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~7~2~11~~The Eclipse Drama Continues~

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~The Eclipse Drama Continues~


~Was last week hard for you? Were at the point where you just couldn't take it any more. You're not alone, we all felt that way. This week closes out the June eclipse cycle, finally. It's not an invitation to be glad it's over and go back to our old habits, though. It's time to integrate the learning and follow a different path. Read on...

One more eclipse in this month's cycle and we will be out of the woods, for now. This has been a crazy energy month, with many ups and downs, delays, old issues we thought were dead and buried coming up for final review, or the Universe giving us not so gentle nudges about our life path, relationships, how we use our energy, intention, our self worth, or the many things that we may have put off for months or years that are now reminding us that there's no time like the present for dealing with them.

~6~21~11 UPDATE FROM FIRST CONTACT TEAM MEMBER SHELDAN~Your world is reaching the magic point ~

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~Your world is reaching the magic point~



Selamat Balik! We come again! Your world is reaching the magic point where it begins to transition into a new reality. The dark cabal, at its recent meeting in Europe, was at a loss on how to prevent it from happening. Our Earth allies have set up the final timetable for transforming your world, and the forces of Light are preparing to make the definitive push. Discussions with our liaison personnel are addressing how best to remove the dark's main agents and where to sequester them. Then, the subsequent trials are to be swift and equitable, as a long, drawn-out process serves no one. This courtroom 'drama' will expose the true events and deliver proper verdicts on each individual. There is no need for this historic event to dwell on the excesses of "man's inhumanity to man." The goal is to explain this sorry history thoroughly, then make the emphatic point that a new epoch has begun. This is the purpose of laying bare what the dark cabal has been up to and the nature of the egregious deeds they had planned. As one of your proverbs says, "Knowledge is power." This knowledge is to accentuate the end of your exploration into the dark reaches of limited consciousness.


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Preparing for First Contact

First Contact is raising your awareness of Spirit and leading you to question the many accepted "Truths" of your society.

First Contact is more then the arrival of a vast fleet. It is about the ending of our perceptions of ourselves and the start of a new paradigm of who we really are.

First Contact is a portent that we are shifting into something truly glorious!

~Source: Love Reporter Sheldan Nidle (Landings 101) Pre~ Landing Scenario Recap:~

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~Source:  Love Reporter Sheldan Nidle (Landings 101)

Pre~ Landing Scenario Recap:~

1. Delivery of Prosperity Packages

2. Replace US Gov’t

3. Abolish IRS and Federal Reserve

4. Return to American Constitution and Common Law

5. Transitional American Gov’t in power for about 9mo.

6. Transitional Gov’t to announce Galactic Federation of Light

What Transitional Gov’t Does:

• End wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, set up middle east peace conference

• Replace Federal Reserve w/ Treasury Bank

• Abolish IRS, end income tax.

~UPDATE FROM SHELDAN NIDLES 5~24~11~ The evil[ignorance] on this world needs to be abolished and it needs to be done now!~

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~The evil[ignorance] on this world needs to be abolished and it needs to be done now!~


Selamat Balik! We return! The process of transforming your world moves forward at its own divine pace. Meanwhile, the Ascended Masters intend to take this opportunity to expand on what they have labeled "conscious governance." The next part of your journey in consciousness requires you to explore some new concepts about how your societies are to be organized. This new worldview would benefit from looking at how Inner Earth and other such societies naturally bring about order to their lives. This involves what we call "the four basic Societal Laws." The Divine gave these to us as we emerged from limited into full consciousness while still on Vega some six million years ago, and these laws have been an inspiration to us ever since. Every human society, as it approaches its full potential, is given these four sacred guidelines, and the time is coming for your Earth-bound societies to be so blessed. We have asked your Agarthan cousins to prepare a comprehensive overview of these four laws and their earthly history, so that you can more easily understand their significance to you.

~The Ascended Masters are working on finalizing the prosperity payouts~ UPDATE FROM SHELDAN NIDLES~.

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Selamat Jarin! We return! Much is happening! The Ascended Masters are working on finalizing the prosperity payouts. These payments are to commence shortly. Saint Germaine is having his World Trust finish up the accounting and disbursement of your prosperity funds even as we now speak to you. Further, our Earth allies are in a position of power regarding several of the required government changes. What remains to be done is for the leftover custodial tasks to be fully completed. With these done, our Earth allies can quickly implement the new financial system. This new system is to be based upon a sound number of selected hard currencies that are already in place at several designated depositories and ready to be distributed globally. The activation of this system depends on the prosperity payouts and Saint Germaine is currently seeing to it that these funds are released. These funds form the legal underpinning of the various scenarios that our Earth allies have in place. We also expect Disclosure to be announced by your new leadership no later than the start of summer in the Northern Hemisphere.


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