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Positive Steps Toward Permanent Change-London Event, Tuesday 19th November

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London Event, Tuesday 19th November

Dear Co-creator of our Heart-led New World;


Earth Star Network is collaborating with many networks across the planet to nurture humanity's shift into the Golden Age.  Please join us and our friends at Metta in London to find out more about our work and opportunities for co-creation and planetary-wide action.

We are:

Providing a space for our collective intention:
Identifying positive steps for permanent change.
This event will bring people together from diverse walks of life, committed to changing our collective experience!


What do you desire? What do you want to see change?
And how will we achieve it?


Special Guest Appearances:
Howard Martin - HeartMath
Altheris - The Universe


You Are All Connecting To Gaia Through The Grid

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You Are All Connecting To Gaia Through The Grid

Posted by silentwindofchange

Gaia Grid

“Oh wow that’s great, why should I care?”

Many are already seeing why this is important.  But I will explain an amazing part of it that at least some of you are experiencing.

Are you noticing that you are doing some things differently than you used to do them?

And for whatever reason this new method works much better than the way you did it before.  Yes, yes, you are all brilliant. :)  Part of what occurs when you are connected is you benefit from the knowledge of everything that is known.  Gaia has that connection to this information.  Your connection to the grid offers this same knowledge to you as well.  Yes, I know you don’t feel like you know everything, can you imagine the turmoil if everyone instantly did?  It would be a wonderful thing, but not in your world’s current state.  There will be a time soon (sorry) when everyone will instantly know everything but it will fade rather quickly.  That will give you a taste of the possibilities.

Crystal Skull Healing and Ascension

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I am now offering Crystal Skull Healing and Ascension personal sessions.

I work primarily with the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull , MAX The Crystal Skull , and Einstein The Skull of Consciousness .

Sessions may be done via e-mail or by phone.

The Crystal Skulls connect one with one's higherdimensional Self, and bring about complete integration of all levels of the SELF.


Hawaii Went Radioactive Wednesday

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Hawaii Went Radioactive Wednesday

Hawaii went radioactive yesterday with spiking radiation readings as shown in both of the two charts below from BlackCatSystems showing huge spikes in radiation levels. With reports of the Pacific Ocean dying and radiation levels rising throughout much of the West coast according to this scariest chart , is this Fukushima making its impact here in America? According to the alarming video below, Fukushima is now in fuel rod meltdown after heavy rains and a power blackout that we have not been made aware of by the mainstream media.

“After the heavy rains and power blackout (Which Tepco forgot to mention). Since then a dramatic rise in radiation levels is being reported and a few Tepco workers have spilled the beans on what is really happening.”

Help Us Create a Conscious Earth – Join us on Global Oneness Day this Thursday, ...

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Dearest Fellow SHIFTER,
Do you feel the time has come to create a conscious Earth? 

Are you prepared to help co-create it? 

Read on if your answer is yes!

Global Oneness DayI’m reaching out to you about something that might be valuable for you, your family and the whole of the Earth.  It is a live virtual summit The Shift Movie is sponsoring called Global Oneness Day 2013. I think you’ll see why we’re sponsoring after you read a little further. 

The program that has been put together is global. It will be very powerful and it is complimentary.

Erwin Schrodinger, who won the Noble Prize for Physics in 1933, said:

“Quantum physics thus reveals a basic oneness of the universe.” 

Eighty years have passed but few have this awareness.    


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An Arcturus Stargate began opening at the last Full Moon, and will remain open until the next Full Moon.

The Sun is exactly conjunct Arcturus 24* Libra on October 16.

This Arcturus Stargate is functioning to align all within this planet with the Spiritual Life beyond our immediate planetary spiritual life and consciousness.

References ~


Edgar Cayce called Arcturus the most advanced civilization in the Universe, the civilization that is most God-like.

Arcturus is the home of higher dimensional entities, who are dedicated to service and healing. They specialize in emotional and spiritual healing, and have mastered techniques, far beyond what we can imagine. This emotional and spiritual healing is the reason why a lot of psycho-spiritual healers have a special connection with Arcturus.


The Arcturians – Architects of a New Dawn

by Clifford Stone

Arcturus is one of the most advanced civilizations in our entire galaxy. – Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce has said in his teachings that Arcturus is one of the most advanced civilizations in this galaxy. It is the fifth-dimensional civilization that is a prototype of Earth’s future. Its energy works as an emotional, mental, and spiritual healer for humanity. It is also an energy gateway through which humans pass during death and rebirth.

It functions as a way station for nonphysical consciousness to become accustomed to physicality. The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch describes it as the mid-way programming center used by the physical brotherhoods in this universe to govern the many rounds of experiments with “physicals” at this end of the galaxy.

Mother Earth Rainbow Mandala #22

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Mother Earth Rainbow Mandala #22

This transmission is the galactic brothers and sisters returning to planet earth in this new energy field and Matrix happening now. The veils are becoming thinner and more contact will be coming. This transmission helps us connect to our galactic community out there, ready to help and connect with us humans in dreamtime, in the skies and soon with orbs, light, sound and face to face contact. The Native Americans have been holding sacred spaces, gatekeepers, record keepers for eons with these beings and grounding in the other end of the wormhole for us to receive this beautiful information. Along with them becoming the other end of the rainbow bridge so all of us can have this connection. Wow! how cool!! © Copyright 2004-2013 all rights Salo Stanley, D.C.

The Star Elders ~ We are at the beginning of a very new and large cycle of time...

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With help from Archangel Michael, The Star Elders, Jeshua, and other Ascended Masters through messenger Aluna Joy Yaxkin.
From the The Tor, Glastonbury, England on 7/15/13 - Message #1


We are excited to begin to share the messages we received during our Avalon 2013 pilgrimage. We are at the beginning of a very new and large cycle of time where we are relearning to live in a world that, at its core, is manifesting in mysterious new and unexpected ways. Our work leading up to 2012 is done. It was a magical time that cannot be repeated. We are now in a new era. We hope they impact you in a positive and productive way. Today we are in a new age, frequency, dimension, bandwidth, reality and perspective. What was . . . is gone, and there is no going back. For most of the conscious community, the universe has hit the pause button, and we are in an odd place of suspended animation. We have gone back to the womb. This is a safe place for us while the Earth recalibrates to the new frequencies. We are in the incubation phase of a new cycle. We are dreaming a new world while maintaining a body in the physical world. It is an oddly fascinating place to witness. It is like living and dreaming all at the same time. We are becoming familiar with the void and the unknown. We feel safe and secure regarding the eminent outcome of our incubation. We are now beginning the re-birthing into a new world.


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