WHY YOU ARE HERE Channeled/Scribed by Jeff Fasano

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                                                      “Walking The Path”

You are now beginning to walk the pathway.

You have crossed the “beginning” line at the starting gate. The gates to the new pathway into the unknown have closed behind you and you have moved onto the pathway, now walking it and moving deeper into it. You have made decisions and choices. And these choices are about moving into the new and creating the new, changing yourself and old habits patterns and rituals by looking at them and your attachments and at what was old.  You have asked yourself, does this resonate for me? And you have come to the decision that it doesn’t and now realize you are walking into the new. The gates have closed behind you and are now locked. You know that going back into the old is no longer a viable reason for recreating it. You have made the decision to walk amongst the energies of the new. And you are finding that these energies are new, and as you walk among them you give yourself a chance to release remnants of the old. It is as if you are creating a chemical reactionary conclusion. What We mean by this is, the chemicals or the new energies from outside of you are now mixing with the old energies or the chemicals coming up inside of you. And this mixture for some becomes quite volatile. The old is now coming to the fore and you find that you are no longer able to control anything.  It is completely about surrendering to “what is” and this is most important now. What is? Where am I? It is now a moment-to-moment existence. Being in the now consistently. Where am I? What is?  So continue asking yourself this.


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In the EARTHSTAR PEACE CALENDAR, THIS FULL MOON is the TURTLE MOON. UNCI KEYA is GRANDMOTHER TURTLE. "The Straight Path is the Path of the Heart that rejoices in honoring the Creator, and in honoring all Life. It is the Path of Respect." -UNCI KEYA, GRANDMOTHER TURTLE, "The Straight Path" in the UNIVERSAL LAW OF LIFE,, starts on page 124

ART: PHOTO from "9th International Gathering of Women Heart of the Water Turtle Moon Dance Turtle" by Mazatzin Aztekayolokalli, ART from 'Grandmother Turtle & The Full Moon,' by Jacqueline "Jackie" Traverse, & THE STAR CODE for UNCI KEYA, GRANDMOTHER TURTLE--to activate it, draw it & circle it.

The Moment

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  • The moment when your heart opens to the truth that lives around you.... It's indescribable.  It is hope, love, gratitude, empathy, pain, joy, struggle and a host of so much more, yet with peace to the core.  
  • The moment you realize that the posts you read on social media each day that aim to motivate ARE in fact for YOU!  
  • The moment that you allow your heart to break and feel a flood of emotion to the likes of nothing you have ever imagined.

I've been so very emotional lately.  Yet, there has been no real explanation for my tears, my sorrow, my joy, my pain... I honestly thought I was going slightly bonkers, but I still embraced the stage of life.  I understand that much of my emotion comes from being a deep Empath.  I used to always say that I didn't have too many friends, because each new person I let into my life was soul tied to my heart, and I could feel their emotions.  DAMN, I did not know how true that was!  And now, here I am... openly inviting all of you into my life and my world with complete honesty, transparency and love... and this sh^t is no joke!  The funny thing is I wouldn't have it any other way and I even sometimes wish I could advance this journey just so I could reach out to so many more of you.  Yet, I call out my ego for having those thoughts and check myself back into the current moment because I am exactly where I am supposed to be in this moment.

Do NOT Feed the Fears

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Sometimes I get carried away by my thoughts.  I become enveloped in the blanket of woulda-coulda-shoulda's and find myself paralyzed from sitting under the weight of sorrows, fears and disappointments.  I ask questions and never seem to get the answers that I want.  To make it all-the-worse, I sometimes sit and listen to music that exacerbates the emotions that I might be feeling at any given moment. 

Why do I do this to myself!?

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