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My First Visit To The Sirian High Council

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The Struggle For Success?

(The following is from a discussion I had with the Sirian High Council. Today I was 'called in' to meet with them. This is the information they wish to share today with you. This is my first time ever in their presence. I asked for their name twice just to make sure I had the right name. This happened before I met with the Sirian Council of Nine, which is also a first.)

Today they wished to explore the human expectation for 'success' as it is today.
There seems to be a generally accepted perception that is widespread which is to the effect of:
Struggle Is A Necessary Prelude To Achieving Success
They question this, frankly, because the Illuminati are quite the opposite! They are born into the lap of luxury, build upon the strengths of their forefathers, and have no struggle whatsoever with success! They simply continue doing what has been done before, and it keeps working.
Furthermore, the Council suggests, that the Illuminati are actively 'perpetuating' this misperception of the 'need for struggle' through stories, and movies with the standard format--beginning, struggle, which leads to a resolution that is 'happy' for all.
Why is this discrepancy so?

A Message From Our Lady: January 13, 2014

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My Children,

There is a beautiful awakening in front of us.
It is entirely blessed!
You are to arise to the realm of happiness and joy! Although the energies are right and much is happening 'behind the scenes' with or without your awareness, you are awakening to your right to have as much joy as 'God can comprehend', with or without the situation 'resolving' in a measurable way.
There are things we cannot measure on Earth that are vital and important and real--they are felt with the heart.

You Can Heal!

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Energy Medicine versus Conventional Medicine? Chiropractic versus Nutrition? MD versus Naturopath?

There is one basic starting point for healing. It starts with a desire for change for the better. It starts with your heart.  Not just wishing. Not just doing what is the most logical and rational thing to do based on randomized double-blinded studies.

Your body is your Teacher and Friend. If you would like to know more about releasing the magnificent power of healing that is within, more is here at:

Comfort To Those Experiencing Loss At This Time

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Recently I have noticed an increase in deaths around us. For those left behind, the loss is acute and puts one in a state of 'free fall' emotionally. Although it might seem sudden to you as a survivor, there are subtle forces with the energy upgrades on Gaia taking place behind the scenes that may be a factor. There is a natural, logical, spiritual explanation for what happened, and further, there are Divine resources available to help make the Transition easier on you. If you are interested, more is here:

Are You Ready To Ascend?

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What We Must Each Do For Ourself To Prepare For Ascension


There is a knock at the front door. You open it.

Before you stands Pegasus in the light of the moon. And He is talking! He asks you for a drink of water.
What do you do? Do you:

An Open Letter To Blossom Goodchild

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Dear Blossom,

I love you and all that you do. Thank you for your last post. I actually had written something in the same vein at the same time. Your openness and your disappointment validated me. I think it was the closing of the window of opportunity for The Event, that stepping down of the energies, that really hurt and frustrated us the most. 

Since then, I have put a lot of thought into the situation. Please hear me out.

With So Very Much Love,

Reiki Doc


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