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~SAUL ~ God does not override your will ~

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~Love Reporter and channeller John Smallman

SAUL ~ God does not override your will ~


As humanity awaits expectantly for the great event of its awakening and the dissolution of the illusion in which it has hidden and disguised itself for so long, God’s Love is enveloping you with increasing strength and intensity as its magnificence, peace,... and compassion becomes irresistible for you. Once you allow yourselves to start experiencing the Love which enfolds you constantly and eternally, all your doubts and anxieties will fall away, as will your fear of awakening into the brilliant Light of divine Reality.

~JOHN SMALLMAN ~Humanity’s awakening into Reality is to be a time of stupendous celebration.~

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~Humanity’ awakening into Reality is to be a time of stupendous celebration.~ 

In your illusory reality you have been hoping and praying for it for a very long time, and to many of you it too has seemed to be but an illusion, a misguided hope of the depressed and disenfranchised among you.  So I am very happy to keep reminding you that what you long for is Reality.  There is nothing else – which is why you long for it.  Who among you could possibly want the illusion and all its suffering, anxiety, and fear, when the alternative, the only alternative, is God’s divine reality, which you have momentarily forgotten as you stumble around confused and seemingly lost in that illusion?


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