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Daily Message ~ Wednesday May 12, 2021

Dear Ones, you are beings of flow. You are always in motion. It may be gentle or rapid, internal or external, intangible or tangible, but it is always there. Resisting whatever stage you are in will only create discomfort because it would amount to trying to work against both yourself and the energy conditions that are showing up that are custom designed to support you and your evolution. Do you see? Embracing the flow means finally accepting who you really are and the bigger system you are an intrinsic part of, and that is at the core of the shift you are in. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

GFP Newsletter - 5/11/2021

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The first thing is: meditation is not against mind, it is beyond mind. And beyond is not equivalent to against.


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Release It With Love

Finishing the energy of any given thing is challenging only when you make it that way. Even if the other party does not wish it, if it is in your highest and best, it will be done. Breathe, know that you have done what is best for you within your experience and release it with love. ~ Creator

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Daily Message ~ Tuesday May 11, 2021

As you continue forward into the new, you will feeling the energies whether you realize it or not. One thing we highly recommend is making an energy journal that highlights your experiences and any correlating factors. By educating yourself on what is going on astrologically, planetarily, and energetically, you will start to recognize your feelings and reactions are very normal and will shift out of resistance with yourself. Further, if you keep track you will come to realize that your body is such a reliable indicator of what is happening, external sources of information will only be confirmation for what you already know.

You are a truly magnificent dance partner with the universe, profoundly interconnected with each other, expanding and evolving in the most wonderful ways. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Opportunities & Choice

Every day, you are presented with opportunities that require choice. Do, don’t do…..yes, no…..experience, do not experience. Ask yourself, “is this in my highest and best”? Make a decision based on what your heart tells you then, speak your truth. This is paramount. Whatever reaction you receive is secondary. Embrace the knowing that you have done what is best for you. ~ Creator

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Daily Message ~ Monday May 10, 2021

Many enlightening human beings have trouble receiving. We have spoken of this before many times. One reason why people have trouble receiving we haven’t spoken of before is having a distrust of ease.

Do you distrust when things start to come together with ease? Do you immediately wait for the “other shoe to drop”? Do you think if things come together easily for you they will fall apart, others will judge you, or you will pay for it in some unpleasant way in the end?

This is all very tied into the martyred service paradigm, a paradigm you are in the process of evolving beyond. Do you feel you have to struggle to be worthy? Do you cling to expressions like, “no pain, no gain”? Are you afraid of being deemed not deserving enough for your gains or being perceived as lazy?

Dear Ones, ease is simply moving with the flow. It is deciding to move with the energies instead of exhausting yourself working against them. It is allowing yourself to be sustained, loved, and guided by the energies of Source. It is not about cutting corners or taking the easy way out of anything. It is deciding to trust and go with what is being supported for you willingly, and that is a glorious thing, indeed. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Bravery and Risk in the Age of Truth

by Julian Rose

Rising-up almost perceptibly now, in an increasing number of individuals, is a powerful urge to give expression to truth at its profoundest level. This is the life-force itself, demanding action and urging all who feel it to step forward into the front lines of a great battle. The battle to overcome the purveyors of gross injustice and stand firm for the global manifestation of truth.

Truth can seem illusive at such times as these, as that which is an expression of Supreme Consciousness does not show its radiant face to those who take no risks and show no bravery. However, each of us are sparks emanating from one great fire, and due to this, are blessed with powers capable of bringing about a total transformation - once we choose to take the risk of living for an ideal that radiates with light.

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What Is Best…

A expanded awareness of The Universe invariably leads you to understand that you know only your own depth.  Others may give you a glimpse of theirs but, very rarely reveal the whole picture.  It is not for you to judge the lives of others.  Deciding what is right/wrong for another based on your own experiences effectively stops your growth.  Do what is best for you and The Universe will take care of the rest. ~ Creator

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Daily Message ~ Sunday May 9, 2021

If part of your anxiety could actually be excitement, and you know you don’t get excited about unpleasant things, perhaps you can settle into the idea that the experience of anxiety/excitement is a sure sign of wonderful new potentials that are now close enough that you can feel them energetically. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

GFP Newsletter - 5/8/2021

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Unless you can accept everything that life brings you with gratefulness, you are missing the point. Childhood was beautiful; youth has its own flowers, old age has its own peaks of consciousness. But the trouble is that childhood comes on its own, youth comes on its own; for old age you have to be very creative.

Old age is your own creation: it can be a misery, it can be a celebration; it can be simply a despair, and it can also be a dance. It all depends how deeply ready you are to accept existence, whatsoever it brings. One day it will bring death too -- accept it with gratitude.


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A Different Light

More big changes are on the way.  They may not be the huge things you have come to expect from The Universe.  Instead, the small and steady moments of shifting you are being gifted will give you an opportunity to view your life and your world in a different light.  Allow yourself to receive the incoming joy and peace you so richly deserve. ~ Creator

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Daily Message ~ Saturday May 8, 2021

Anxiety is a common ascension symptom for many enlightening human beings. Most of you consider anxiety to be a negative experience, and we do understand it can be quite uncomfortable for you. But today we wish to give you another perspective about anxiety for you to explore.

There is a very fine line between anxiety and excitement. Is it possible some of what you are feeling is excitement? Excitement for being part of this profound shift on your planet? Excitement for the fact that you are in the throes of transformation? Excitement for what is opening for you, and what can become possible as you move forward into the new?

Think of being the lead character in a play. You know it is a great honour to be the star of the show. You know it is something you absolutely want. And you also know it is your destiny to play this role. But even though it is something you want and can’t wait to experience, your excitement can get mixed up with anxiety of wanting to give a great performance and bring your best to the role.

It is the same with the times you are in now. Your soul is so excited to be experiencing the shift on the planet. It is a tremendous success that you have made it this far! But you are also concerned about how it will go and experiencing the new. This is a very normal response. The fact that you are approaching it with such care and diligence is complete assurance that you will do a magnificent job. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

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Daily Message ~ Friday May 7, 2021

So many of you seek a one size fits all answer to apply to navigating your lives, but having only one acceptable way of doing things has been at the core of every control system on earth. We understand your frustration when faced with so many options, but the gift in all of that is having the freedom to decide what is right for you and your unique life expression. That is exactly how you step into your role as your own empowered leader – by trying on external opinions to see if they are your truth, much like you might try on several outfits for a special event until you find the one that feels most comfortable and appropriate. From there you can confidently step forward in that truth secure in the fact that you made the decision that is best for you, but also in the knowingness that what was a match for you might not be a match for another person. You are learning to honour the importance and sacredness of free will, both for yourselves and for others. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

GFP Newsletter - 5/6/2021

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We have to understand the beauty of old age, and we have to understand the freedom of old age. We have to understand the wisdom of old age; we have to understand its tremendous detachment from all foolish things that go on in the lives of people who are still young.



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