Gaiam TV: A Streaming Spiritual TV Network

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Recently I was flown to Denver, Colorado to record two, back-to-back one-hour interviews with Gaiam TV about my three The Gentle Way books and my FIRST CONTACT: Conversations with an ET book.  The first interview aired on February 4 and the second February 11.  I thought everyone might like to know more about this streaming subscription, Internet TV network.  They will never compete for the large number of subscribers Netflix has.  Instead, they have chosen to be a niche streaming service specializing in inspirational, spiritual (not religious), paranormal, UFOs, astrology, yoga, and exercise topics.

Perhaps you’ve bought one of their many products offered on their website at or in one of over 40,000 retail locations.  The name Gaiam was a combination of Gaia, soul of the earth, and I Am.  They are a publicly traded company (GAIA).  Their headquarters building in Louisville (next to Boulder) is quite large; it houses the warehouse for their sales of clothing, home goods, wellness, fitness, yoga and videos, along with corporate offices and Gaiam TV.  Their latest SEC filing that I read lists their assets at just under $190 million, so this company is not a “flash-in-the-pan-gone-tomorrow” business.

Gaiam was founded in Boulder, Colorado in 1988 by Jirka Rysavy. His vision was to serve the "conscious consumer", a group subsequently named the "Cultural Creatives" by sociologist Paul Ray in 1996.  Gaiam states they are working to establish a new conscious media genre and distribution channels for filmmakers and artists who want to make a difference.  Joining other genres like classics, drama and action, conscious media includes feature films, documentaries, edutainment and personal development programs that they believe will inspire all of us to expand our awareness, pursue positive change in our lives and grow more connected to each other and to the planet.  (1)

7 of Wands and Message from Spirit

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Hello beautiful beings!

I've really been resonating with the 7 of Wands lately. In fact, that was one of the cards I pulled in my reading the night I decided to devote my energy to this little beauty that's shaping up to be Gypsy Soul Reiki. I was guided to meditate on this cards, so when I went out to the backyard to practice some root chakra yoga, for the chakra program I'm developing, I took my trusty tarot cards out there with me.

I spent a few minutes calming my mind, and then started writing down my notes for the card. After I felt satisfied with my notes, I spent a few more minutes meditating, when I got a new insight. This time, it was a short message from Spirit:

Sometimes the only thing that keeps us going is the fire inside of us, urging us to stand up for what is right and just. No matter how much the odds are stacked against us.

Pink Rain.” Reflections From The Yoga Mat. By, Bella Capozzi. August 27, 2013.

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Cupcakes and Angels Posted on

1146465_395053373930294_1434596275_n I want to share a really sweet and pretty image I was given during the Savasana portion of my yoga class, yesterday. Actually,more than an image, it was a journey of sorts.  I can’t be sure what it means exactly.  My personal impression is that I was being shown that the Divine Mother’s soft and therapeutic energy is blanketing the planet right now, and is bringing peace and harmony into our currently rather volatile society.  I truly hope that what I saw was a brief vision of the future, as it felt so friendly and happy, and was heartbreakingly lovely.  This post is all fluffy sunshine and bubblegum, to be sure.  But given what’s transpiring out there in the world today, couldn’t we all use a little bit of that to boost our morale?

My Vision:

VIDEO of Opening Song, "SCOTT HUCKABAY| SANTA CRUZ| DIVINITREE 6/21!" 528 Love Frequency ❤

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"Tuning the guitar to the 528 frequency:

First, you need to recalibrate the A440hz based tuners to A444hz which gives us a C of 528.008. The 444Hz is, close enough, the correct “A” pitch tuning using the Korg Chromatic tuner. If you set this Korg tuner to 444Hz (instead of 440Hz), then the tuner will guide you tuning every string (EADGBE) of the guitar. This is the simplest way to tune your guitar as A=444Hz closely approximates C(5) at 528Hz. You do not want to tune to an A flat. You want to go a little sharp, but not quite a half tone.

Portalul (The Portal)

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This documentary has english subtitles when captions / subtitle button is activated


Published on 24 Nov 2012

Urmăriţi filmul documentar „Portalul", despre descoperirea unei zone de acces şi comunicare cu o civilizaţie extraterestră benefică.
Filmul prezintă un jurnal de călătorie în această zonă, care a fost dezvăluită în urmă cu 15 ani de către o rasă de fiinţe extraterestre benefice. Mărturiile celor care au perceput influenţa subtilă a locului, precum şi documentarea video se corelează în mod captivant pentru a elucida, într-o anumită măsură, misterul zonei.

Watch the documentary "The Portal", about the discovery of an area of access and communication with a beneficial extraterrestrial civilisation.
The film presents the diary of a journey in this area, which was revealed 15 years ago by a race of beneficial extraterrestrial beings. The testimonies of those who have perceived the subtle influence of the place, and the captivating video documentary correlate and elucidate, to a certain degree, the mystery of the area.


Consciously Unconscious: Exploring The Quantum Reality

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How does this illusion we call “reality” work? In other words, if quantum physics is  telling me this computer screen is nothing but a vibration, why is it that I see  this supposed solidity of the material? 

It is in fact an illusion that our five senses experience, which is then processed through the material reality filter know as the brain. Now, as we look at an object, which we now know is only a vibration, what actually happens is the translation of light.

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