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You Shape Your World

Today, you are invited to take a moment to focus on the thoughts and words you use throughout your day.  How much time is focused on the negative?  How much on the positive?  These things definitively shape the world you live in and you are always given a choice as to which direction that life takes.  Do not, for one second, be afraid of this immense power…..instead, use it wisely. ~ Creator


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GFP Newsletter - 3/21/2017

People are afraid of life, and they are afraid of life because life is only possible if you are capable of being wild - wild in your love, wild in your song, wild in your dance. This is where fear is.

Who is afraid of death? I have never come across such a person. And almost every person I have come across is afraid of life.

Drop fear of life .... Because either you can be afraid or you can live; it is up to you. And what is there to be afraid of? You can't lose anything. You have everything to gain.

Drop all fears and jump totally into life.

Then one day death will come as a welcome guest, not your enemy, and you will enjoy death more than you have enjoyed life, because death has its own beauties.

And death is very rare because it happens once in a while - life is everyday.


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Getting to Know You

God said:

Everyone has a unique story. Born into the same family, both parents the same, no two children are alike. For all you can tell, the children could have come together from the ends of Earth, yet somehow they find themselves living their childhoods together. As you may see it, it is a puzzle that children so disparate could have ever somehow come to live together. It seems impossible, and it also seems destined.

Had the children been assembled in an orphanage together, the chooser's eyes closed, could they have turned out so unmatched as they were? Yet there is family, and desire for family and desire to belong and perhaps desire not to belong as well.

Everyone is unique. You are unique. Wherever you were born, no matter the circumstances, you are you and, often, you are a surprise to yourself.

There is a song called Getting to Know You.

Gettin' to know you,
Gettin' to know all about you.
Gettin' to like you,
Gettin' to hope you like me.

Your Life on Earth is a remarkable opportunity to form a relationship with yourself. Bouncing off of other people is one way you find out who you are.

Yes, in the world, you are getting to know this personality you are this lifetime. At the same time, you are also discovering the underlying Truth of You.


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Daily Message ~ Tuesday March 21, 2017

Dear Ones, never underestimate the positive impact of your own evolution and expansion on the whole! Every single time you choose light, love, acceptance, new belief systems, to be healed, to expand, to embrace your own divinity, to BE, you support new potentials and possibilities, through both teaching by example and anchoring higher vibrational energies. Each individual awakening supports the awakening of the whole, making your enlightenment process service to yourself, humanity, your planet, and beyond. ~Archangel Gabriel


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How Showing Compassion for Animals Can Improve Personal Well-Being

Alex Pietrowski, Staff
Waking Times

Compassion is the humane side of suffering, which inspires the most beautiful acts of humanity. In man’s world, animals often bear the worst of our dark side, suffering under the stresses of cruelty and ruthlessness, however, being compassionate towards animals may actually be good for your health and well-being, perhaps even prolonging your life.

For so many of us, compassion appears to be an innate, instinctual part of the human experience, something so many of us do automatically, and decades of clinical psychological research into the problem of human suffering shows how our most evolved nature is to respond compassionately. A host of university studies share the conclusion that compassion is part of our higher nature, looking at the biological basis for compassion.


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6 Reasons Why Walking Is One Of The Best Workouts

by Helen West, Collective Evolution

Enjoy better health and experience the benefits of walking for fun and fitness. Here are four reasons you should consider walking, and seven helpful tips.

Walking for Exercise

Walking is easier on your body than exercise that is more vigorous, such as running and competitive sports, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good exercise. Walking can be tailored to most fitness levels and health needs. A walking for fitness program can start slowly and increase as you build stamina and strength, without any equipment, and it is free.

Walking Is a Whole Body Workout

Have you ever just watched someone walk? Not a racer, and not someone ambling along, but just a normal person walking quickly. Their body moves in synchronized motion, all of the joints, muscles, and tendons. The feet, ankles, calves, knees, thighs, and hips work in rhythm, and it doesn’t stop there.


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“The Land Is an Equalizer”: Indigenous Peoples Take A Greater Role in Shaping Canada’s National Parks

by Alexa Erickson, Collective Evolution

To say that Indigenous peoples have been cast out is an understatement — not just in the U.S., but around the world. According to the UN:

Indigenous peoples continue to be over-represented among the poor, the illiterate, and the unemployed. Indigenous peoples number about 370 million. While they constitute approximately 5 per cent of the world’s population, indigenous peoples make up 15 per cent of the world’s poor. They also make up about one-third of the world’s 900 million extremely poor rural people.

There are plenty more grave statistics to cover, but perhaps one of the most positive things to take into consideration is the acknowledgement they are finally receiving. Mainstream media’s silence may stifle indigenous people’s actions, but alternative outlets will not.

In recent news, Indigenous leaders in Canada are fighting back after being forced out of the country’s national parks system in 1885 for conservation and tourism.


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BREAKING: 800 Families File Lawsuit Against Saudi Arabia for Role in 9/11

By: Matt Agorist / The Free Thought Project   New York, NY — For the first time in history, families of victims of the 9/11 terror attacks are using a new law and are going after Saudi Arabia in a lawsuit for their role in the attacks. In this landmark lawsuit, the families of 800 victims are suing Saudi Arabia for aiding the hijackers.

For more than a decade and a half, Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush kept secret the alleged role Saudi Arabia played in the September 11 attacks on America. Becuase of the cozy relationship the US has with the terrorist nation, special interests within the government have chosen to protect their Saudi friends instead of telling Americans the truth about what happened that fateful day.

Only because of the vigilance of those seeking the truth is this lawsuit now a reality.


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GFP Newsletter - 3/20/2017

Gardening can become meditation, swordsmanship can become meditation, wrestling can become meditation; anything can become meditation, because meditation is a certain quality. You have just to bring that quality to any act and that act becomes meditation.


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Enjoy Your Voyage on Earth

God said:

Whatever you have on your mind today, whatever may be weighing you down, whatever may occupy you, let it go.

Unless a thought gives you happiness, why have it? What merit is there for you to worry this and worry that? Come now, come with Me, and enjoy your voyage on Earth. You are here for joy, so enjoy.

On the ship you sail, there may well be two conversations going on. One conversation may make your heart soar. The other conversation objects to life in the world as it is. Which conversation do you want to sit in on, be part of, to practice?

I don't believe that you really prefer to listen to bashing about life and the world and what the world, by golly, looks like. What is the point of being clever when you hammer in the errors of the world and make them stand out? Are you really required to add up faults and errors and present a long list? Let your heart sing instead.

The world is going to go on with or without your input.

Go out and plant some flowers. There are lots of things more helpful than listing all the improvements necessary that you can do. Plant one flower. Now you are talking. Now you are like a balm to the world.

Everything you do, everything you say, washes over the world. It is magnified. Be clear on what you want to magnify. I ask you to magnify blessings. This is the meaning of as you sow, so shall you reap. Reap the benefits of life in the world. May hay while the sun shines. Sowing and reaping are not meant to be a revival of the past but to bless this very moment.


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This Is What Venus Retrograde Could Mean For Your Zodiac Sign

by Carmen Di Luccio, Collective Evolution

Venus has been retrograde since March 4th and it will last until April 15th. This is a time of reflecting on and revisiting matters of love, beauty, pleasures, creativity, money, values, and friendships. The themes started playing out around January 30th and will last until May when we will have more clarity on how to proceed forward.

I previously wrote an article about it, which you can read hereIt will play out differently for everybody depending on how it is affecting your astrology chart (based on exact birth time) and also your Sun sign. Therefore, keep in mind that the Sun sign interpretations written below are based on only part of how Venus is affecting you at this time.


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Real Freedom Through Food and Water Self-Sufficiency

Paul A. Phillips, Guest
Waking Times 

One of the many brutal truths about humans is that although it’s something we cannot do without, most of us are quite ignorant when it comes to knowing how our food and water is obtained. Spending very little time with nature, many of us have practically no knowledge of how to achieve food and water self-sufficiency.

We have allowed ourselves to become a mutant race: A major reason for our disconnection from Mother Nature and the resulting inability to be self-sufficient is that we have become overly dependent and taken over by electronics. We have become brainwashed into eking out our narrow everyday existences forever hooked into computers, TV’s, cell phones, mp3’s and ‘smart’ (dumb) technologies, threatening our health and wellbeing…

Put another way, we live in an electronic concentration camp where lawless statist control freak governments use and abuse their power through electronically hacking and spying on us, as confirmed by recent Wikileaks revelations.

-But there is an alternative way of life



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