Sunday Musings ~ Transcending Fear in the Game of Illusion

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Image ~ “My Rocky Mountain” by Deborah Faith

What if your whole life purpose was to transcend fear.  Nothing more, nothing less. What if your fears were all yours and no one else’s? What if your DNA doesn’t contain the fear imprints of your ancestors and what if the ONLY single most purposeful thing every single one of us is doing here is learning to rise above fear?

Nothing brings your vibration down faster than fear. Nothing takes you out of Presence faster than fear.

Everything that is not love has its roots in fear. Everything. Fear is born out of separation consciousness – the thinking of ourselves separate from our Source which is ALL That is Love. Perfect, Pure, Absolute, Unconditional Love.

This separation consciousness causes us to believe we are vulnerable.

Fear is illusion and therefore not real. You can transcend fear by looking at it and erasing it similar to erasing a blackboard in a classroom. The classroom in this instance is the holographic experience of Life itself, as we are projecting it into being or into form, from within our own consciousness based upon our thoughts and beliefs and actions. What if every thought had a life of its own and what if when we give it our energy, it becomes more life-like? What if we could actually bring something into form through our very thought? Are we that powerful?

The answer is yes, we are. The question is do you believe it? Can you comprehend having such power? What if I told you your power is Infinite? Can you even begin to comprehend the meaning of the word “Infinite”?

No, most of us cannot because we, as humans, have conditioned ourselves into believing in limitation and lack. To transcend fear is to transcend limitation of any kind. Once we have learned to do this, we can be free. That isn’t to say that fears won’t be cropping up from time to time, because they will be. It is only natural in the human experience to have fears. What is not natural, however, is to believe them and therefore feed them.

Fears only become problematic when you feed them by giving them your energy.

Remember the prayer “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil, for Thou art with me.”

I had a classic conversation the other day after the dead branch of a tree fell down onto the roof of my cabin during a rainstorm and scared me half to death! I said to Michael, “If one of these trees falls onto my roof it could collapse and squash me to death!” I was a little shaken, but not really scared because I know I am safe, but I was ready for a little early morning banter with him and he knew it. He laughed and said, “So? I thought you were ready to come home?” I replied, “I am, just not willing to be squashed in the process!” He indulged me further and said “My Love, if you were ready to leave your body, which you’re not, at least not in the way you’re thinking, and it was to happen by way of a tree falling on top of your head, then I would have you out of your body before you even knew what had hit you! Trust me, you wouldn’t feel a thing!”

A more serious conversation followed later when he said, “Do you think I wouldn’t know that the tree was going to fall on your head? Do you think I’m incapable of knowing such a thing?”

He then went on to explain that having infinite power is just that, infinite. It has no limitation and even though we as humans cannot comprehend what that means, we have the choice of trusting in that and knowing that nothing can ever touch us. That is the meaning of Faith – trusting in That which we cannot comprehend or see.

Unlimited power is just that. Unlimited. It knows no limits. It is infinite in its potential. Therefore there is nothing it cannot do, and no purpose it cannot serve. Can you grasp the extent of this? Is your mind capable of comprehending such unlimited potential? No, and I don’t blame you because in your human world all you can comprehend is limitation. It is what you have been conditioned to believe.” 

The key is to step outside of the fear and look at it through the eyes of Love and see the illusion. Illusions can be dissolved, or brushed away with a blackboard cleaner. They are there to make you stronger and to grow your trust and faith in the Power that created you.  This is the Power that keeps you alive here on the physical Earth plane, the Power that breathes through you and lives through you!

Yesterday as I was returning from my walk on the mountain, I came across a woman walking her dog a short distance away. I looked at them and continued walking. The dog, a large breed of some sort, decided to come after me. Her owner shouted at her to stop but the dog didn’t take any notice. I realized when I heard the owner shouting that the dog was running towards me. I wasn’t scared, maybe a little alarmed that the dog was running after me, but after a few seconds I turned around and just then the dog stopped in her tracks as if she had encountered an invisible barrier. The dog looked at me and then turned around and ran back to its owner. I continued walking and breathed a silent “Thank you”, and heard “You’re welcome” in return.

Earlier on I had been lying on a rock and my ego had been baiting me. I saw within my mind a huge hairy tarantula on the rock next to my hand and so I put both my hands in my pockets. Michael told me to ignore it. I could have but instead of dissolving the image, I put my hands in my pockets, and by doing this I fed the thought form with my energy. I said to Michael, “There must be spiders here”, to which he replied, “Yes, but nothing like the one your mind is projecting at you.” He’s told me before that no spider will come near me, let alone touch me.  Needless to say, the rock started to feel uncomfortable and cold against my back and I eventually had to move. Had I stayed in my Heart and in Presence and not fed the fear I wouldn’t have felt any discomfort at all. The rock would have continued to support me and feel warm.

So the encounter with the dog was his way of proving to me once again that he has my back.

In no way are we ever unprotected, unless we believe we are. All of Life will embrace you, as will That which created you.

Such is the game of Illusion we’re playing here. All is Love and Love is All!

We love you and wish you a most magical NEW day!


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