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Conditioned Awareness (29/08/15) 11:33PM

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Conditioned Awareness (29/08/15) 11:33PM

What we mean by conditioned awareness is simple in terms of how this works (the writing). See the awareness is place upon simple features (remarks) made while having chosen to wright, then giving it some thought… In other words bypassing the inertia of our momentum for frequency setbacks in the known command. This splice is for proper-torsion awareness, given the frequency rises in the command.

The splice is known as fabrics which have been shifted from a rise in frequency which intermingles the totality of this concept to be given a new feature (awareness) to it from enabling higher transparent designs while copulating memory. In its exact form, it’s given for an immergence, and singularity, surpassing the ability to copulate within its memorizing extensions.

The proponent of discomfort was one of the main transducers in the aboriginal synapsis, conducting analysis for an aboriginal synapsis was the merge for extra sensory perceptions while data (Conclusive) was written in the making of this document. Partial to its statuses, the formations of our words have been chosen to supply the data which was given far back to an aboriginal synapsis.

What we mean by this, is in simple accords to how we are writing the information while transcribing something which becomes foreign to ourselves in the remaking of the grids, which are retyped from an individual (0) zero, the information portending to its fabrics have shifted by subliminally giving hints into the program (Core Sustenance) of the individuals which have marked the potentiality of this document by reading into the parenthesis.

Let me explain, the writing has remarks which is awareness, conclusive to 0 core sustenance.

Now if this doesn’t make any sense I will rephrase it here: The article has remarks within itself which has causation of conditioned awareness conclusively conducting from zero core sustenance.

Probable Futuristic Timelines

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Probable Futuristic Timelines

The probable Futuristic accounts are prospected to individuals having coalesced the other side of the veil beyond one of their memorable extents. Which means they have downloaded (Integrated) one of their abilities to be able to work with or on the other side of the veil from this physical (standard).

The probable futuristic timelines are achievable by chance, what we mean by this is simply the chance we get to coalesce futuristic technologies which are not yet known to the general public will have attain momentarily some proportions of its workings by having it enabled on them. This means the effects gathered from rendering humans to their neutral state and allowing them to work with technologies which are way ahead of our time is surpassing the abilities we can get for (Function) with them after or inwards at a selection point.

This selection point is fabricated once you go into core levels of trance, more so from going *here to *there which was a good example in the past had us in causation of how we would commit atrocities in the making of the technologies (The work) which was substantial to how we would commemorate individuals to have been selected for future contact trips.

The way this works is a bit complicated, by subliminally mind programming individuals to have a big selection of information which they could be subdued to by their own free will choice would give us prospects to how we could achieve a knowledgeable person with high expectations for the future commanding officers which works partially for the grids *Maintenance and sustainability*.

Its effects where far reaching on individuals having fed into the abnormal laws which would seem to participate at higher rates for the unusual stats which would have been carried on in the past and future models of associations.

Beyond The New Integrations (11:48PM 25/08/2015)

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Beyond The New Integrations (11:48PM 25/08/2015)

Paramount to all liability consoles, what we mean is that the percentage of individuals having crossed the threshold for aboriginal statuses, which works impartial to conscious kinetics, lives/works beyond the void/veil where areas of our people here on Earth are starting to integrate with them new systems which helps us develop the memorable expertise’s we need so much in this Era of supercomputers and technological advances.

Portending fabrics have shifted, what we mean by this is that the amount of time it usually takes to wright one of these is coming to shorter terms… The energy grids are active for the suns coronal energy and surpassing the implementations which keeps us in a separate (field) coalesces with greater care of individuals working as I am for the ascension codes.

More so individually the fabrics which are shifting co-dependently at larger intakes has us wondering how the sustenance of the (Machines) work in their fuller potentiality. The machines can be seen as ships outside the Earths orbiting fields.

Memorable extensions have been made throughout history to guide us to greater heights in making these probable adjustments (Bearable). What seems to copulate within its own energetic signature has more of us having indecisive venues (Choices) in which we carry on (Light Codes) to supply the populace with Intelligence which is a carry on from other dimensional traits.

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Intergalactic Associations

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Intergalactic Associations

Beings coalescing with humans on this planet have been introduced to many by different forms of contact… Indifferently there is contact in the astral realms, dreams and more so visually either as hallucinations or epiphany, there are all kinds of different ways we can get contacted, the most common form is within, since everything is connected from one point to another across galaxies and dimensions, the right combination of choices or whom we are in general can be great in how we get to meet our space brothers and sisters.

Channeling is a form of contact, most people do associate it with a label for the energy which is being read daily, I simply do automatic writing and connect to the higher grids were the information pores in at quicker rates. It’s the same as a light line, think of fiber optics once you connect it the information which goes through it has many streams. The light line can represent a fiber optic, as there is unlimited light lines in which we can tap into, there is unlimited information we can get to work with.

It’s all done inwards we can achieve energetic transparency and attain from our light body which is the sustenance of our physical consciousness, which carries on after death, the processes we can bring forth from our light body's can contend to very *Unlimited causes of interactions through many dissociation's and what seems unreel. In any cases what we work with here on earth has plenty for us to surpass our limitations and become good in something in which we may have trouble with. Substantially the potential effects gathered from an augmentation of our consciousness to its fluid state… It carries on better notion for us to understand (Compile) the effects of what we are trying to achieve or contend to reach as a breaking point for adjustments or miracles.

Easy Assessment

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2015-04-01 05.40.22

What we mean by this easy Assessment is that by now you regularly know what it is these things, messages do come about to tell you… In other words the fabrics which are being achieved here, as potential to there, limits it’s quadrants of sub selective venues for immersions on telepathic abilities/constructs. In depth the processes which were beginning to utilize at greater height had given us in memorable extents some of the formations which we can call about on deviations, car IL’s l’ont emporter là-bas.

Sincerely the effects gathered from pronunciations of words in French or so it doesn’t matter the effects are the same ongoing and in depth trying to get to a link where this individual will finish this writing with portended assets, culminating nodes of very rare statuses, because the way our minds work… The super consciousness is definitively ongoing working in the background giving about memorable extensions on what we get to see while I wright, more so the effects of it running at higher transparent modulations composes a symmetric block in systems which are dependent on what I wright about.

So in other words… More so the effects gathered for higher attributable forms of telepathic communications would come in gradually as needed if I say so/to you when we are in quick responses to our choices we may have taken/made momentarily, this conducts systems analysis 23, portending fabrics evolve and shift at deeper core modules since the modulations are temporarily in a block, delving deeper into it will cause a resurgence and this should allow new energetic downloads with multiple advancements in what we are tending to achieve.


Transformative Energies

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2015-04-06 05.43.59

The energy we get from delving into these things are substantial on remarkable effects we can commune within. The substantial things we get from adjusting some of the grid type ratios are accelerating the causal planes in effects of where we are getting at within our own momentum, as for the effects gathered from a “backslash” can contemporarily give into some informational fields which we had adjusted in the past.

This means that substantial things as remarks which can be made by a grid network of supercomputers and satellite uplinks can quantify the prospects of individuals having choices, (Chosen) to give into the processes which are becoming known to many in these days. Some term it mind control while others see it as energetic formations being transformed by stimuli, in effects the divinations are what keeps the (Lines) open to achieve greater potentiality within the far reaching effects of our genomes capacity to become more than what it’s actual sleeping state (rate/percentage) of its fuller potentiality is.

When we awaken the effects of our genomes main transcription process goes by 20 times faster in actual (Time) what this condones is intelligence which we do not have part in because we have not managed to get the constants which work (Up to Date) with the information given from the transcription which is running at 20 times its usual rate.

Component Derivatives

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2015-03-22 12.44.11

The choices are flawless in commands, what seems to bother us is in tremendous prospects achievable in terminological statuses of an aboriginal synapsis which contends to (a) the suprema.

Accelerating growth has many decisions in how we are taking part in something which helps us achieve abundance in formations which can become active once we decrypt the grid type ratios… If abundance programs would soon come in then prospects to those whom give away their choices will be readjusted to simpler forms of transcendence which helps us/them achieve higher graded aspects of themselves in refinements.

Propositions on temporal grid enactments brings about actual demands of decision making… While it seems the decisions are temporarily made in an instance the effects of its maintenance carried on from the generic material (thought) which matter=vibration would sustain hyper transmissible routes to individuals having hyper dimensional thought transcriptions. This allows us to manufacture abundance in protocols which are keenly given for ascension workers, as individuals learn how to embark on higher routes individually their paths may shift to allow for some extraordinary formations, developed in creativity and other substantial things as an advancement which carries on higher resonances to be able to decipher the false light.

Alleviating Core Disruptions

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2015-04-19 20.56.23

The systems which allows us to remember what type of initiative force is compelled within the quantum vortex/field allows us to dismember the frequencies which are carried on in disruptive venues of the hierarchy (Liarchy) which derives off interplanetary mass sustenance for casual (Dream Machines) which allows us to be contacted in our dreams and in many other ways, more so the decisions we get while acknowledging something so farfetched as the dream machines, carries on codes within themselves which allows us to portray the amount of time it takes while we are under some form of trance (In depth) analysis codices conducting immerses of a chain of commands which works with higher reputable task force(s)… Commands derivatives off an actual grid type ratio conduction point for internal analysis.

Portraying the effects of the substantial remarks which are made off grid has us wondering how we can manage a hyper dissolution (Of Core Matters) as simple intakes of the internal fabrications (Concept) allows us to dismember the frequencies which halters the experience of the dream machines.

How we remember the concepts while they get “scrambled” this is none of my initiatives but in concurrent nodes they evolve in self-problematic views which are a carry on from previous lives.


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2015-04-19 20.57.09

Initiations into our realms of thought can be brought up by simply downloading ascension codes prior to universal constants which can be ingrained from past life abilities and more so abilities which are not unlocked fully as of yet… These need to be caress for and initiations will let you download from the process, whichever process you so go into, it shall allow you to get good at what you do mainly, if it’s healing or psychic readings, intuitive empath, more so it allows you to develop your intuition to greater heights where the key component at first was balance with differentials which allowed us to see better causes of what was real and what was false positive. More so the decisions we make these days are important for the next generation of humans which will evolve more freely if they so choose to, which is an internal process to help you decide and see what types of protocols can be given to you daily by either Cobra or the Archangels.

The information we can find on the web usually gets you to see the more proper things once you find the many possible routes which leads to an enormous concept of what we term the bigger picture. More so the Bigger Picture is limitless in forms which can allow you to understand the fabrics of what is truly going on this Earth in these instances. The secret Space Programs where one of the things left out for us to find greater things in possibilities which should allow us to evolve at a quicker rate.

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2015-04-01 05.39.57

What we have now as decisions are paramount to all liability consoles which support our groups for further resurgence at the anomalies while taking care of free judgment in parts where we are lost in despise of actual demands.

Contemporarily the fabrics which helps us shift in deeper processes will enable us to duplicate codes for the ascension protocols… More likely the intelligence which is conceptual within fractals of thoughts can be deciphered for an additional round of data in what we wright about, more so in depth processes may help us understand the greater fabrics which can shift altogether at greater lengths to help supress the inactivity’s which compromises the effects of our beloved ones, people whom act in accords to substantial things as the remarks we carry on from forward judgments is conceptual in recreational classes that composes the numeric stand-still we can get.

Its effects are classified lightly as for the components which gathers the intelligence from levels of divinations helps the process in for resurgence of the telepathic nodes/modules.

Clairvoyance has prospects in many decisions while we make corrections of the actual grid type commands for internship on components deriving off a chain of commands which has been regarded as decryption of the grid type ratios.


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