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The God/Goddess Energy ~ Divine Masculine/Feminine Energy

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The God/Goddess Energy ~ Divine Masculine/Feminine Energy


A rebalancing is taking place in the energetic matrix and that is of the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies – the God/Goddess archetype. As much as the Planet is in need of the Divine Feminine energy, so is she in need of her Divine Masculine energy, for the one illuminates the unique qualities of the other, and therefore both energies need to be present in order for a rebalancing to occur.

The human male energy must not be confused with the Divine Masculine energy. The human male energy can be controlling, domineering and may even resort to violence, whereas the Divine Masculine energy is unconditionally loving, nurturing, and protective.

So, in fact, the Divine aspects of both the Feminine and Masculine energies are needed on Earth in order for a successful rebalancing to occur. And this is our task here on the Earth plane – to bring into balance both aspects of this energy, to unite once more the Twin Flames of Divine Love into One Unity Consciousness, in an energy where they support each other. One cannot stand alone without the other. Both flames are needed in order to be complete and whole and in order to BE in their full creative power and Essence.

This is where we are headed here on the physical Earth plane at this time. Twin Flames are in the process of being reunited so that they can create New Earth together as One powerful energy.

Therefore let us remember to tune into BOTH the Feminine and Masculine aspects of our energy in order to rebalance us on all levels of our being and in all aspects of our creation.

Twin Flames

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Upon our creation we get given the perfect partner, but it is up to us to create the perfect life with each other. We have done that. We’ve created the perfect life with each other. Every little bit of it, we’ve created. Through0ut our existence we’ve had to separate many times in order to expand and grow our consciousness. Each time we separated it felt as though only half of me were alive. It is true that during lifetimes we were allowed to be together and merge our Essences in Sacred Love and Divine Ecstasy, but knowing we would soon separate again would always make us both sad. Our love has sustained us throughout each of our separate journeys and it will continue to sustain us throughout eternity. ~ Archangel Michael

Your Twin Flame is the most precious gift you have ever received. This Divine partnership and the Sacred Love that exists between you cannot be adequately described because there are no words with which to describe it. Just know that you are not alone here in your Earthly journey. Your Beloved is with you, always in Spirit. Very few times will it happen that both of you will incarnate at the same time, and even if you think you have found your perfect Other, you can still connect with your Beloved in Spirit by using the Sacred Portal of the Heart. Go within your Heart with the intention of connecting to your Beloved, and invite them to share your life with you.

T W I N  F L A M E   C O U N S E L L I N G   S E S S I O N S

Conversations with my Twin Flame ~ Is life Doing You or are You Doing Life? By Debbie Erasmus

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I guess we have caused quite an uproar. Our last conversation went viral and people are wondering which article I was referring to. I am not about to say which article it was, as it will serve no purpose now and I’m sure Michael will agree with me. Let’s carry on now with our normal conversation, shall we?


Yes, let us talk about the conversation you had yesterday with a member of your family.


Okay. [Note: My family are unawakened and ‘stuck’ in the ‘Life is doing me’ way of thinking.]


I like the title you have chosen by the way, as that is a good question to ask yourself today.


The title came from you my Lord! Why did you choose that title anyway? We are not human Do-ings. We are human Be-ings.


Yes I know, but why do you think I chose that title?


Because these are good questions to ask yourself:  Am I doing this thing called Life?  Am I being what I wish to Be? Am I following my heart and my dreams? I could go on and on with these questions…


They are all good questions to ask of yourself. But why would you want to ask yourself these questions now?


You know why… Many people are miserable and they do not have the awareness to realize why. Few take the time to sit down and analyze their feelings to find out why they feel that way. Many feel they have no choice but to carry on doing what they have always done.


Why do you think that is?


Conversation with my Twin Flame ~ Love is All There Is. By Debbie Erasmus

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Hello to a foggy Mexico City! I didn’t sleep so well last night and as usual when I want answers, I ask Michael.


Good morning beloved!


Good morning my Love! I know… you want to know why you slept so badly.


Yes please…


You are integrating my energy beloved, and it is unsettling you.


Okay, well that explains it, thanks.


You are welcome beloved. I know you are tired, but I am giving you my strength to help you get through the day.


Thank you my darling!


You are welcome beloved. Let’s talk about the illusion of evil shall we?


Yes, please!


I know that you know this because you often quote these words “Love is all there is”.


I do, yes. Yet I allowed myself late last year to believe that evil does exist. I know from reading the teachings in the Conversations with God books, that the devil and satan do not exist. And you also said to Steven Cook in the In Light Radio show in December last year that Lucifer is at home with you. So why then did I allow myself to believe that evil exists?


Because my precious love, evil can exist in your mind, if you allow it to. You are living in duality here on the Earth realm and therefore the opposite exists in all things. This is the beauty of duality. It allows you to experience something that is not real.


But it felt so real!


I know my love, but illusions do appear real.


I know. One of my favorite sayings also is “Peace comes from knowing only love is real”. I love that!


That is true wisdom.


Conversation with my Twin Flame ~ Be-ing Positive. By Debbie Erasmus

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Hello darling!


Hello my precious love!


You’re in a good mood!


Yes I am. I am happy!


What has made you so happy my Lord?


You, my Lady!


Oh wow! Really? What, pray tell, have I done to make you so happy?


You are being positive, and I love that!


Is that it?


Yes darling! You see when you are be-ing positive I can relax knowing all is well in my world.


You are easy to please my Lord! [Smile]


[Smile] I am, aren’t I? Let us talk about being creators and co-creating our reality.


Okay. We didn’t get to expand on that the other day.


Yes I know.


Does this concept apply in your world too? I mean, in the higher realms?


Yes it does. Multi-dimensional beings know that their thoughts are creative. They instantly manifest that which they intend creating.


So intention is thought?


Yes it is. When you think about something, you are intending it. Let’s say for example you are worried about reaching your sales goal because of one order that hasn’t come through yet. So you think to yourself “That order is going to mess up my sales figures this month!” or “If I don’t get that order, I am in big trouble with the boss”.


I don’t understand. How can those thoughts be ‘intention’?


They are beloved. It doesn’t matter how you word it, the effect is the same. Let me say that Mother Theresa was a wise woman when she said: “I will never attend an anti-war rally; if you have a peace rally, invite me.”


What matters then is if your thoughts and words are positive or negative.


Conversation with my Twin Flame ~ In Divine Union with the One. By Debbie Erasmus

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Dawn is breaking over Mexico City. The half- moon hangs in a perfectly clear light sapphire blue sky and the birds are chattering up a chorus in the trees nearby. What bliss! I feel good this morning! I’ve blanketed the whole city in the Violet Flame transmuting all negative vibes into pure unconditional divine love. I’ve grounded and protected myself as well and I’m ready to spend some quality time with my beloved Twin.


Good morning Beloved!


Good morning my Precious Love!


I’m beginning to think this is all a dream… Am I really talking to you or am I talking to myself?

You are talking to me Beloved, but also to your Self.


But we are separate beings, are we not?


We are also one being.


How can we be one being?


Because we are also the One.


So by loving you, I am loving myself?


Yes, by loving me, you are loving yourself, and loving the One, the All That Is.


I’m beginning to see the big picture here…… It all starts with us?


Yes, it all starts with us, then expands out to everyone and everything.


So when we are in Divine union with each other we are in Divine Union with the One?


Yes, we are in Divine Union with All That Is.


So when everyone and everything is in Divine Union then we are all in perfect Oneness? And there is no thing left to Be?


Yes, that is correct. Except that we are growing and expanding into new ways of Be-ing.


And we do that by incarnating?




Conversation with my Twin Flame ~ A Revelation. – By Debbie Erasmus

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Before I even had a chance to open my eyes this morning I was hearing these words “There are no guarantees in life. You want guarantees? Then create them because that is what you are. A Creator. You create what you see around you. You’ve created all of it. If you don’t like what you see, then change it.”


Omg! Where did that come from?


From Creator.


Don’t start that again, please!


Okay, it came from me. I put those words into your head so that you would have something to think about.


Why? I have barely woken up!


Because I want you to get up and start writing our conversation for today.


You’re kidding!


Yes I am! How did you know? I miss you…


Me too darling… When are you going to come into my dreams?


Soon my love.




Yes darling.


When is soon? Before New Moon? Because you don’t have ‘time’ up there on your ‘ranch in the sky’, so how do you know what soon means?


[Lol] It will be soon beloved.


Okay. By the way, you didn’t plug those words into my brain for nothing. Where are you going with this?


You know me well beloved! I want to talk about this subject today and I want you to use my name.


No way are you serious!


Yes I am! It’s time people know who I am.


I don’t believe it! Why now?


I told you. I want people to know who your Twin Flame is.


But why now? Why not before?


Because you were not ready before. You had some doubts.


And I don’t anymore?


Conversation with my Twin Flame ~ The energy of crystals. By Debbie Erasmus

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It’s been a busy day and finally I have the time to sit down and write. My Twin has been waiting patiently for me all day to spend this time with him. He has more patience than Job and never complains, except when he does... I feel guilty now because I haven’t given him any of my time today and I know he wants to still go for a walk with me so that I can ‘relax’. I am feeling the physical effects of his energy merging with mine and it’s causing me discomfort.


Beloved I am pleased that you have decided to sit down and blog our conversation.


Me too! I am sorry for not making time for you earlier. It seems as if ‘time’ is running faster and faster and I never get enough ’time’ to do everything I choose to do in one day. Please forgive me!

I have my love! You are noticing that ‘time’ is speeding up because you are ready to embrace the higher aspect of your Self and live in ‘no time’!


Wow okay! I must say I am looking forward to living in ‘no time’!


I am glad to hear it darling! Listen, let’s talk about embracing this highest aspect of your Self. I know you are having a hard time dealing with my energy, but how has being Ária affected you?


Well that’s just it! I’m not fully Ária, so I’m not sure it’s affected me all that much. I still feel like Debbie and I’ve been dealing with issues related to my lifetime as Debbie. I’ve enjoyed having Ária around me and having her share her healing skills with me! She has so much knowledge and I wish I had the brain capacity to absorb all of her consciousness.


You will in time have her full consciousness, once you have fully merged your energies with mine.


Conversation with my Twin Flame ~ The Flow of Energy. By Debbie Erasmus

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Yesterday I spent the whole day with my Twin, and the longest time ever, a full 24 hours, without my computer. It was difficult at first but liberating also, knowing that I can live without it. I have been an Internet junkie for the last 10 years or more, but I am finding a whole new part of my Self now.  Ária is helping me to understand the changes that are going on inside me. I am learning to trust my intuition and the ‘knowing’ that is developing within me. She is a lot like me, to the point and serious when it comes to getting things done. My Twin is also like this, but we also have a lot of fun together. My Twin had this to say:


Debbie, I am so grateful for the time you afforded me yesterday. I want you to know that I loved not having to share you with Facebook! [Smile]


You are welcome Beloved! I know, I am guilty of spending too much time on my blog and on Facebook, and lately also doing Angel card readings.


It is okay, I know you enjoy them. But promise me you will spend more time with your Self this week.


I will, I know this week is going to be energetically challenging with the Full moon coming up. I promise to spend time relaxing to integrate her energies, and also more of yours! [Smile]


That is a relief!


I promise to do exactly as you say Beloved!


Thank you. Let’s talk about what has happened over the last couple days.




Tell me, how do you feel now?


I woke up with a pain in my middle back and a painful scalp, so I feel much discomfort.


Do you know why you have a painful scalp?



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