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~You can change your moods to bring you peace and contentment~

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~John Smallman With a Love Message from Jesus~

~You can change your moods to bring you peace and contentment~

June 26, 2011

Many of you are feeling disturbed and upset as you see the seemingly increasing worldwide pain and suffering, but truly there is much good news as well that is far less widely reported. God’s plan for humanity’s awakening is progressing just as He intends and is precisely on schedule. How could it not be? It is only humanity that is anxious and even skeptical about the outcome, and that is because the unreal state in which you appear to have your existence does not make sense; it only makes confusion. It is just as well that you intend to awaken, allowing it to dissolve.

As you await your awakening in eager anticipation, pay close attention to your moods. Notice that they can swing quite rapidly from excited expectation to anxious skepticism. Notice your awareness of your moods, and notice that they are not you, they are just energy flows that you experience. You have the ability to extricate yourselves from them if you choose to do so, but you are so accustomed to accepting them as something imposed on you, and over which you think you have no control, that you rarely do. This is patently not the case. You have all experienced sudden and extreme mood swings apparently caused by events outside yourselves. You do have the ability to alter your moods – without drugs or alcohol – but you mostly accept them as inevitable and unalterable.

~6~22~11~~Imposing your will on others can only succeed for short periods~

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 ~Imposing your will on others can only succeed for short periods~

06~22~2011 by Love Reporter John Smallman

Humanity is approaching the moment of transition from its illusory, egoic, and self-centered way of living into a state of loving harmonious cooperation, in which awareness of the oneness of each one of the seeming billions of you breaks through into your consciousness. It is readily apparent to you that your egoic and self-serving way of living is a recipe for global disaster on a scale that would almost certainly destroy humanity, not to mention all the other life forms that the planet supports. And at last your almost totally egoic thought, “WTF are we going to do to ensure and enable our survival on Earth?” is leading to some sane reasoning, because there is undeniably something of interest for everyone in that essential line of thought. You would call it “enlightened self-interest,” which it undoubtedly is, but as you all get involved with the big issues, your small egoic ones, which have been dividing you into warring factions for so long, will have to be overlooked, bypassed in the “interests” of the wider, more pressing general emergency.


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~What you live, you teach~

June 19, 2011 by John Smallman~

Life in the nightmare that is the illusion is very confusing because, apart from the fact that it is illusory, it is full of conflicting theories, opinions, and assumptions with which you are constantly being encouraged to agree or disagree. These distractions – from just being yourselves and accepting each moment as it occurs – cause you a lot of stress, but because you have become so inured to this way of living, you find it almost as stressful to sit quietly with yourselves; just being, as in meditation; enjoying a country walk; or watching the sunset.

~LOVE REPORTER John Smallman~ ~Give thanks for illusions ~ they do not last!~

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~Give thanks for illusions ~ they do not last!~


There is an increasing sense of excitement as the moment for humanity’s awakening into full consciousness draws ever closer. You have indeed spent eons in the illusion, hoping, praying, and waiting for the moment for the illusion – the nightmare filled with misery and suffering – to fade from your memories as you awaken into the glorious Light of Reality.

~Love Reporter John Smallman~ ~Take time out daily for serious and extreme inactivity~ 06~12~2011

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~Take time out daily for serious and extreme inactivity~


Waiting is also part of the illusion – a focusing on some future time or expected event – and it distracts you from this now instant in which life is happening. Everything that happens always happens now; you may expect it tomorrow or next year, but when it happens it is now. If you focus on the past or the future, as you often do, you miss what is happening – NOW! Frequently it seems to you that nothing of note is going on right now, so you think about past events or future expectations as a relief from boredom – nothing of interest stimulating you to participate in this moment – and miss the moment and all the wonders it contains because they occur below the level of your conscious awareness.

~SAUL~6~8~11~Your memories of the divine Reality are calling you to awaken~

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~Your memories of the divine Reality are calling you to awaken~



We~ all of God’s divine creation – are on an ongoing journey of wonder, delight, and ecstatic excitement.  You – our sisters and brothers – seemingly adrift in a universe completely unaware of you, that is in an apparently endless cycle of death and rebirth, decay and renewal, suffering and hope, have truly been asleep for only an instant, dreaming that universe.  The death, decay, and suffering are just a horrible nightmare, while the rebirth, renewal, and hope are the effect of your memories of the divine Reality calling you to awaken, as you most surely will.  To permanently resist the divine call to awaken is impossible.  Although your sleep has lasted but an instant, your experience of it seems interminable, as would any separation from your Father, if it were possible.

~Every human is a beloved child of God, and to fear one another is insane~

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~June 5, 2011 by John Smallman With a Love Message From Your Brother Jesus~

~Every human is a beloved child of God, and to fear one another is insane~

Life in the nightmare that you believe is reality is exhausting.  It is filled with distractions that cause fear and anxiety, so that many feel they have to take precautions to protect themselves from attack, which they feel can happen when least expected.  They play out numerous scenarios in their heads in which they imagine themselves setting up barriers which will protect them from suffering, or from which they reach out to attack before they can be attacked. Living in fear, and preparing to defend yourselves or to attack others, takes inordinate amounts of your energy.

Every human is a beloved child of God, and to fear one another is insane.  Your Father loves you all equally and wants only your happiness, but if you keep fighting with, misleading, or betraying each other in attack or defense, for whatever reason, you are in effect blocking out and refusing to accept the abundance of Love that He holds out to you constantly.


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