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Update on the Galactic Free Press

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I should probably explain some of what's been going on behind the scenes here. A couple weeks ago our site came under heavy attack, which ended up bringing down the site for the better part of a day. Not sure why we got attacked, it could have been malicious, it could have been spammers, I don't know exactly, though I did notice a large number of connections to our site coming from the Ukraine. It's interesting that the Ukraine is where a whole bunch of world conflict and drama is being played out, and that's also where the problems for our site seem to be coming from. Even right now our site is being scanned by computers with Ukrainian IPs.

We switched hosting services, which helped to clear up some of the problems and keep our site more stable. We made a number of changes behind the scenes to help make the site faster, and we're still working on that as well as finishing up the transfer between server hosts. During all of this, Hotmail started blocking our newsletter entirely, and Gmail now sometimes flags them as spam. We're working on getting all that cleared up still.

We've also been putting  many many hours into our new site, Awakening Daily. Essentially, that site is an aggregate of all stories from the sites we used to check daily for articles to post up on the Galactic Free Press. It's functional at the moment, though I'm still working on the back-end to clear up some bugs. We have plans to expand that site, and offer things like a user-customizable home page where you can select which sources you'd like to see articles from. We'd also like to offer ways for our members to add their own articles, though it may be a while before that's ready.

Your Only Problem Is Your Own Mind

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Where does fear exist? Does it have any physical existence, can you hold it in your hand? Same with judgment, where does that exist? How about hatred, jealousy, all the negative emotions? Where do all these things "exist"? Are not all these things the cause of enormous pain and suffering for people? It seems understanding the nature of their existence is extremely important.

The answer is obvious, they exist in the mind, and they have no existence outside of the mind. You may see things like violence happening around you, which is an expression of anger, but violence isn't anger itself. You may see the expressions of negative emotions happening in the world, but the negative emotions themselves are only in the mind.

The mind is the source of all problems, you may believe that someone losing the use of their legs is a physical problem, but the reality is that the problem is still in the mind. There's people with physical disabilities who curse each day they're alive, and there's people with the same disabilities who have learned to live with them and are much happier because of it. Physically, it's the same situation, yet mentally it's vastly different. It's the difference between happiness and misery, simply because of a mental attitude. The way things are is the way things are, it's the mind that judges that as being a problem or not.

The Direction of the Galactic Free Press

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I want to discuss a few things with our readers and give people a chance to add their own input, the first thing being the status of our donations. We've had over 50,000 unique individuals visit our site in the past month. Over 50,000, that's quite a few people! You know how many people have actually donated? 13. 13 generous people out of 50,000. For the mathematically inclined that comes to .026% of our readers.

We're at $416 out of our monthly goal of $2,000, which we recently lowered from $3,000. We'd like to continue to make the Galactic Free Press our main "job" and have our readers assist us just as we assist our readers. However, with the way things are currently going we won't be able to pay our basic living expenses. Obviously something needs to change, so we're discussing a few options.

I don't much like begging for donations, but it's proven to be the most effective way by far of getting donations. I try to only put up donation requests once a month, as I don't want to make fundraising a major focus of the site. Here's this month's request: If you enjoy the site, please consider donating, if you don't enjoy the site, well what are you doing here? Our financial service, PayPal, offers things like recurring monthly donations. It would be great to get enough of those that I don't even need to mention donations anymore.

Awakening Daily, Our New Sister Site

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We've got a new site, Awakening Daily!

It's an automated feed of articles from our various friends around the web, updated continually throughout the day. It's part of the reason why our updates have slowed down a bit recently, as we're been working to get this site ready. The site features The Creator Writings, Heavenletters, Waking Times, Aisha North, Ron Head, & much more!

Everything Is Exactly As It Should Be

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From the Soul's perspective, from that place of Oneness, the thought that everything is exactly as it should be is completely true. You could nitpick about the "should", as the whole concept of "should" is rooted in the mind's judgments, but since we're talking about the Soul's perspective I won't get into that yet. To the Soul, everything is divine perfection, not a single atom is out of place. Everything comes and goes at the precise moment it is "meant to".

That's the Soul's perspective, but most human beings on Earth don't operate from the Soul's perspective. They operate from the mind's perspective, which is a totally backwards way of looking at things compared to the Soul. To the mind, "everything is exactly as it should be", is never really true. If everything is as it should be, there would be no use for desire, and without the energy of desire, which is what feeds the mind, the mind would fall away.

Trying to understand things through the mind turns universal truths into spiritual platitudes. The mind takes "everything is exactly as it should be" and turns it into a belief system. Despite it never really being true for the mind, the mind can hold contradictory beliefs, which is a big part of why living from the mind inevitably results in suffering.

You Have All The Knowledge You Need

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You Are God, though your understanding of God my need to shift before you really understand what I mean when I say that You Are God. It's no wonder that people have such a hard time seeing God when they're looking for someone else's vision of God. In fact, good luck putting God into words in the first place, though I foolishly attempt that impossibility on a regular basis.

Something rather miraculous has happened to Humanity in the past couple hundred years. There has been increasing access to enormous amounts of knowledge. Writings that were long kept secret have been made public, and now with the advent of the internet, they're easily accessible, even from a phone. Everything from ancient mystic texts to cutting edge scientific studies is readily available, yet has all this access to such a wide array of knowledge gotten people any closer to God? Any closer to their own Divine Presence?

Part of the issue in dealing with such huge amounts of information is how do you separate fact from fiction? It's plenty of work just to read it, how do you know you're not wasting your energy on fantasies and propaganda? With all the contradictory information, it cannot all be true, and unfortunately this means people usually just go with what they want to believe. This is a very foolish thing to do if your goal is Truth. Truth is simply what Is, it very rarely fits into preconceived beliefs.

Negating Negativity

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So often there's talk of eliminating negativity. Really look at that approach, it's using negative thinking to try to get rid of negativity. Then there's the idea that we just focus upon positive thoughts, which at it's core is still based upon rejecting the negative. Then there's another approach, which is to combine the positive and the negative together, which is supposed to create a whole, though all I've seen it create is confusion in people. If you try to hold two contradictory thoughts in your mind, something most people's minds are already full of, it just creates chaos.

The issue with all these approaches is that they're based upon the assumption that the positive/negative duality is something valid. Positive and negative are inventions of the mind, you're not going to transcend them using the same kind of thinking that created them. The mind tries to take all of Creation and divide it into separate categories. The mind takes the richness and freedom of Creation, the uniqueness of every single atom, and narrows it down to either one thing or another, good/bad, light/dark, positive/negative. The mind interprets everything dualistically, and that kind of incredibly limited thinking makes the unlimited wonder of Creation seem dull and boring.

It's dualistic judgment that divides things into positive and negative. If you really want to release the negative, you must transcend that paradigm altogether. It's not about combining the "two", it's about the realization that there was never any division to begin with. You must go beyond the mind, and into the inherent wisdom of the Heart, then God begins to speak to you, though you, and As You.


Releasing Fears Before They Manifest

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Do you know what you're afraid of? Awareness of a fear is the first step to releasing it, someone who isn't aware of their fears is controlled by those fears. People don't like to think of themselves as being afraid though, people would rather think of themselves as brave, it's a matter of pride. The fears are stuffed down into the unconsciousness so they don't have to be acknowledged. This is probably the worst thing you can do though, as in the unconsciousness is where the fears fester, multiply, and eat away at the person.

Uncovering the fears is quite simple, simply pay attention to your behavior, it will give away the fears. Look at what you avoid, is it simply because you don't enjoy that thing, or is there a deeper reason? Look at what you attack or condemn, especially when it stirs up anger or hate, what's behind that? Also, things you aggressively defend such as beliefs, possessions or other people, are you afraid of losing something? When you get all riled up emotionally, there's a fear somewhere behind those emotions.

Your mind is like a house, and the thoughts are your guests. Fears are obnoxious and unruly guests who will trash the whole house if unchecked. A mind without Awareness is like a house where the owner has left and rowdy guests have taken over. The guests aren't going to leave on their own, they like being in control of the house even while they destroy it.


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