Consciously Unconscious: Exploring The Quantum Reality

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How does this illusion we call “reality” work? In other words, if quantum physics is  telling me this computer screen is nothing but a vibration, why is it that I see  this supposed solidity of the material? 

It is in fact an illusion that our five senses experience, which is then processed through the material reality filter know as the brain. Now, as we look at an object, which we now know is only a vibration, what actually happens is the translation of light.

Light is merely particles, known as photons, which as we know are broken down to a universal filament that is the source of vibrations for all matter. Everything has their own unique vibration, or signature if you will, that allows our brain to distinguish and interpret what we are sensing. 

So as we look at, say this computer, which is only light/vibration (synonyms), it emits a certain light cluster. This light cluster goes into our eyes and is transmuted from there into electricity. This electricity then travels along our nerves to the  back of the brain where it gets downloaded. In essence everything we “see” is a projection coming from the back of the brain known as the occipital lobes. This area of the brain is coincidentally where our dreams originate from.

Lets simplify a little bit here. When we “see” something it is what our brain TELLS us we see, when we smell something it is only what our brain TELLS us we smell. The same can be said for all the five senses.  When we sense something it is a matter of electrical signals going to the brain, which we then discern as “real”. 

To take this one step further, our ENTIRE perceived reality is but a dream world in which our brain’s interpretation of light/vibrations dictates the illusion. Vibrations are filtered through our brain which portrays to us the dense world we are privy to.

What we our conditioned to think “reality” is from the time of our birth is based on a limited perspective. It is based on the limited perspective our rational, material based brain gives us. We are but a unique vibration derived from one higher consciousness experiencing a “type” of reality. I say type because, as physics can tangibly show us,there are sub-atomic vibrations creating everything that we sense around us, a “type” of reality we cannot yet relate to.

There are, however, those who have the ability to identify with this reality. For example, this is exactly what the 8th limb of yoga, estimated to be written over 2000 years ago, describes as samadhi. It is in essence the ability to merge one’s consciousness/unique vibration (synonyms)   with the source of all vibrations, the “unconscious”. The unconscious is a reality beyond our five senses. From this level of awareness, matter is no longer recognized as solid or dense, but only as the fluid vibration it truly is.

Thanks to physics and our understanding of how the brain works, we can now actually rationalize how this takes place. As we explored a little earlier, we are told what we perceive as “real” is merely the electrical signals our five senses portray on the movie screen that is our brain. Accessing the unconscious, such as when we sleep, happens when one transcends the five senses and detaches from the conscious brain.

When we sleep we unconsciously access the unconscious. In other words we seemingly have no conscious control of our dreams that take place in an unconscious state. There are however individuals that have learned the ability to  consciously access the unconscious. By perfecting techniques such as samadhi, they could access higher levels of perception that allowed them to see through our material reality. They were, in fact, able to connect to the QUANTUM REALITY. It is from this state our ancestors created the science of Nadi.

Quantum physics can also reassure us that time as we know it is actually part of this illusion of material reality. Time in fact is just another perception of the brain. I posted a video HERE that explains this concept. Ever had deja vu? The past present and future all exist at once! In fact, there really is no such thing as the past or future, there is only the present.

When one accesses the unconscious, they are no longer bound by time. This phenomenon can be experienced in the dream state when you have a dream that seemingly lasts for hours, but will only register as a few minutes in “real” time. 


The masters of consciousness that created the science of Nadi were privy to this timelessness and were able to consciously perceive “time” all at once. From this level, these masters were able to view different points in “time”, and record what they sawThis is how they were able to know what a particular consciousness/vibration/soul has done in the “past”, is doing in the “present”, and will do in the “future”. 

The Nadi is then not based on superstition, religion, or fallacy, but is rather a highly sophisticated science that comes from an awareness above what our rational brain can interpret. It is nonetheless in complete harmony with the quantum reality that physicists commonly accept as truth, and deserves a more credulous recognition.


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