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Understanding 5D

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First I'll explain how not to do it, as 5D isn't really understood through the ways we're used to gaining knowledge. You can't experience 5D through your physical senses, it's beyond all of those. You cannot touch, taste, smell, hear or see 5D, and this is part of what makes even beginning to comprehend 5D so difficult. Human beings are visually-oriented, which works just fine in the physical realm, but is actually kind of a hindrance when it comes to 5D. Even your imagination is most likely visual-based, so trying to imagine 5D isn't going to work very well either.

5D cannot be understood with the limited mind, though 5D can be felt through Consciousness. The mind is restricted to 4D, it cannot go beyond because the mind itself is a 4D entity. You also cannot have a memory of 5D, since memories are 4D constructs as well. You may have a memory of a transcendent experience, but the actual 5D connection is only truly felt in this Present Moment. Any memory you have is just a pale reflection.

There's a whole lot of people and channelers who get the upper astral (part of 4D) confused with the Celestial Realm (5D). The upper astral contains the religious "heavens", created largely out of what people believe they're supposed to see, and it contains things like the Akashic records. If it resembles the physical realm at all, if it's not a totally ego-eradicating, mind-blowing feeling of transcendental bliss, it's not 5D.

Leaders and Followers

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Here at the Galactic Free Press we discourage both leaders and followers. Who can really teach you to be yourself? You can't find that in another person, they'll teach you to be like they are. There's something very Unique and Beautiful within you, and it's ultimately up to you to discover, create and express that. Following someone else is not the way you get there.

There's many spiritual groups where very unhealthy relationships have developed between the leaders and the followers. It's easy to blame this on controlling leaders, but the followers too bear some responsibility. They influence the leaders in more subtle ways, and actually help to steer their leader where they want their leader to go. The leader controls the followers, and the followers control the leader too, creating a very co-dependent relationship.

The Heart is not a judge of truth

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We often tell people to listen to their Heart, and really listening to the feelings of the Heart instead of all the thoughts in the mind is the key to rediscovering the Divine. However, people are so mind-oriented that this can be very difficult and confusing at first. There's a common pitfall here, and that's trying to use your Heart in the same way you use your mind.

People talk about asking their Heart something, and there's a subtle illusion that is promoted through this. If you're asking your Heart something, if you see it that way, what is the "you" that is doing the asking? It's the mind asking the Heart, you're taking the perspective of the mind to try and get information from your Heart.

While this is probably a more effective way of going about things than simply listening to your mind, it's not the same as really getting in touch with your Heart. I say this because your Heart is more "you" than your mind is. A truly Heart-centered person doesn't ask their Heart anything, they are their Heart, and they simply Feel. It's just Flowing in the Present, not trying to figure out what's true or false, not making predictions for the future. The Heart, your connection to your Higher Self, will show you how to truly Live.

True Respect and Fake Respect - The Galactic Free Press

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I've been accused of not respecting religion, and you know what? It's true! I don't respect belief systems, what would have happened if Jesus "respected" the Pharisees? What if Martin Luther King had "respected" racist beliefs? What if Gandhi had "respected" British imperialism? Change doesn't come by respecting old belief systems.

Respecting belief systems is a fake kind of respect. "Respecting" the belief often conflicts with respecting the one who's holding the belief. For example, many religions teach that people are "born into sin", that people are evil by nature. When a religion tells me that young innocent children automatically have a wicked nature, it's out of respect for the children that I call the religion ignorant. It's in this case that the religion is being extremely disrespectful to the human being, and I have no respect for that. True respect doesn't enable disrespect.

When "respecting" beliefs, you'll often have to make this choice: Do you lie or tell half-truths to "respect" what people believe, or do you tell the truth and respect the Being within? Which is greater respect, treating someone like they're strong enough to handle the truth, or treating someone like they're too weak to handle the truth? Which one? One is a fake respect that honors the ego, the other is true respect that honors the Divine within every human being.

God is not bipolar, God is the Full Spectrum

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Continuing the theme of finding the Divine within ourselves, I wanted to further address the ideas about God that we've gotten from religion. If you're obsessed with the biblical old testament version of "god", me telling you that You Are God might make you believe you're supposed to go smite people or flood cities. If you listened to the new testament, you might think you're supposed to perform miraculous healing and go walk on water. Both of those ideas are there to put God outside of you, to search for external evidence of God. Religion had to put God outside so religion could control your beliefs about God. Every religion does this, they separate you from the Divine and then install themselves as the middleman. It's a very profitable scam.

If you see things the way I do, you see that Consciousness itself is a Divine miracle. Every sunrise, every sunset, every single Moment is a wholly awe-inspiring event for those who can see past the filters of their limited mind. That's how you begin to see the Divine Within, by being fiercely aware of everything that resides within your own Consciousness. By confronting your fears, by questioning everything you believe, by continuing to dig deeper and deeper and deeper.

Humanity's image of what God is has been steadily evolving. Unfortunately, religion has tried to hold on to the older beliefs about God, while combining them with the newer. This has created what I call the "bipolar god", a God of Unconditional Love, but also a vengeful, punishing, and jealous God. An all-forgiving God, that will punish people for all eternity if they don't do what he wants. The contradiction should be obvious for anyone with even a basic understanding of Love and forgiveness.

If control is an illusion, how does the Universe work?

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Previously I mentioned that Everyone Is God, and that the belief that God is in control of everything is an illusion spread by religion. I'm sure for some this is a frightening thought, as many find comfort in the belief that God has some master plan for their life. The idea that you create your own destiny carries with it a kind of personal responsibility that many don't want to accept yet.

God is not in control of the Universe, God Is The Universe. This is not some minor difference, if God is in control, then God must be separate from the Universe. Since you're part of the Universe, believing God is in control also separates God from yourself, which is something we don't recommend doing.

The next thing to understand is that everything is made up of Consciousness. A rock's consciousness is different than yours, and it can't express consciousness in the same way you do, but that doesn't mean it lacks consciousness. Don't just believe me when I say this either, this is not something to be believed, it's something that needs to be experienced directly to really be understood. There's a state of Being called samadhi where the true nature of the Universe is revealed, and there is no longer any separation between the observer and that which is observed. It's in this state that the Consciousness of Everything can truly be felt.

You tell me I'm God, but what do you mean?

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We created the Galactic Free Press with one main goal at Heart, to let everyone know that They Are God. We don't want to create followers, or leaders, or teachers, or spiritual authority figures, or anything like that, we want everyone to be Free and Equal. Things like teachers and followers represent the old dualistic paradigm, while we intend that everyone step up to their own Divinity. We'd like to see every single human being take a deep personal responsibility for their Life, to realize their own Divine Creative Nature, to realize the beauty (or ugliness) that they see in the world is a reflection of what they hold Within.

When we do tell people "You Are God!", it's often rejected immediately by the mind because it doesn't fit into preconceived notions of what God is supposed to be. One of the common themes we see is that God is supposed to be in control of everything. If someone is God, they're supposed to be able to just manifest things out of thin air, yet I wonder about this. This whole idea that God is in control needs to be looked at much more deeply.

It's no mystery where this belief comes from, religion. Most religions claim their "god" is the one in control of the Universe, and you'd better do what their religion says or you'll piss "god" off. In this, each religion implies that they're really in control of "god", that they speak for "god", and even claim they know what "god" desires. It's an extreme arrogance.


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