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From Contact to Ascension: extraterrestrial contact as a prelude to universal ascension

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From Contact to Ascension: extraterrestrial contact as a prelude to universal ascension

Written by Dr Michael Salla on January 13, 2014. Posted in galactic diplomacy


My Comments~

We have been Starseeding this planet-star for over a half-century with increasingly ascended spacelife forces.
Now the AvatarAscendingSpaceLifeForces of this AvatarPlanetStar are coming to the fore as the primary forces of the all-new AscendingSpaceLifeCivilization we are creating here.

UN Report Says Small-Scale Organic Farming Only Way to Feed the World

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Even as the United States government continues to push for the use of more chemically-intensive and corporate-dominated farming methods such as GMOs and monoculture-based crops, the United Nations is once against sounding the alarm about the urgent need to return to (and develop) a more sustainable, natural and organic system.

That was the key point of a new publication from the UN Commission on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) titled“Trade and Environment Review 2013: Wake Up Before It’s Too Late,” which included contributions from more than 60 experts around the world.

The cover of the report looks like that of a blockbuster documentary or Hollywood movie, and the dramatic nature of the title cannot be understated: The time is now to switch back to our natural farming roots.


Alter Your Genes and Cure any Disease

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The new age gurus, spiritualists or visionaries talk about the power of thoughts and how it manifests into reality. But when the same theory/concept is affirmed by someone from a scientific background, it helps bridge the gap between science and the spirituality.

Bruce Lipton, a cellular biologist and bestselling author of The Biology of Belief, advocates the idea that we have significant control over our biology, and with our intentions and beliefs we can ‘reprogram’ or ‘control’ our genes and our lives. This challenges the traditional scientific belief that genes control life and people attribute their illnesses to genetic dysfunctions.

Edward Snowden's Relationship With WikiLeaks

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Amid calls for the clemency of Edward Snowden, many questions remain about the 30-year-old's flight from America and asylum in Russia.

One major unresolved issue is the relationship between "the most dangerous leaker in American history" and WikiLeaks, an organization with an admitted antagonism toward the U.S. and a cozy history with the Kremlin.

Given WikiLeaks'  penchant for facilitating U.S. government leaks, its early involvement in  the Snowden saga deserves scrutiny.

After the NSA contractor outed himself in Hong Kong on June 9, he parted ways with the journalists he met there and went underground.

Obama: 'I Think I Just Became The First President To Ever Publicly Mention Area 51'

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"Now, when you first become President, one of the questions that people ask you is, 'what's really going on in Area 51?'" Obama said. "When I wanted to know, I'd call Shirley MacLaine."

"I think I just became the first President to ever publicly mention Area 51," Obama added. "How's that, Shirley?"

First ones having ascended give their reports from the other side – Archangel Raphael through Marc Gamma ~ 30.11.2013

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30. November 2013 von Badeem - Sirian Starseed


First ones having ascended give their reports from the other side – Archangel Raphael through Marc Gamma ~ 30.11.2013


AARaphael-II[Original language German, translated by (Contra)Mary]

Introductory Talk to the Translation of ArchAngel Raphael’s Message
Eva Maria, translating all my channeled Messages has had a short talk with ArchAngel Raphael introducing this very translation. If you follow the given link you will arrive at this introductory invocation of hers to Archangel Raphael. It is meant to be a supplement to this message:  [Link]

Archangel Raphael speaks…


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