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New Implementations

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What drives us to new implementations?

It seems that the formulations which are extracted from our genomes transcription process has a larger amount of postulations carried on within the fabrics of the core in alliance, or discord, to our mind.

Now Initially I shall begin a message which is composed of beings which will speak as a message which is transposed to shift exponential factors of our consciousness.

Welcome we come from Alpha Centauri we are beings whom are looking for interesting notes gathered by many humans whom have the ability to foretell the future...

In perceptual anomalies we tell you give rise to falls and then commence the sequence to higher cycles of the mind, body, soul, core concept, amelioration of consciousness as a living being, organism...

We come to tell you of many events which will shift the known construction of your consciousness... By implementations, which heralds key notations in exemptions caused by other beings around you… You see we come from another point in time and space, indifferently it is all connected, usually the immersions casted upon individuals having abilities to foretell the future with great care, have great responsibility, as for the effects construed within this Information is as light running on the reflection of a calm water lake. As in oppositions to what we can contribute towards as individuals with higher minds within implementations that interchanges transgressions for accountability in the near future... We suspect coding’s are becoming still… The aftershock condoned on proponents of discomfort allows us to sublime the inherent links which helps us gather proponents of our conduit for the initial transcription of our work...

Implications are staggering

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What simplifies matters for us to attend to newer proponents of our conduit here on this blog (Metamorphosing the Primal Sound)... It seems that some remarks which are made by men on this site has us wondering how their perceptual anomalies may come up in after agreements which are made by source selective fields disposing contents of the original source link (input).

Inquiry is set to true if we dismantle the frequencies which interweaves the transgressing paths involved with humans whom partake in additional statuses as we comply within a set of rules to adapt to the probable understandings which may be carried out by individuals whom are making remarks on my web site...


Appropriate Grid Levels (Intake Re-assessment)

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The appropriate grid levels which are working concurrently apparel to some of the initiative roles we contended from past intakes of the assessment protocols disassembled many memorable exchange codes we had within the postulating trips and this caused disarray in some form of frequency or another as energy is in suspense sometimes from the appropriate grid levels which can interchange many things as a group assimilation in one case and conduct code analysis in another.

To portend the fabrics in/at greater causes we would adjust the simplified matters of the initiative roles/causes which interchanges transgressions towards the remarks which are made within the concurrent nodes adjacent to infinity, the problems lie deep within the roots which attaches some of the subliminal cords/links which suspense’s the properties of individuals which have the remarks carried on from telemetric formations as rises within the telemetric formations… And this can cause disarray in some cases, the potential to read at better causes for the accountability process can be made by inherent remarks which means we have probable routes contending to whom we are which adjusts the inherited properties of individuals whom are having the remarks and casts them on to others as opposed to mirror links which can cause (resemblance) in formations which accumulates the grid type ratios for accessible counts (Accessibility) within the causal plains.

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Fabricating Telemetry 2015

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For future contact codes, in abundance pathways, which heralds our songs of choice, the perceptual anomalies may be hidden from plain sight, but the initial moments needed for us to remember an active link to higher co-active fields... Should suspend the accounts made at query, as for we are additionally going to work on this document, for an unprecedented amount of time, until we come up with the right fabrics, for telemetry... As for we are growing fond of you Mario, while we interpret choices which were made in the past by you, for submissive impacts towards the higher fluctuating fields, which links co-active processes that enables us to surpass our limitations which were conducted by proponents of a dimensional wave in suspense of this realities core proponent(s).

To halter the effects of a submissive impact, we would condone to better apparatuses in the future as for we have accustomed the selective backdrops to portend to your initial cause of work, to have at your disposal, the chain linkage (effects) which portrays the exact amount of time needed within these documents to open up a vortex which can suspend the limitations an carry you on into galactic plains of energetic assemblies (Accords) which have parallels and other dimensional traits available for you to commence and understand the greater fabrics individually.

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Update from our galactic friends in Space

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Hello Mario, it seems we have met before, by standards of laws which helps you understand clearly where this information is coming from, assuming you will tell the other's how this begins, I will let you wright the appropriate information and then continue on... So on to you Mario.

Well it seems that every night when I wright messages I go outside and look up in the sky, seeing many stars, and sometimes getting messages by simply going outside and looking in the sky, until I see a bright light passing over or in the horizon and see it either power up or simply glance at it by moving my head quickly towards a point in the sky where I see a trail of light as a ship leaving its premise letting me know that they are there and speaking to me through ESP as we come to know it.

Now I will leave it back to Mariam whom is a galactic being in one of the ships orbiting the Earth, she suspends the orbital grids for maintenance around Gaia as we initially do our work down here as the ground crew.

Restoration Phase Part 3

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Somnambulistic levels of trance has para-mounted individual choices we have in making the grids (Predispositions) towards higher fluctuations, contemporarily blocking co-active links to subliminal accountants within prospected views…

Carry on… Indifferences are paramount to our unusual statuses while alleviating core disruptions.


Portended fabrics have shifted by subliminal accountants prospected views, initial standards are brought up, new venues for us to dwell in after we acquit the fall… Luminescence, inquisitional adaptations, Paramountability is on an excessive cord attached to somnambulistic levels of trance.

Initiations to-farfetched realms of thoughts can be postponed for an additional 12 days… Remarkably the effects gathered here can begin to contemporize the hyper velocity factors for acquisitions on temporal grids, and active links (Co-active links). Sustainability can be promoted to new remarks which interchanges transgressions towards the higher fluctuations (in querying attributes) exchange of the accords have by standards of laws (Abnormal nature contended) initiations are beginning.

Hyper imperative routes are coalescing with greater reputability in future understandings of individuals reading into these fields, we have unlocked one of the many new venues for interactions in higher (Accordance) *being the levels of initiative causes within temporal grids while they are active for sustainability of the hyper imperative routes.


Now we begin on temporal velocity factors to coalesce greater reputable task(s) that we may have to attend to while having initiated the contact modules for accessibility in more than one proactive tract (Light Lines).

Transforming the initial causes of our Loss's

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Transforming the initial causes of our loss's can portend to many things... One, it recreates what seems impossible to maintain.

Two, it super-seeds the exact potential given from the loss(s) and accumulates higher end points for a reconfiguration which holds us on stable intents.

Three, the implementations hidden within the probabilistic routes which contends to a universal suprema can be brought up for exchange of the accords by subliminal extensions of the Actuality Governing Factor.

And four, it additionally suppresses the momentum of an unstable intent carried on from proponents of discomfort. What this causes may be unknown to many or some but the fabrics which have shifted profoundly can give us sustainability for telemetric rises which portends to (Hyper Velocity Factors)...

In prepositions towards our general knowledge interposed throughout the internet... It can substantially change the fabrics of our many understandings by giving us presumptions which heralds truth on a higher level of reality... But the exchanging accords can ground the decisive venues aforementioned as choices within what we supplement beings to carry on towards as their goals.

If we herald concepts of truth it is because we have attained the right material for us to convey the exponential fabrics of a life in a rounded up scope of awareness with perceptions that exceed the past acknowledgements for super-conscious reasoning.

In excellence the beings which are working concurrently with Mario as he channels this material can begin higher confrontations of a process of accumulation for sustainability of the universal accords interchanged throughout the many grids that have coalesced predispositions for us to attend at different intervals throughout our lives.

Universal Grids in Disposition towards Higher Fluctuations

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The probabilistic routes which contends to the universal suprema or transcriptional point in time (Transfiguration) can contend to alignments made within hyper active fields or hyper x factors as terminological demands (The Writing) portrayed the exact formulations for us to conceptualize the grid type ratios in extents of universal laws while our beings we're in trance...

Some potentials which are carried on from core groups while they initiate their first contact can portend to many individuated fabrics which holds them in a system of thought (Bypassing) the interests of those beings initial roles here on Earth.

To condone aspects of a higher universal order for this planet... They would suspend the animated flows of our conscious revolutions for an augmentation to a hyper dimensional space which initiates at high vibratory states from our genomes transcription processes. (The Manic State)... in some cases which can be unstable regarding the knowledge interposed for us to have at these instances which can copulate within extra dimensional reasoning for advances in telemetry with rises towards your contact goal(s).

For presumptions which are carried on from the postulations regarding the contact trip, can bring us into formulations which extracts the hyper velocity factors from (Actuality Governing Factors)... In this case this suspends the animated groups of our conscious resonances and helps us attain higher contact points throughout the universal grids which coalesces with hyper dimensional beings.

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Co-Active Links

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What we term as co-active links can portend to many things as initially it's carry on is portended to fabrics which have shifted by the potential of beings coalescing individual statuses of an enormous amount of time within these documents... Thank you for your support Namaste...

We inherently caused fractal access codes to be given throughout probabilistic lines of chances we have in modulations which can compromise the entire structure of our coding... As for the initial causation made by remarks which carry on active links to temporal fields have been dispersed and accessed for an unknown amount of time now...

Initially the standards of choices which have us reading into the fields which are composed of higher octave chains can ground beings to better understandings of the energetic accords we are speaking of as co-active links are made for sustainable processes which heralds initiations of many beings towards their first contact.

Additionally the constructs which are construed in the many portals given daily can help us attain proponents of a singularity within the messages which transposes the interest after (Actuality Governing Factors) come into play for about 19 days, as for the presumptions carried on towards these forms can show predominance in the actual grid type ratios which suspends the accounts portrayed by initiations of the first contact.

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