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Advance Prospects Individuated Frequently

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Fractals in remissions, contemporarily the fabrics which halters new life experiences can be brought up from undeniable facts which herald concepts (Energy) in accords to deviations on conceptualized ideas which remissions at better causes.

Fractal access code is potentially linked with higher guidance from within cosmoses as differentiated accords keep on attributing the concept (Formation) of those codes within these writings.

Contemporarily the effects gathered for momentum is increasing as we have adjusted some of the hyper velocity factors which coalesces greater intakes between individual workers and group workers (Bearers of Light).

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Many Construed Awakening Portals

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Many beings on this Earth have construed awakening portals for humans around the world and other galaxies...

Let me explain the effects gathered from rendering (manifestations), as some creations which are awakened, can dismember frequencies which misaligns the potential cycles which are ongoing in our growth spurt (evolution) and so on the fabrics of individuals working as I am, we can contend to Awakening Portals for access beyond the grids transitional points...

These effects gathered for higher accountability within the general populace can be regarded as star gates to inter-dimensions which are conclusively active in initial demands of planets which are in need of Quantum leaps as some would say.

The portals main functions are carried on towards the general idea of contact which supplies individuals with roles in which they develop into after their first contact. And so on the effects of going through rises and falls could contend to singular momentum which is graded on the knowledge which is transposed in the being...

The effects regarded as Awakening can be known as a general idea formed in the 1960's where the populace would conjoin in drug activity and substances which would alter their states of consciousness...

The new found experiences which gave them awareness of something which they had no control over (in those times) would subliminally adjust the frequent conceptual TRIP's in which they would partake in.

This caused an effect regarded as cosmoses...

Interactions through dissociations

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Advancements in the fields which are enabling us to see new venues which helps with the interactions... We have through dissociations, processes that can help us ascend (see) new formations as our development within the fields helps us advance in our hidden potential where our decisions to go through with the messages help us sustain a good status, meaning our beings are in good standing (the genome) which helps with the variations we have within different vibrational states.

The frequencies emitted within these messages can potentially link us to higher apertures in the future understandings of individuals working out the inner and outer grids as disposed throughout many systems which have enabled higher octave chains to be established between many people.

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The Ships

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Dementia and teleportation

Submissive impacts

Sustainability and paramountability

Terminological demands and suspect analysis

Temporary designs (Confrontations) and (Terminological Concepts)

Portending fabrics have shifted profoundly, decisions to go further will result in new found information.

Portended fabrics are submissive, temporary grid ratio is in decryption for analysis.

Temporary fractals are assessed from a neutrality.

Contemporary stops are initial from fractal access codes; given for/from submissive impacts.

Inquiring on ships orbiting the planet... Sustainability is portended to fractal access code, divination is in suspension for hyper active fields which coalesce at individual points around the Earth, and Decisions to go forward are fabricated at a newer consensus.

We are now entering the Galactic Federation of Light.

This message should be portrayed to individuals in need of fractal access codes for a temporary adjustment in advances within somnambulistic levels of trance... Divinations should break the trance and help achieve higher sustainability in future contact trips.

The message will now begin.

We are here now with you to sustain hyper imperative routes to augment you towards a transmission which is held under current form of the Galactic Federation of Light.

To sustain this connection we will augment in our inertia to wright until a trigger point is reached for coherency.

Trans-dimensional Beings

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Adjustments for our beings to interact with indifferent forces which acts out there, potentially giving us new measures every day.

Co-extensional realms are an appropriate topic for this document. By giving into consent in which we agree to subdue facts about these beings, than we will coalesce and integrate the potentials to have communications with these beings from dimensions above our known understandings of the concepts anchored here on this Earth.

Additionally the fabrics which shifts coherent nodes will adjust the frequencies, our vibrational states, to allow higher communications.

Welcome we come from Alpha Centauri and in additional advances prospected by this individual we will give out a message which sustains higher frequencies to support the populace with truth.

What is known as truth can shift many times as for the way to understand our fabrics (evolution) we will work on the potentials to give out an infinite amount of information for you to dwell in through this being.

Resurrection, what seems to bother us is how one can die and come back to life, how is this sustainable in our premises on this Earth?

Intergalactic Associations

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We come in peace, regarding the contact statuses we have made with you outside.

The frequencies which are in adjustments from hyper active fields should sustain internal accords of divinations towards greater achievements in the future understandings and prospects, as for we commend to individual workers which are in a sustainable connection (Awareness) with us.

Temporarily the effects chained in links which are additional within our messages can be regarded as higher adjustments which refines the conscious awareness of individuals whom are working in partial statuses to your messages main transcriptions as acquired through divinations.

As the augmentations are made we imply on sustaining a higher attributable form of conscious energy for you to understand the initiative roles of these folks on Earth.

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Drawings, Abstract and Symmetry

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Thank you for taking the time to view the Images, if you want to explore the varieties send me an email and I will screenshot some sets for you. Here is another set--> Set 38 as examples to what you can find within the drawings.



Restoration phase Active

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Decisions go about round table discussions in future contact trips.

Memorable extensions are attained by a chain of commands working to potentially link our memorabilia within these documents for advances on potential field linkage at some higher prospects individuated from a rise in frequencies.

The adjustments are paramount from individual choices we get while forming a suprema for externalizations, which are carried on from higher grid enactments...

Some protocols are needed for adjustments which we would/can attain momentarily for advances within Cosmoses which can be seen as the natural order of evolution, space and our lives purposes from within the human genome.

Perpetuated fabrics may become a new, from potential links we have while adjusting our memory for synapsing currents to flow at greater coherency.

Internal adjustments can be made by a wide variety of choices we have while conversing or having thoughts/memories.

The present moment is defined indifferently from constructs which have been known as the foundation of our reality on this Planet for eons of time.

Differences are constructed/construed by mapping currents of change within the natural order of existence as humans.

We have many different pathways to go to, and come from, but all lead to the Oneness of our beings within as without, construed by the awakening populace.

Indifferences are changing daily by decisions which are kept in a cycle for advances on the known experiences which lies in our divine nature or the core structure of our human existence on Earth.

Paramountability was a document achieved by allowing the super consciousness to take command (surface) in our perceptual grids which exists within our cores command structure (Alliance).

Wave Modulation Code

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The wave modulation code can be regarded as a high priority force which brings in tantric matters at hands.

Because the formations within those accessible codes can allow the wave modulation to supply us with components which are singular in time, which is managed from frequencies that allows us to shift our current views (Perceptions) by interlinking many things at once... By interlinking many posts, many advents to new formations (energy) which is contemporarily given by synaptic wave modulations which affects our brains main components for us to receive reality as it is.

We currently receive it towards normal levels of modulations which is very silent (the activity) which interposes our brains structure.

Wave modulation codes can give access to many different forms of perceptions by bringing up an awareness which can be interlinked with formations within these messages as many other sources in physicality. As activity within can become susceptible to management from outside forces which carries us into more proper detailing which intermingles our lives decisions while processing information and this can stimulate emotions as other causes to allow further control.

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Advancing in Core Groups

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To sustain a higher connection we will give about mindful meditations to have us sustain memory at its greater expense.

The Imaginative forms of our creations should supply us with future creations which will temporize the hyper velocity factors which brings about contact.

Additionally we will not come in contact with ones whom are not ready as for the causation is temporarily adjusting some of the lower excerptions within the memory which may cause fear in the populace... As we give little bits of information which shifts the amount of time it takes for them to realize a concept, we will be bringing into better causes, while having adjustments made to our hyper velocity factors which will conjoin in a metamorphosis… An advance conceptualization of realities core adjustments which are made from systems far away as Andromeda and Linksys which is new in mentions of our understandings.

By allowing co-immersions which are achievable by hyper active fields we will sustain experiences which comes off grids as for the exemptions we have at remarks made on grid can potentially be linked to the Network which sustains our lives experiences of Love and Joy. This means that a temporary patch should be attempted to fixate on problems which are needed to be solved for future generations while we allow humans to work at their greater potential in fields which they develop as synergetic formations which conceptualizes new mathematical proportions to understand forces which are beyond are known levels of consciousness and reasoning.

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