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Message conveyed by Ute

Yes, you have the opportunity to start resuming your original Divine State by participating in the New Creation! While you act, inspired by Divine Visions, your DNA is being sparkled and your light is expanding and intensifies. It fortifies the transformation of your world and ignites the hearts of those who still sleep.

Beloved Humanity, we desire seeing you standing up, reaching with your gifted vision and with the desire of your heart of love into God’s Creation in the realms of light, color and sound,  to manifest it in your world. This is the call of your creator now.

Please, dare to step out of what is familiar to you and reach to the stars. All is already there and ready! There is no delay necessary! But you delay when you hesitate and doubt yourself and what is possible, as you prefer the old ways to continue.

Pope Francis: "We are not alone"

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aprile 13, 2014  Rome -

During the homily held this morning in St. Peter's Square, Pope Francis with great ease and awe among the faithful present reveals: "Dear brothers, I wanted to tell all of you that we are not alone in the universe. Science has already made ​​so much progress and will most likely soon know our new brothers and sisters with whom we will exchange a sign of peace. That day there will wonder and remember that God is one and watching over all of us.

The revelation has puzzled and amazed thousands of faithful in the square to follow the sermon, but Pope Francis has done more, wanted to clarify that the progress is very important and must always have an open mind to new too the most incredible, in respect of common sense. This revelation will surely change everything, but the Pope continued walking on his way to open the doors of a renewed church to any kind of true.

Disclosure - AND Contact- is in the hands of We The People

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January 1, 2015


Dear Friends and Supporters,


I would like to thank all of your for your support during the past year....


 In every case, these very senior officials had no access to or knowledge of projects and operations that we have proven to exist that deal with UFOs and ETs.  As the CIA Director said: "How can we Disclose that which we have no access to?".


This means Disclosure - AND Contact- is in the hands of We The People.  The acknowledged leaders of government rarely if ever have access to the deep-black Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAPs) dealing with UFOs.  The public is led to believe, by an ever-lying media- that the chain of command is intact and no such projects could exist. But in truth, these USAPs are deeply hidden and compartmented and operate completely illegally and unconstitutionally. They constitute a shadowy international Fourth Branch of government that, frankly, does as it pleases.


It is time for Wave Two of this process:


New Foundations

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Visualize a gigantic ying/yang wheel and see it beginning to turn. Symbolically this is what has happened these few days since the solstice. This giant yin/yang wheel is Gaia herself and she has finally united her own male/female aspects in love and joy. This is a process that is just in the early stages of movement, but the first thing she has done is thrown off all energies that are not in male/female balance. Now these balanced energies begin to spin and to create and to move us from where we now find ourselves to our true places within the universe. Those of us that are linked to Gaia will take this journey with her.

The energies of this solstice have not been like the energies of any previous solstice. Prior to this spiritual light came into this world from the galactic center during the solstice and this spiritual light was not balanced male/female but almost pure male energy that was to merge with the almost pure female energy of Gaia and all living things. This time the mixed male/female energy comes from the heart of Gaia herself as it bursts forth from her very core and embraces all living things. This is a very different energy following a very different pathway.

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