Humanity and the ancient War of the Gods

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Messege of the day- jesse loya


"There are multitudes and societies that live through out the vastnes of space,
These multitudes and societies have known this planet since the very beginning.
It was in a lost ancient galactic war when humanity was genetically changed from their origin and slaved,
And it is a universal law that does not allow advance civilizations to interfier with the development and evolution of younger species.
Thats why humanity has been kept in a lack of information and in a lack of communication by a great enemy,
This galactic war was called the War of the Gods.
When light lost the battle and darkness took over, humanity was enslaved,
In time humanity forgot who they really were and forgot the whole history,
The truth is outhere. And deep inside our dna. Our chakras. In our Awakening."

Alignment for Ascension sounds

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Hi I am Sheila Kennedy, and I am an alternative therapist. The sounds below were gifted to us to share with humanity . Please enjou


This sound was downloaded to help those whose are experiencing energetic imbalance due to humanities ascension.


The Alignment sounds were specifically created to be a gift to humanity. There are many people speaking of changes in their physical mental spiritual and emotional beings at this time and often these changes are linked to the Ascension process which humanity believes it is going through.


As the Sounds from Source vibrational sound programs are gifted to us, we specifically requested a sound which would be of assistance in these instances. The Alignment sound is what we were given.

May it assist you in the alignment of your body and its processes.


Peace Love and Light


Sheila and Susan

It Is Time For Humanity To Come Together

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Friends, as many reading this more than likely already know, for too long our world has been ‘under the influence’ of unfair governments and unjust laws. For too long many of us have simply accepted these governments and laws, but that time is swiftly coming to an end. Finally citizens of this world are waking up to the injustices occuring around them every day. Does anybody really still believe that this is the way Life was supposed to be lived? Does anybody still believe we are supposed to live in a world where all of the money is in the hands of the few who own everything, leaving the rest of us to struggle? We have slowly been manipulated into believing that this is how Life is supposed to be lived, and it gives me joy to report that We The People aren’t taking it anymore.


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