co-creative abilities have been greatly enhanced and amplified in potency (as discussed in my previous message), so too have your powers of communication/communion. As you'll soon find out, there are many new heightened capacities/abilities that come with your newly structured vessels. It is true that the capacities of co-creation, inner travel/communion, and higher external communication have always been yours, but because of the latest overhaul to your vessel these abilities have become greatly amplified and much more accessible.

To begin, the throat chakra itself is a rich and vibrant shade of blue and is universally symbolic of higher truth, beauty, harmony, divinity, the spiritual realms, loyalty, and communication. When utilized correctly, it is the energy center in which you express your highest truth and authenticity as a divine spark of Creation. Therefore, this energy center holds tremendous potential for a level of soul expression that is in essence, a highly potent energetic release from your vessel. This "release" will saturate the surrounding ethers around you, thereby coming in contact with those living beings/auras in close proximity to you. This highly charged energy emitted by you then begins to interact/mix with their fields and alters the very essence of their energetic make-up as well as the very fabric of local space/time itself. In the same way your creations affect your surroundings, so to do your words. In fact one could say that COMMUNICATION leads not only to COMMUNION, but also an act CO-CREATION.

Uniquely Perfect Snowflakes

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Healing Resonance llc with kristi borst

Snowflakes ... I think perhaps everyone has heard that they are each uniquely perfect and individual in their expression of form. Yet each is merely frozen water. Unfortunately, when snowflakes are viewed with the "naked eye" their exquisite geometry is just a blur. When you look at snow that blankets the ground, you cannot see the beautiful intricacies of each flake nor the way the flakes are joining together. Such a shame, I am reflecting, as there is such a beautiful analogy in this example of snow.

We, too, are uniquely beautiful, multifaceted, and fascinating. The blanket called "humanity" that we create together is mysteriously and intricately woven. I want to share how this dance we call "life" provides myriad opportunities to not only sparkle in our own unique brilliance, but to also influence and help others, as they influence and help us.

In Anticipation of The Event

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Bring It On!


Are you ready for The Event?  I am. Bring it on. Once in a while I need to vent. Maybe you do too.  I can safely say it has a powerful cleansing effect while it releases a lot of internal stress having to do with how slow things appear to be moving. The following is a re-post from last year. With the nonsense and harm the cabal continues to try and propagate on this planet and her inhabitants it is time to let loose once again. This is how I feel and at times like these it feels good to say so. Back in my practice days, as a psychotherapist, I would support abuse victims in their desire to confront their abusers, once they were ready to do so. It was a very powerful moment for them and every client who took this brave step reported the same result - An end to feeling like a Victim. We are no longer victims when we stand up to those who would try and control us. Let us do so as often as necessary until the job is done.  Badda Bing, Badda Boom!



"I Apologize Therefore I'm Cured" - Really???


I am feeling angry and upset with the current state of world affairs, with the miscreants, the cheaters, the predators in suits, the military abusers of mankind. These sycophants can now readily be identified and found among our world leaders, the people who allegedly run things for the rest of us. Let them all be evacuated from Earth as far as I’m concerned, ship them off to a prison planet of their own making where they can be held to account for their oftentimes murderous abuses of mankind.


God is doing an "Old ... New Thing"

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This week has been extremely interesting for me in my healing practice.
While I have previously been asking for God to synchronize with my clients' body, which results in faster and deeper sessions ... and I knew that I was always doing things in obedience to God with my healing....
NOW... my work has been taken to a new level.
I hope you can grasp the difference that I am trying to help you understand of what is so very very different.
As I go through my menu, asking God, what is the highest priority for this client's healing session.... there are specific items required / identified. That is good. That is great. That is powerful.
Here is what is different and surprising to me ...
As I come to a point where I have to "wait" for the body to catch up to what it is that I am doing...
now there is an additional question that I have to ask... which is...
"Is there a guest healer coming next?" YES
when are they arriving? 1 minute... 3minutes... etc.
how long will they be working? 1 min. 2 min. .... etc.
Who is coming to assist?
[the following list revealed itself this past week}
Ascended Master

Here is another way to put it...

That is basically what I am being told. There is nothing wrong with my work. It is just that, now I have a bigger more spiritual team that INSISTS on being the next intervener for the client.

Including GOD!

that was a really cool realization, once I figured out that GOD wanted to participate in a very active role, rather than me. WOW!

So, now I know to ask the question ... Is there a guest coming?
And stand back... and ask the questions about what is happening... and watch and
Give thanks to God for this really cool team!

Peace be unto you!

Changing Extreme Weather Patterns

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Every where around the world GAIA is receiving extreme weather conditions.

Lord Ashtar with the Ashtar Command gave a special presentation during our retreat in December on how they want to partner with the lightworkers to help heal our Earth while receiving better weather conditions.

We, at Walking Terra Christa, want to share this visualization and announcement as everyone's active participation is essential.

To read more and to listen to the audio portion of our tele-call, please go to our website, http://walkingterrachrista.com/gaia/extreme-weather/.

Please share far and wide so that we can work together.  We will be participating in a group tele-call periodically throughout the year so stay tuned to our updates to receive the dates and time.  We hope you will join us.

©2012-2014 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery http://walkingterrachrista.com/ by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Mike Hayden.  Permission to repost this information electronically in its full entirety with no alteration on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and audio, printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

2014 ~ The Year of GROUNDING UNITY - The New Earth Frequency Update

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Planetary ~ As Shared by Meleriessee

We are now standing within the threshold of 2014.  The year of 2013 represented great changes within each of us and on the planet in various ways.  We experienced high activations through each of the cycles through the months and now we have stepped into a new doorway to Unite our True Self’s with our Physical Reality.  It was the year of “Synchronization”.  Now we take that synchronization and blend into our present experience as we walk as renewed Beings of Light.

With the oncoming energies of 2014, the theme of this New Year represents Walking into Grounding Unity.  This is bringing in the energies of the Oneness Consciousness that we all have been accessing in our thought forms, down into our physical energies, and grounding them into GAIA which is important in the structure of this year in 2014.

It is important to take time to reflect on our recent past experiences to truly measure the power of walking into a new year at any given time.  This year of 2014 there is an alignment occurring for more individuals to understand themselves in a completely and different manner.

The number “14” represents our karmic rebirth.  This is the year in which we are “righting” all our past deeds and in doing so, we are receiving the Divine Dispensation from our Higher Essence to be manifested within our world.  The keywords for this year represent, “harmony, balance, temperance, and prudence”.  It is a year in which elements will come into alignment to allow for the true manifestation of our heart’s desire from our highest consciousness into a physical reality.

Is This What Invoking Pleadian High Council Healing Chambers Feels Like?

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There were a bunch lie this next to a pier.

Yesterday I came across somebody’s Pleiadian High Council healing chamber invocation. For the life of me, I can’t find where it came from. You basically connect to your higher self after grounding, then to your multi-dimensional self, then call to the Pleiadian High Council. Then you request a healing session and stay in that vibe for as long as you can. In my case it [meditation] usually involves passing out whenever I relax. Just ask my wife. Meditating for me usually ends up being naps because I am usually just plain too tired to relax in a chair and clear my mind and retain some degree of control. My body takes over and says “thank you very much” and proceeds to shut down for awhile.

Yesterday, when I came across this website I did the process and added the caveat to wait a couple hours until I went to bed for the night. Enter my dreams from last night. I HAD to write them down today in order to at least capture the information. I will excavate these type of logs later on once more puzzle pieces have fallen into place.

So without further delay, here is the dream. I can at least say this: I think I did make some sort of contact last night with a fleet of ships. To see them in dream time and remember it is about all I have ever been able to do, so I will have to leave it at that.


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