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Universal truth part II

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This is only acknowledgement as the first part. And can be usefull to some.


Universal truth, part II


Every time your heart and mind vise-verse tells you otherwise this is because your life path is being altered in duality to attain ascension. We have a life path beyond our life on Earth. When you where born you had a "contract" or mission to achieve and live in your body's and life time, this is to attain Quantum life. Only when heart and mind are working in atonement you will not have any form of thought's or desire's contradicting and turning yourself to your true life path beyond duality.  Your heart and mind are able to show you the way, and will, no matter what decision's in duality. Walking in the time of space is when we will have upon us higher consciousness from, high Quantum energies that will arise near december 21st. These energies will show your meaning of life and your true path outside duality in oneness. Remember If you use meditation and discipline while these energies arises you can alter your life path's meaning in duality from oneness and attain life beyond the life we know from duality on Earth.


We can achieve, go beyond, life, with a Quantum form body. Human's will know when time is right. 


Meanwhile, Unconditional love can help and will help.


Again, this is only acknowledgement and has no true meaning until time is right.

Peace be with you, Namaste.

My Universal truth

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The heart has consciousness and can achieve self awareness, the mind has consciousness and can also achieve self awareness, we are either of great heart with little knowledge or of great knowledge with little heart. Because the heart need's the mind as the mind need's the heart it is from duality. They are unlimited and infinite amount's of information from the cosmos and beyond, there is sense's over our mind's and heart's capability's in oneness but we achieve god consciousness. The heart and mind, from "oneness" working in perfect conjunction attain by meditation, is key that open's only when they are at same level of frequencies. Again, It open's Vortex of energies within our body's. They are unlimited, infinite amount's of information from the cosmos and beyond, they are sense's beyond our imaginable mind's and god consciousness, if we realize and use this god consciousness for the need's of our mind's or heart's they will become self aware. When the heart and mind are one frequency of same level you will have achieved neutrality. And will be of GREAT heart and GREAT knowledge... but is yet unstable in some of us... Again the vortex fluctuates when the heart is receiving extreme frequency's and the mind is aware of this information it will use it and emotion's will become duality. As for emotion's come from the heart achieved by the mind without proper connection heart and mind will send negativity through our body's and this is why people get sick. The mind let's the heart down as when the heart let's the mind down they let the body down and begins to connect out of oneness. Depression, psychosis, maniac episodes, illness, cancer, some cancer is form of illness curable by oneness. In oneness the heart and the mind need a balancing point, this is with meditation and self discipline from within the mind. When they are at same frequency levels, balanced in perfect harmonies, ascension begins and enters the first stage of it's process.

Hidden light worker's light warrior's

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We have great potential when awakend, but keep on getting attacks from dark entity's. This is a reason we are known to work this way. It's not in our nature, it's a complex struggle but we still manage to attain unconditional love when we break free it is not as easy as some but it's possible, peace be with you namaste! :)

I Am Uëÿmæx'œ a light warrior and this is GRinD could be useful for some

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Keep in mind this was from april 8th 2012 and sry for all the space's and everything posting this from my phone. We find in the one to all, space is either taken, or all stolen never blackened, its the cycle of creation
Ultaihymæxtreme, falls into keen, running affected by what could be unlimited, never to be there again until the very end
its the start of the end, the never ending wants to break the cycle so it never comes back but wakes up in the end, again 
55 doubles the trend to shift the unseen, with furthest limits of Uëÿmæx'œ placed out invisible through war, the sealed is  opened, When The big, is to none, they Realize into the fall,
its the brick wall, living dead, roaming endless seas, neutralizing the senses limited for beeings
socio loosing focus of living in the Feed, ajusting the wakenn up, in, the, spine.
Grinding up, one of the insane outter lines , in our, neutral state, of, karèð'èkded, minds,
Its letting life GRinD, cost in the lost of duality, allways searching ourselfves, loosing steer, waiting for the up'äwakening,
they take control, frozen or hardened by cold, til'l the new Iowækìning,
two see both after one, once that fits in the scene for the ones splicing R'Ríèxeð gènes,
pattend hand under electric ground, to be the sound making it crown. Down into where we see up as the ground.


The last fits into scene For the ones under lightning Down should be on the ground amplified by many of sounds, 


erthquakes, in hearing the materialized Mæié'lœxièñ
Theyre, neutral states, of, karèð'èkded, minds, letting the life GRinD, while the user falls into lost of mind, with the no repair, loosing the sights, 


The machined, quaked up, to let creation repair the living GRinD.
To pride eyes into a life GRinD. Metamorphing the primal sound


Could be useful

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          The never ending of infinity is the end of infinity, with that said. Beyond the never ending of infinity is the Eternal as the beyond of eternal is the

Ascension, neutrality and duality

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             The *impossible only exist because of possibility, if ~possible wouldn't exist, impossibility could become a possibility, and the ~possible Is the reason of the *impossible. So with that said, (the *mind is the *impossible and the ~soul is the ~possible to the *impossible).   * means same as impossible as to mind, and ~ means to possible as soul


Getting away from duality is seeing all on one side, and all contradiction's on the other using same patterns with words we can speak and wright of everything from everything with single words and put them in same categories of different words meaning the same thing's. These can be useful to start from 3rd density soul's to ascending from there on out to 4th dimensional frequencies to make you realize what the concept of duality is by seeing in "big" for that split second, the realization reconfigures our souls, mind's.



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