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When you are hurt or in doubt, you will often look to something or someone to ‘rescue’ you. Acts of supplication are born this way. Instead; look into your heart, listen to the voice of The Universe and let it guide you. You will not need to be ‘rescued’ because you will be saving yourself. ~ Creator

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Go Time!

The stage is ready, all of the actors know their lines and cues, and the set is amazing in its design…it is just waiting for you!  Now that the changes are in place, all that is left is to put them to use.  You may not fully understand it yet, but it is ready and waiting.  Think that first thought, make that first move, and take that first step.  It is ‘go time’!  GO, GO, GO! ~ Creator

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Look Past

Ah, my beautiful child….there have been some interesting developments on your Earth-plane, yes?  (Smiling)  Many of you have rushed to judgement on the outward appearance of others.  Interesting, is it not?  What about the heart, the soul and integrity of a person?  If you spend too much time focusing on what is on the outside you will miss the wonderful things residing inside.  Look past……and into… will surprised! ~ Creator

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Embrace Everything!

As you grow, some of you may view your bodies as something to despise; heavy, cumbersome packages that no longer serve you. In embracing your Earth-plane existence in its entirety (including your body), there will be no need to ‘escape’ into your mind. Everything you need is right there. ~ Creator


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