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Sheldan Nidle ~ Update ~We bless all of humanity and are in ecstasy about what is shortly to happen

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Sheldan Nidle ~ Update ~We bless all of humanity and are in ecstasy about what is shortly to happen


4 Men, 8 Pax, 8 Manik

Dratzo! We return! Much continues to happen behind closed doors on your world. The dark cabal bankers have created a situation of such unruliness with their mass of illegal debt instruments that they have become the means of forcing the banking industry to take on new management and drastic changes of operation.


We have used these fraudulent banking practices as the grounds for bringing in a new global financial system. The cabalists’ hubris has forged a debt situation so massive that it has become the weight that will break the back of the dark power that has run roughshod over your world for centuries. The magnitude of their fraud and criminality is beyond question, and with the assistance of a number of brave souls our liaison personnel have gathered enough case materials to force these scalawags to heel. Finally, a method of general resolution is becoming crystal clear. We have asked our liaisons and certain members of the surface world’s secret sacred societies to meet with these defiant ones to compel them to affix their signatures to an agreement allowing the new financial system to go ahead.


Greetings from Galactic Heart . . .

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Greetings from Galactic Heart . . .


by GLR Coleen

Last week, I went to the dentist. My sister and I had a discussion about all the dental work we need~~aarrgg! This reminded me of the chapter I wrote for Sheldan's book, Your Galactic Neighbors. entitled "Living With Sheldan".

A part of the chapter showcases my conversation with Supa. She is an Arcturian Light Body Specialist and a member of Sheldan's and my Galactic Federation medical team. One day when I was living on Maui, Hawaii, Supa accompanied me to the dentist. Her response is in the excerpt posted below.

In the past, I have emailed excerpts from this chapter to my Galactic Heart list, it was a long time ago (almost two years). My address list has grown 100 fold since then so it is worth posting again. The complete chapter on "Living With Sheldan"can be found on our website or in Sheldan's book, Your Galactic Neighbors.

Selamat Ja! 

~HighLights and Notes from Sheldan Nidle's Last Radio Interview~

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 Sheldan Nidle~ Note's And Highlights



We are going into a concept that is completely different, money as we now know it will disappear, it will only be used to bridge to the next evolution.

As money has little or no meaning in the new reality.

We’re in the midst of a great consciousness shift, and this crumbling of the economics is just part of it. The Consciousness on the Planet is changing right now, so as the conception of who and what we are is as well. All can sense it, it is as a feeling...

Sheldan Nidle ~ Update~ The Galactic Federation ~ 1 May 2012 Big Strides have Been Made Towards Events

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Sheldan Nidle ~ Update~ The Galactic Federation ~ 1 May 2012 Big Strides have Been Made Towards Events


1 Kimi, 19 Kank’in, 8 Manik


Dratzo! We return! Your realm continues to exhibit much turmoil. The dark cabal’s agents are being watched closely as agencies of various major governments prepare to arrest and then prosecute droves of prominent people in government and finance, and across the board in the private sector of their respective economies. This process is getting to a point where you can shortly expect the start of an immense cycle of arrests. The dark tried hard to sweep this process under the rug but was unable to do so. A series of far-reaching liens has been formally pressed on many central and private banks that in the past flaunted the epithet “too big to fail.” These financial-services corporations readily and repeatedly violated many laws designed to police international commerce, the worst offender being the US Federal Reserve Bank. This private enterprise has been the ringleader of many notorious schemes which threatened the very foundation of your world’s well being. This is why this particular institution is being dismantled first, to be followed in rapid succession by a landslide of fellow conspirators.



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