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Full Spectrum Resonant Love For Everyone!

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 20 February 2015 - 11:13pm |  anarchistbanjo
The New Humans have finished the creation of their new pattern as well and it also is a full spectrum pattern created of completely balanced male/female energies. This means the war between the sexes is finished because both working patterns, that of the New Elves and that of the New Humans consist of full spectrum resonant love energies. Resonant love is something that all living things can share!

The New Universal Ascended Master of Creation Template

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Since around the year 2000, the original stellar and cosmic and universal life and constitution of the mirriad starseeds and lightworkers incarnated on Earth has been withdrawn to allow the all new and original ascended planetary/universal life and constitution of all members of the New Earth to develop.


This has been a time of transition for the planet also, which included the annual upgrades from the 2000 millennial frequency and the subsequent yearly calendar ascending frequencies, especially from the 7-7-7 date through the 12-12-12 date, and culminating in the planetary/solar/galactic core alignment of 12-21-12.


Stepping into 2015 as Multilayered Beings of Inclusiveness

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Beloved ones, you are standing on the threshold of a great change -- entering a new year which always marks a shift. But in this case, it marks the place where humanity is released from so many of the concepts which have kept it tied and grounded to a world of seeming physicality and limitation.

This is the year when freedom comes. This is the year when enough human beings realize that they are creating with the heart and turn on the light so that life may be recognized for the pure freedom that it is: The freedom of Love to create this moment's experience and to dive into the wonder of expression on many levels at once.

This is the time when you become multi-layered beings. When you are available to recognize all the things that are happening at once. Where you can dance as a human being, participate in the storyline of the world that you choose, while all the while being completely awake to your open heart rejoicing in your limitless true nature and participating in the great cosmic movement of Love.

Archangel Michael's Plea for Peace Now is extraordinary. With 3 easy steps...

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1. Intent & declaration of  ENOUGH!
2. Opening to the doors to your heart and allowing AAM's Blue Breeze of Peace (i.e. the incredible gift of his essence transmitted through his exhalation) to breeze gently through you - front to back and out to the planet
3. Holding and sending via your heart, hands, behaviors and daily meditation the energy of Peace Now to the entire planet.

John Podesta's top regret on leaving the White House is he didn't reveal the truth about UFOs

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John Podesta, former senior advisor to Barack Obama, former Chief of Staff to Bill Clinton, and future chair of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign is offering some reflections on his most recent stint in the White House.

Number one on the list — aliens:

Podesta was out of the big time politics game briefly early in the Bush years, and lent his considerable prestige to a coalition pushing the oddball cause of greater disclosure of federal information about UFOs:


The Floodgates are opening now!

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Early this morning towards the end of meditation, as I was focusing on the mountain, suddenly one of the secret agents who is often seen in the 3D around Shasta popped in and then connected me into the 'grand central' within the mountain ...
{Last summer she had given me a ride down to the lake, and thru the area where I had previously opened the Avatar Planetary Stargate, which got the attention of the entire mountain and beyond, includingthe Andean ambassadors who are stationed within the mountain~}
Then I was connected into the great unified planetary externalization which is now underway, as Mercury is going direct at 6:57am pst on Wednesday morning, bringing much of the higher dimensional planetary and beyond New Earth system out into the 3D physical, including the Avatar Creation Civilization with its ascended spacelife creation civilization.

: : Pronouncements of the Shift : :

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The Beginning of the Discontinuation 

Posted by Blue*Star*Lady*

February 3, 2015

From the Elohim::

We greet you now at the Beginning of the Discontinuation. We speak of this in the sense of a parable, of those beginnings of certain epics in your national and cultural histories. There is a pulling apart of those frequencies that are encoded in certain bandwidths, much like that of pulling taffy as a child, and the associated stream of experience, the candy, is beginning to become “very thin”. As the thinning occurs the 3D construncts begin to fill with holes, in a process of dissolution.

Now is the time to pull all associations which are not centered in “balance” back into Self and Center, the ground zero of being.

we are the Elohim, though this one d/kachina*blue*star*

Mother Gaia herself has become like a sun

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Mother Gaia herself has become like a sun radiating the incoming energy of the new year. This is the first year of earth energy, not spiritual light energy!

I have been experiencing this golden GaiaStar within my chakras -- Adi

Rapid Acceleration of Events!

February 4, 2015 by anarchistbanjo

Since last Sunday when the newly created “collective” timeline and Gaia multi-verse came online in physical 3D with a complete severance from non-compatible energies there has been a massive adjustment as all life forms rushed to finalize their new connections to the only game in town, the Unity Grid. 

* * *

For the new elves this means a deepening of the new blueprint or pattern through a deepening of contact with their divine counterparts. This will at least happen in dreams if not otherwise. And just in time for Valentine’s Day! :) For them love will raise the vibrations of their world. Make love, not war.


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