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ST.GERMAIN ~ Comments on the Comments

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Comments on the Comments
Posted: 21 Mar 2011 07:00 AM PDT
My dear ones. As I've given the message many times, channeling can happen to anyone. It is not necessary to condone my channel about her call to love or my asking that a growth course be taken. My words are not her words. My call for the course has the intention to give an extremely clear message to all who do not channel and deliver an option to do so. It is not a demand.
Channeling can be attained by numerous alternative means. Purchasing the course I am connected to is not the point here, it is being committed to learning the art of channeling. Can you learn on your own? Yes, my channel had no course.
An attitude about anothers method of creating money cancels your ability to attract it. An attitude against anything attracts that thing to you. My dear ones, anything that comes to you is a gift, not a right. When the gift comes without a price tag, can you be grateful? When it comes with a price tag, can you be grateful?
Channeling gives the message to all that another realm can assist them. Nothing contracted anywhere claims that all channeled material must be without cost. Many channels ask a lot of money for their channeling. Condemning this has more to do with the one casting stones than the channel.
Casting stones against anything casts one against yourself. Be clear, my channel gives tirelessly to this blog without any compensation at all demanded of those who are benefiting from it. No donations have been received from most of those accepting these gifts..

What Possession Is There in Heaven,

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HEAVEN #3769
 What Possession Is There in Heaven,
 March 21, 2011
God said:
Are you to reflect the world, or is the world to reflect you?
Do your cupboards reveal the state of the world?
Orderliness is not everything by a long shot, yet orderliness is something. It could be a place to start.
If you would like to surpass world order as it exists now, then begin by straightening out your own cupboards.
Your life is certainly more than the physical, yet there is nothing wrong in making the physical compatible with ease and simplicity. Where else would you begin? Start and finish today. If you open your cupboards, and things fall out, you are overdue.
If there are things in your path to trip over, move them now. Clear your way. Make your path smooth. There is more to this than metaphor.
Start with a clear slate.

Message from GAIA: Earth Changes, March 2011

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Channeler: Karen Murphy

Saturday, 19 March, 2011 

Full Moon Equinox, March 2011

By now you have delved deeply into awareness of the rapid changes taking place around the globe. Have you fallen into fear? That is not hard to do, with the proliferation of news and chilling images. Are you feeling ill at ease, sad, or in despair over the devastation in Japan, or the plight of the nuclear plant workers who chose to stay behind? Strong feelings at this time are not uncommon, and in fact it is the rare being at this time that does NOT feel strong emotion. You need not know what it is that you are feeling, simply that you ARE feeling. This is what makes you human. Cherish this part of yourself.

The Sunlight Is So Bright,

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HEAVEN #3768
The Sunlight Is So Bright ,
March 20, 2011
God said:
There comes a time in life when you recognize all that you are and all that you are capable of. At the same time as you soar, your feet touch ground, and you no longer see yourself holding the importance that you once had. You are stronger than ever, and yet you don't exist. You are a cipher. You don't know where you are or that you even are. In the act of discovering yourself, you discover you have flown the coop. You have flown away somewhere you know not where. You never existed. You were mistaken. You only thought you existed.
The realization that you are not can be disconcerting. You thought you were going to become exalted, and you find you have disappeared. This great enlightening has been a world reality check. Why, you are nothing at all. There is nothing left of you. You are invisible to yourself. You cannot locate yourself anywhere.
Then it must be that you are everywhere. How can you be everywhere and nowhere at the same time? How can you be nothing and everything at the same time?
The sunlight is so bright you cannot be seen. The sun is in your eyes.

BLOSSOM ~ From Me to You

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Dear Fellow Travellers.

I feel the urge-(ncy) to address a few matters and I ask for grace to lend a hand as I do so. I ask too that you understand that I know no more than the next person. I am just the messenger and yet I find myself in a position where upon many choose to read that which I have to say. I do not in any way underestimate the power and knowledge that each individual has gained and yet I feel it necessary, considering the mass of emails I have received since the March 16th channelling to clarify some things. So if I may …

In my opinion , for what it is worth , no matter what or who is the cause of any disaster, no matter what conflicting messages you read , no matter how much some of you are feeling afraid , I ask that you recognise ABOVE ALL the importance of remaining in YOUR LIGHT. ‘Yes yes yes’, I hear you say, ‘heard it all before’ … but clearly from some of the email received, many haven’t quite grasped this necessity. To do so has so many implications on so many levels, and I believe there are many we do not know about. Yet we must put our TRUST in the knowledge within our souls that the ONLY reason we are here at this time is to MAKE SURE that this LIGHT is magnified by us throughout ALL that is taking place.

SAUL ~ Slow down the frenetic pace at which you live

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The major disturbances occurring all over the planet are indicators – precursors, if you will – that humanity’s moment of awakening is approaching. The illusion, and the experiences that you are undergoing within it, are becoming increasingly untenable as more and more of you suffer on a scale not seen since the two major wars of the last century.  You have had enough, and you are all praying for something far better: lives that you can enjoy without the stress and anxiety of worrying “What’s next”?  It is quite amazing how unpalatable you have allowed the illusion to become before making the collective decision to awaken from it.  You have been slumbering so deeply for so long that to awaken from it requires an enormous quantity of energy, which is why you are all so firmly held in God’s divine embrace, as He suffuses you with an infinite abundance of His Love.  Not one of you is unable to avail of It, although, of course, you can refuse to accept It.


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