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We used to get asked fairly often what gave us the right to tell people they're God, that was when we lived in a spiritual community where many people had fancy spiritual titles. People wanted some verification, we were supposed to be certified by some recognized spiritual "authority", and despite our assurances that we were certifiable, that apparently wasn't enough. In there interest of not getting left too far behind with the latest spiritual fads, the Galactic Free Press is blessed to present:


God Certification Course

First the cost, since in a capitalist society we tend to judge things based upon how big a number is associated with them. How much would you pay to become a certified God? $100? $1,000? $10,000? What would be a fair price? Well it just so happens this course is valued at approximately $4 trillion USD, but if you act now you can get it for the low low price of simply paying attention. That's a 4 trillion dollar discount, what a deal!

Understanding the nature of illusion

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How can someone be free if they can't even see their own cage? Even worse, what if they believed the very thing that was keeping them caged would someday set them free?

And what is it we want freedom from? Wants, needs, and desires? Fear, pain, and suffering? Daily toil, drudgery, and boredom? Money problems, relationship problems? All our problems? Wouldn't that be nice to not have to worry about all those things?

Let us go to the core, what is the root of all these issues? Simple, every single problem we have is a thought in our minds. A physical situation may exist, but it is the mind's reaction that makes it into a problem. Our own thinking turns it into a problem and through this we become slaves to the thoughts in our minds.

A prisoner who knows nothing other than prison would simply think that's the way life is. A prisoner who has tasted freedom will suffer far more when locked away, even though the reality of the situation would be the same for both prisoners. It's simply a difference in perception.

Because the mind can create the illusion that we aren't free, the illusion that we are dependent upon the body, mind and ego, the mind may seem very powerful. It's not powerful at all, but to a person who can only see through the filter of their mind, it's the most powerful thing in the world. The Being Within is where the power comes from, but that power is unconsciously given away by feeding into illusions.

What Is Spirituality?

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What we need the most right now is a paradigm shift, we need new and original ways of looking at things. What's often sold to us as "new" in our society is really just repackaged forms of old ways of thinking, and this is especially true of spirituality. Now what is spirituality? There's a word that means a whole lot of things to a whole lot of different people. I've heard it defined recently as a personal relationship with God, and that is something very beautiful. I wish that was all the word meant.

There are thousands of people and groups promoting forms of spirituality that are really just the beginnings of new religions. In fact, the main difference is simply that they lack the popularity and influence of the mainstream religions. Some of these are relatively harmless, while others are run by psychotic  leaders who need others to follow them to fuel their ego's sense of importance. Especially within the "new age" circles, these groups will be all about love and oneness on the surface, but when you dig a little deeper, it's anything but love and oneness.

The old paradigm: "Here's a list of rules you need to follow to get to God."

The "new" spiritual paradigm: "Here's an updated list of rules you need to follow to get to God."

And many of these rules just follow the societal trends at the time, do this, don't do that, don't eat this, don't drink that. It's just an updated version of the old rules, it's another ten commandments. After thousands of years of this approach not working, people continue to try it! It's not a personal relationship to God, it's a personal relationship with a belief system that's supposed to get you to God. Yet nobody ever found God in a belief system, because God isn't in your mind, God is in your Soul. God Is Your Soul.

Bridging the physical realm and the Divine

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There are various realms we exist in simultaneously, whether we are aware of it or not. The most obvious is the physical, also known as the material realm or 3D. This is where there's the illusion of solid objects and space between them.

Then there's the Divine Realms, where the rules of the physical realm no longer apply. There is only Oneness, Divine Love, and Endless Joy beyond imagination. This is the home of your Higher Self, Tao, Source, however you choose to label God, though it's important to say that the Divine Realm exists beyond any mental concepts. The Divine is bigger than any ideas in your mind, though that's not saying the Divine is out of reach. In fact, it's even closer to You than your own mind.

Humans have this amazing ability to be bridges between the Divine and the physical. Miracle of miracles! If people really understood what this means, they'd be slack-jawed and dumbfounded for at least a week straight. The profundity of this is incredible, it brings magic back into your life, that child-like wonder most people have lost, and so much more. This is what human bodies are built for, living separate from the Divine is a deeply unnatural state of being. That's why there's so much suffering in the world, and reconnecting with the Divine is what brings physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health back into your life. It's how you're made to Live.

New-Agey Event Name Generator

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Seems like every week I hear about a new portal/stargate/activation type of event from one channeler or another. I've started to notice some patterns in the names, so I decided to throw together an app that strings together the most popular new-agey buzzwords to save people the trouble of having to come up with their own names. Click the button below to give it a go!

We are now entering:

Why Is Real Change So Difficult?

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Note that I said real change, I'm not talking about switching from drinking Coke to Pepsi, changing political parties, switching religions, or changing your diet because of some article you read online. I'm talking about real changes, not superficial things, but deep, lasting changes that are a part of your growth as a human being. Things like becoming more loving, more compassionate, living with honesty, integrity and responsibility. Releasing fears and living freely and joyfully. How do we bring these kinds changes into our lives?

Superficial change is easy, the underlying patterns don't have to change, only the surface beliefs. Your identification with one limiting thought is just traded for another limiting thought. These kinds of changes occur all the time, once the novelty of one belief is worn out, it simply gets exchanged for another. Sooner or later though, the inherent emptiness of these types of changes becomes apparent. They're food for the mind, but they leave the Soul hungry.

So why is substantial change so difficult? Well, it's really not that difficult, or rather, it's as easy or as difficult as you make it for yourself. Most everyone has been taught to resist change, though it's largely unconscious. It's rare that a parent will tell a child directly that change is bad, but it is still taught through actions. Life becomes very structured, the same static patterns repeating over and over again, each day just like the last. Then the child goes to school, where repeating the same patterns is strictly enforced, then they get a job, and they get even more locked into this rigidly structured life.

When the mind is quiet

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Notice that when the mind is quiet, often the first thing you feel is anxiousness, restlessness. Notice the urge to constantly be doing something. This is why meditation is so difficult for people. You meditate because you want to relax but instead the opposite occurs! Instead of feeling peace, you become frustrated, and I wonder how many people quickly abandon meditation because of this?

You may feel you're doing something wrong because you feel anxiety when you were expecting peace, or you believe you're simply unable to still your mind. However, this isn't the case at all, and the fact that you're feeling this restlessness, this constant desire to be doing something, is the first step to overcoming it.

One may be led to believe that the restlessness was brought about by the meditation, but it was actually there before you even started, you just weren't aware. The mind combats this feeling by staying constantly busy, always doing doing doing. The mind is constantly restless, and moments of real Peace are few and far between. Real stillness has become something foreign, and this constant anxiousness has become "normal". Of course, because it's "normal" now people are barely aware of how much stress is in their life, especially because of the way our society deals with this anxiety, through distraction.

Is the ego a friend or an enemy?

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This discussion seems to come up over and over again, and has people heavily polarized. The ego, is it some evil to be fought against, some sinister force that steals our happiness? Or is it like some unruly child that needs to be tamed, controlled and eventually befriended? Is the ego an enemy or an ally?

I see this question creating much conflict between people, and within them as well. It's a simple question, so why no simple, clear answer? That's easy, it's the question itself is flawed. Only being able to see the ego as a friend or an enemy is a great example of a false dichotomy, which is the illusion of only having two options.

Duality is based upon false dichotomy, good or evil, right or wrong, light or dark. It presents this image of a universe of opposites that oppose each other, and you're supposed to choose one or the other. It's such an incredibly limited, two-dimensional way of looking at things and it's precisely why people have such a hard time transcending the ego.

If you view the ego as a friend, something to shape and control, you're giving your energy away to a false sense of self. If you view the ego as an enemy, something to fight against and defeat, you're still giving away your energy to a false sense of self. Either way you're giving it power, even when fighting it. Somewhere within the mind of the person who fights with the ego is the belief that the ego has control over them, that's why it has to be fought against, correct? And so long as you believe this, it will be true. This belief that the ego has control over you sits in the unconscious, while the ego is struggled with on the surface. You have to look deeper, ask why does the ego have control, and who's giving the ego control?

God Is...

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God is the Joy in freedom.



God is Love with no restriction.



God is Happiness shared with others.



God is expressed in the clouds, in the butterflies, in the stones, and in the people too, though sometimes they do a very good job of hiding it.



Effective Manifestation

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Effective manifestation is not learning to direct or control the Universe, it's learning to work with the Universe. It's learning to see the possibilities and to go with the Natural Flow. If you approach manifestation with the belief that you're going to get everything you desire, you're bound to be disappointed. If you approach it from the understanding that you'll be Co-Creating with the Universe, you may get something priceless.


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