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Can There Be Spiritual Awakening Without Societal Change?

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This is a very important question, can we have a spiritual awakening while society remains the same? Can we collectively change the inner without changing the outer? I ask this because I observe many people who behave as if this is the case, chasing after their own happiness and fulfillment while ignoring the issues Humanity faces as a whole. I can certainly see the appeal of doing so, places like the political world are very ugly, but ignoring them is not the answer. In fact, that kind of apathy is exactly what allowed politics to become so ugly.

To me, the answer is obvious: we need both an inner and an outer revolution. We need a revolution that erases the line between the "two". Your inner battles aren't unique to you, there are millions going through the same things. The self-destructiveness of fear, that affects every one of us, and we collectively manifest that in our wars, business and politics. You may believe it's only an elite few responsible, and while that's partially true, it's the responsibility of the masses to change things. Without the unconscious participation of the people, the systems of corruption would collapse instantly.

I see a great potential within the spiritual community to assist with this change. People like Martin Luther King and Gandhi, their connection to the Divine played a huge part in the social changes they helped to create. They took what they found Within, and shared it with everyone. They bridged the inner and the outer.

You Are The One (And So Is Everyone Else)

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I want to be the ultimate super villain, but I don't want to fight heroes, nope that's small potatoes. I want something much bigger, I want to remove the whole hero archetype from people's minds. Now why would I want to do that, aren't heroes a good thing? Well, let's look at the big picture...

Consider this: religions and governments, two of the most oppressive societal control structures there are, promote hero worship. Same with Hollywood and the mass media, they love to promote this idea that a hero will come to fix everything for you. It's the central theme of thousands of movies, and the basic story goes all the way back to our most ancient mythology.

All these institutions that have the most to lose from people being set free, all these institutions that are restricting people's freedoms, are the ones promoting this idea that a hero is coming to save you.  Sound a little suspicious? Any day now Jesus is supposed to come back and fix all our problems, so instead of people actually focusing upon collectively fixing their problems, they wait and hope and wait and hope and wait and hope and wait... thousands of years of this behavior.

No Such Thing as a Higher Self

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For the sake of understanding, I often use the term "Higher Self" since it's a concept people already know.  It's our True Self, who we are when we're completely unfettered by judgments, fears and ego. It's our connection to Source, total Freedom and boundless Joy. So why would I say there's no such things as a Higher Self?

Well the problem comes from the word "higher", it creates the idea that our real self is someplace above us. It creates this higher self/lower self duality and puts a gap between the two. If you say, "I want to get in touch with my Higher Self", who is the "I", the self that's saying that? Unconsciously, you're declaring that you are your lower self, otherwise known as the ego.

Now I'm not saying everyone who uses the term Higher Self is wrong, please don't take what I'm writing that way. Part of the problem with using a dualistic language is that it's very challenging (actually impossible) to properly describe Reality. I likely will continue to use the term Higher Self, but it's important to understand the subtle illusions contained within that concept.

The "Higher Self" is the real you, not higher, not someplace outside, but deep Within. This is why it's so important to peel back all the layers of the ego. It's our self-judgments, all of our limiting thoughts, trying to live up to other's standards, and our lack of self-Love that prevents our True Self from shining through. I guarantee the authentic you is beautiful, our beauty is in our uniqueness, it's the conformity of the ego and the self-loathing that comes along with it, that creates ugliness.

Finding Peace in the Mystery, Letting Go of the Need to Know

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Can the human mind ever truly know God? Let's put that question aside for a moment and focus upon another closely related one, can we ever truly know another person? Let's say you met Frank yesterday, Frank had long hair, a wife, and he mentioned he was afraid of heights. You take in all these things and create a mental image of Frank, now you know him. The problem is, earlier today Frank got a haircut, a divorce, and he overcame his fear of heights during a skydiving trip. He had quite a busy morning, but this all happened without you knowing, and your mental image of Frank remains the same. What you think you know about Frank, quite frankly, has nothing to do with him anymore. This is one of the issues with knowledge, it's inherently limited and based in the past. You can't know everything that's happening in every moment, and you can't know everything that's going on in another person's inner world. Most people have enough trouble keeping track of everything going on in their own inner world.

People change, they're dynamic living beings, very difficult to know with any certainty, and yet people believe they can know God with certainty? A truly noble quest! For those who choose it, I wish you luck, but in the interest of saving you some trouble I'm going to say right now it's ultimately futile. God is the Eternal Mystery, the Unknowable, the "I Am", not the "I known". There's belief systems that have spent thousands of years attempting to know God, and they're no closer now than when they began. A few even seem to be further away, the belief systems grow more and more complicated, and instead of finding any clarity they just create more confusion.

The Myth of Only 5 Senses

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It's strange that in our modern age will still teach about the "5 senses", as if sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch (pressure) is all that we can sense. How do we tell if something is hot or cold? So sensing temperature brings us up to 6 senses. How about when you need to go to the bathroom (there 2 more senses), how can you tell which way is up (9 senses so far), how can you sense pain? So there's 10 senses I've counted already, and that's not even a complete list. Perhaps it's sensory overload that makes people want to believe there's only 5 senses?

There's also a whole lot that happens subconsciously with our senses that we're only recently discovering collectively. It was just discovered that skin can smell. We can communicate with each other through subtle odors called pheromones. It was also recently discovered that the human brain responds to changes in magnetic fields, but mainstream science has been very resistant to this idea so far.

Then there's the empathic sense, how we can tell what another person is feeling. It's often considered a psychic sense, but even for people out of touch with the Oneness they share with all life, you can still pick up on how another person is feeling through their body language, facial expressions and tone of voice. This is a very important sense to be conscious of, since it's easy to take on another person's emotions. Fear can spread like a virus, but then again, so can Love.

An Extraterrestrial's Guide to Understanding Earthlings

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This is a guide for newly arrived ET's to help catch them up on the state of affairs on our beautiful planet Earth. Note that it may be slightly insulting to any terrans reading it who are emotionally invested in the current state of their world.

Welcome to Planet Earth! This planet is home to roughly 7 billion human beings, and an enormous variety of other amazing species whom they share the planet with, though many of the other species numbers are rapidly declining. Oddly, the humans don't seem to understand they're a part of the ecosystem and they exploit the overall health of the planet for short-term conveniences. The humans, who have this amazing potential to be conscious stewards of the planet, instead treat it as some disposable resource.  They have this expression "don't bite the hand that feeds you" yet they don't seem to grasp the meaning of it.

Human beings still fight with, and even kill, each other. Many follow this dubious system of morality that says it's okay to fight and kill, so long as a government or religion condones it. They rely upon external systems of morality and these systems are manipulated by their leaders for their leaders own gain.

And how are their leaders chosen? Through something called politics which, as far as I can tell, is this special system of rhetoric specifically designed to use as many words as possible to say nothing at all. It has this amazing ability to make people who listen to it stupider, and if anyone tries to discuss politics with you, I recommend blocking your auditory senses while chanting the mantra, "la la la la la la la, can't hear you".

Kundalini Activation - or - WTF Is Happening To My Body?!?

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We see this fairly often, a person goes through an intense spiritual or transcendent experience, and afterwards they begin having some very strange things happen to them. They may start having sensations of intense heat or energy flowing through their body. They may start hearing tones, often very high-pitched. Their body may begin to feel like it's vibrating, or they may feel pressure in their forehead. It's common for people to believe they're going insane or even dying when this stuff starts to happen, but don't worry, all this is actually quite normal for a being who has chosen to raise their Consciousness, and it's called Kundalini activation.

Now the term Kundalini itself is tied up with the various Hindu religions and also a number of Western mystery schools. As such, there's a lot of conflicting beliefs about Kundalini and a lot of people who will tell you the "right" and "wrong" ways of going about it. I'm going to steer clear of all that stuff as much as possible, and simply share what I can confirm from my own experiences.

The first thing to understand is how the chakras work. There are seven main chakras that are aligned with your spine. One at the very base of your spine (root chakra), one a little below your belly button (sacral chakra), one a little above your belly button (solar plexus chakra), one in the center of your chest (heart chakra), one in your throat (throat chakra), one in your forehead (ajna chakra or 3rd eye), and one at the very top of your head (crown chakra). Each chakra corresponds to something different, for example the throat chakra has to do with communication, among other things. There's a number of websites that do an excellent job explaining which chakra corresponds to what so I wont bother going into detail here (here's one such website: ).

No such thing as a still mind...

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There's no such thing as a still mind, if you really want peace, give up this idea right now. The mind, by its very nature, cannot be still. It has to be in action, it has to be constantly doing, and when there's no action, there's no longer any mind.

It helps to view the mind as it really is, not a singular object, but a fuzzy cloud of thoughts that is constantly changing. No single thought is the mind, yet when they're gathered all together they create this illusion of a singular entity.

Believing that the mind needs to be still is actually giving more power to the mind. You become dependent upon the mind for stillness. It's not the mind that becomes still, it's YOU that becomes still, and through that you stop feeding into the mind.

You are not your mind, though the whole idea of a "your mind" is an illusion, but that's another story. It's easy to demonstrate that you are not the mind, who's the one observing the mind? If this observer exists regardless of what the mind is doing, which one is really you?

It's really a shifting of consciousness to your own consciousness, and then you're simply a witness of the thoughts. Don't get involved with them, simply witness them. It's like a parade marching down the street, exciting and seducing, but you are simply an observer.

This isn't to say never get involved, especially because that in itself would be another thought you're involved in, just don't get lost in your thoughts, don't forget yourself. Keep coming back to the observer, make that your center, and see that the thoughts exist on the periphery. Centered within your own being, you can't help but become still, as all the excitement of the mind fades into the background.


A request for donations & an explanation of what the GFP is about - Updated

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At the Galactic Free Press, we like to explore new and different ways of doing things. We give everything away for free, we don't try to sell anything, and we don't offer special services for only those who can afford them. We give freely, and we're largely supported by those who can give freely in return. We see this as part of the new paradigm.

Asking for donations is not our favorite thing to do, but we've learned that if we don't specifically ask, we don't get very much. Our landlord doesn't give us a house for free nor does the local supermarket give us free food just for being "spiritual" people. We have the same expenses as most people, as well as paying for a web site and a few other services related to that.

The Galactic Free Press is very much our job, though I don't mean that like it's a burden. We're happy to do it, it's our passion. We put around 5 hours or more of combined work each day into the site through writing articles, posting articles, reading articles, searching for new things to post, answering questions (through email, on our site, and on Facebook), providing technical support to our users, and all the work that comes from maintaining an independent website. Providing our website, as well as a network of support for people through other sites as well, is no small task. We do ask for help through donations or through active participation.

A Message To Those Who Read Channelings And The Channelers Themselves

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This is something that absolutely must be addressed directly if the community is going to move forward. While there's a ton of wonderful, loving, evolved messages that are brought to us through channeling, there's also a whole lot of information that's very questionable, to put it nicely. I've lost count of all the failed predictions and the carrot-on-a-stick type promises of amazing things in the near future. Then there's all the "behind the scenes" information that's impossible to confirm, it has to be accepted on faith alone. Then the really odd stuff... Archangels are giving me investment advice? Pardon the French, but that just makes me say, what the fuck? I can't help but laugh at how ridiculous some of this is. Channeled messages are supposed to be super-evolved higher-consciousness information, why are they like this? Well I've got a very simple explanation that brings sense to all of this: channelers are channeling themselves.

At first glance it may seem like I'm trying to discredit channeling, but that's not my intention, I want to breathe new life into it. I don't need to discredit channeling, there's plenty of channelers who do a great job of that without any help from me. When I say that channelers are channeling themselves, I'm not discrediting channeling, in fact I'm giving credit to the channeler. That wonder transcendent message of Divine Love? That was You! You brought that through! Isn't that wonderful?


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