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Selamat Jarin! We return with another report concerning your world! At present, we are tracking a number of individual unit commanders who are summarily defying the series of recent agreements, signed by a majority of your globe's nations, and a special amended codicil that was ratified by the American government only last week! These groups of the military are on the verge of being neutralized by our special defense force. The peace of your world is being temporarily threatened. We have sent warnings to these various rogue groups and given them a date for their deactivation. We expect full compliance and a swift return to the condition pro ante. Several major governments sent similar warnings to these groups once this situation was made known to them. When this state of affairs is resolved, we fully intend to begin the rapid distribution of your prosperity funds and formal announcements by your new governments. The road to disclosure has hit only a small bump.

~SHELDAN NIDLE UPDATE 8~9~11~ ~The last dark cabal, is being de-clawed.~

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~The last dark cabal, is being de-clawed.~




Dratzo! We return. By increments, your world is being magically transformed. The old order, the last dark cabal, is being de-clawed. Those who represent the new way of the Light have taken stern preliminary measures to ensure that the long nightmare through which you have lived for generations and millennia has come to an end. Your period of limited consciousness is in a state of partial hibernation. Events have occurred that are sapping the life out of a once-vigorous entity! The dark is watching as its wealth and its formerly vast resources slip away. This is being effected by a series of special agreements, and by some soon-to-be major nations that, using their growing prestige and special diplomacy, are formulating a new economic system and a way to force the dark's major governments from power. Such a shift in power is most disconcerting to the dark. The cabal and its numerous associates are not yet ready to admit defeat and formally permit this new reality to manifest. It is being done for them. Agreements and a special force from Agartha and the Galactic Federation are now preparing the way for your new reality.


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