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The Full Moon & Equinox Energies ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

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The Full Moon & Equinox Energies ∞The 9D Arcturian Council Channeled by Daniel Scranton


We are very excited to see what you will all do with the wonderful energies that are coming to you for the upcoming full moon and equinox. You have upon you fertile soil from which to grow into the beings that you were always meant to become in this lifetime. Those of you who are awake know that there is so much more to you, and it really is your job to go forth and discover who and what you really are through experience. The energies that come in are there to support you in your exploration, and so, the more willing you are to explore, the more energy you expend, the more you tend to receive.

It also helps when you are doing something that you love, because when you are lost in your activities of the moment, you tend to be joyous and more open. As you receive from the full moon and equinox energies, remember that they are there to support you, to give you more vitality, and also they are there for you to co-create with. Right now is a pivotal point in human history, as you have this opportunity to look around at the world as it is today and see what it is you would like to make different. The changes you want to see out there will always begin with you; they always have and they always will.


Rewriting Initiation by the Arcturians

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At this time in the ascension process for all beings there is an initiation coming forth where the energies expressed by the Creator support your rewriting of your current reality. Higher vibrations, powerful frequencies and codes are flowing forth into your being to support you in achieving this initiation. It is an initiation where you rewrite aspects of your reality that you have already experienced in this lifetime. It is almost as if you are passing over onto the inner planes and yet you are remaining in your physical body. You have that time, that option to rewrite your reality. Therefore, you can bring that which you understand and acknowledge into your present and future experiences. 

Venus Direct

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As Venus goes direct in Capricorn it is introducing new ascended dimensions of human life and living. These new ascended dimensions are opening the human relationships to the incoming and ascended life and living creation powers that are part of the new ascended planetary/galactic/universal original living creation and civilization.


The Planetary Kundalini Activation of the Tonga Volcanic Explosion

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The recent volcanic explosion near Tonga when Uranus in Taurus was stationary going direct activated the planetary kundalini which is now focused in the Lake Titicaca area.


This activation will continue for months. It is raising the kundalini of people as they are following the news of the explosion and its aftermath.


It is integrating one's individual kundalini with the planetary kundalini which allows for greater kundalini expression.

Activated Ancient ET Craft Are Revealing Earth and Galactic Secrets

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The ancient ET craft that have activated upon the recent arrival of the Galactic Federation fleet in the solar system are craft that have been left in dormant mode for centuries awaiting the arrival of official forces to become available as repositories of historical and intergalactic information that is important for the unfoldment of future developments on Earth.

Avatar Full Moon of Capricorn

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As we move into this Avatar Full Moon of Capricorn with Mercury going retrograde and Sun conjunct Pluto followed by Uranus going direct, there are powerful forces working to uplift the Earth and its people to a positive and healing level of physical life and living.


As the Earth continues to ascend according to its destiny it is becoming a unified planetary/galactic/universal organism that is functioning as the home planet-star system for the Avatar Original Living Creation and Civilization to extend throughout the entire greater universe.


And the new ascended Earth population is functioning in its unified state to produce and create according to the planetary destiny. And physical immortality is the norm for these ascended life masters of creation and civilization.


The Current Energies, Great and Massive Changes & You ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

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We are so very interested in seeing what you will do with the current energies, which have within them the capacity to bring about such great change in your lives and then on your world. And we know that those of you who have been opening up to these energies have already felt their power and the potential impact they can have. We want to encourage you right now to dream big and to look for the massive changes you want to see with positive expectation, not only because of these powerful energies that are upon you, but also because of how powerful you are. You do not have to wait around for something to happen out there in the quote/unquote ‘real world.’

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One of the advantages of living in the times you are living in now is that you have more opportunities to go within, and certainly you can utilize all of the time spent not traveling and not visiting with others to spend more time meditating, focusing on your chakras and on your emotions. You can build an entire universe inside of yourself that is so lovely and beautiful that you are then not waiting for anything to happen, not waiting for any mandates to be lifted, not concerned with travel bans.


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