~Message From The Pleiadian High Council and SanJAsKa, 8~8~11

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~Message From The Pleiadian High Council and SanJAsKa, 8~8~11

~Channeled By Galactic Love Reporter  Wes Annac~



The hold that has been on humanity for so long is now to be breached. Ready yourselves for the things to come, and know that we have entered a New Age. The ways that have for so long run your planet are fast disintegrating and this is a process that is not just planetary but personal. We can feel the difficulties presented by all of you pertaining to this process, just know that you are getting through it marvelously and venturing further and further into the higher dimensions. We are very happy to be helping you at this time, and soon you will rediscover our ties to eachother. We are very present in your unconscious memory and now is a time where tapping into said memory is getting easier and easier. The veils are thinning, personally and worldwide. We continue to ask, are you ready?

St Germain & Sanat Kumara Ignite & Recalibrate Sphere of Remembrance & Flame of God U

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Dear Friends,

August is an extremely important month, as there are many landmark dates where the energies are intensified. We will gather on 8/8 Portal Day to raise the energies and create a platform for the special portal days in August and the remainder of 2011. 8/12 is a special landmark point each year where Divine Mother and the Masters pour down energies to achieve critical mass for whatever the intentions for that year may be. Harmonic Convergence on 8/16 is yet another major Landmark Point. Please see more on these dates below.


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