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Galactic Federation ship over Mount Shasta 10-5-21

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This shot was from Hwy 97 leaving Weed. About an hour earlier it was larger and centered exactly over the top of Mount Shasta with smooth edges.

At the same time there was a connected series of Avatar ships all along the mountains on the west side.


The Galactic Federation is in the process of formalizing its relationship with the Earth and its population. This has been going on for about ten years. It has involved working with some members of the secret space programs and others. It has also involved clearing the solar system of the presence of negative ETs. 

Now the Galactic Federation is in the process of including the civilian population in its relationship with the Earth.


Cosmic Disclosure with Cosmic Girls...

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Cosmic Disclosure with Cosmic Girls Elena Danaan and Megan Rose


STAND UP ! A message from the Galactic Federation of Worlds -Sept 18/2021


Update on Jupiter Meetings with the Galactic Federation of Worlds


2nd Source on Jupiter Meetings & Galactic Federation Intervention in Solar System

The Galactic Federation Program

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The Galactic Federation Program



The Galactic Federation Program for the advancement of Earth's entry into extended space exploration is now becoming more fully implemented as the Earth's population is preparing for the release of the U.S. government report on UFOs. This development is requiring the upgrading of Earth's understanding of space and its inhabitants.


The Galactic Federation is implementing various galactic dimensions to foster the Earth's readiness to be involved with extraterrestrials who are beneficial to the evolution of the Earth and its inhabitants.



When the report is released there will be many questions about the occupants of the craft. It is important that good information about various extraterrestrial species is available to the public, and that the public is notified of any endeavors to communicate with them.


Ascension Gift 6 Continuation of a New Beginning by Archangel Michael

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Greetings beloved beacons of light upon the Earth. I am Archangel Michael; it is an honour to be in your presence today as there is much occurring on the inner planes and upon the Earth. Everything is blossoming, spiritual evolution is advancing and quickening, you’re understanding and remembrance of the Creator is developing at great speed. It is important at this time to acknowledge that in 2020 you embarked upon a new beginning with the New Earth Ascension Blueprint anchoring into the Earth and into your being. This has now fully anchored. The next stage and the continuation of this new beginning is to co-create with the New Earth Ascension Blueprint, activating the Blueprint within your being. Thus, creating a new Earth, a new reality, new situations, new experiences, new perspectives, new beliefs, and new understandings. You are embarking upon a new way of being, a new beginning which will develop from within your being as a co-creation with the New Earth Ascension Blueprint. This co-creation allows you to be yourself, your truth, power, wisdom, and expression of the Creator on the Earth.

Your Official Invite to Join the Galactic Community ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

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You are taking on so much for the rest of this galaxy that we share, and as a result, there are so many beings throughout the galaxy who owe humankind. As you get closer and closer to becoming a unified collective there on Earth, you become the solution to issues that are billions of years old.

You have taken on more than your fair share as a collective because you wanted to be at the center of the unification of the Milky Way galaxy. You wanted to be the first domino to fall, and you wanted to let that moment be the same exact moment when you were invited to be a part of our galactic community, officially and with much fanfare.

This journey that you are on is all about being the microcosm of the galaxy and the universe. You get to be that representative of all the various star systems in our galaxy, and you get to contain all the different energies and all the DNA from the various systems.

And as you sort out your internal issues, you as an individual put out a vibration that demonstrates to the rest of humankind that it can be done. You can become a unified whole as an individual, and that will be the spark that ignites the flame that spreads throughout the human collective consciousness, so that everyone knows what is possible when you focus and apply yourself.


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