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A Critical Update On The Failing Global Economy

Source: | Original Post Date: February 5, 2016 –

The matrix-media will have us believe that the global economy is only experiencing a temporary glitch and that everything will be fine, however that is simply an outright lie. After several decades of saturating the world with unbacked currency and mountains of debt, the can we’ve been kicking has finally run out of road.

As you would know, stocks are plummeting across the globe and since their peak in around mid 2015, individual regions have lost 10-40% in stock value. In total, on the 20th of January the MSCI global stock market index reflected that the world’s markets had officially entered a bear market, which is 20% or more. This is just the beginning, too.

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The US Government Has an Internet Killswitch — and It’s None of Your Business

The Supreme Court has refused to hear a petition concerning the Department of Homeland Security’s secretive internet and cellphone killswitch program.

Derrick Broze
January 13, 2016

(ANTIMEDIA) United States — On Monday the Supreme Court declined to hear a petition from the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) that sought to force the Department of Homeland Security to release details of a secret “killswitch” protocol to shut down cellphone and internet service during emergencies.

EPIC has been fighting since 2011 to release the details of the program, which is known as Standard Operating Procedure 303. EPIC writes, “On March 9, 2006, the National Communications System (‘NCS’) approved SOP 303, however it was never released to the public. This secret document codifies a ‘shutdown and restoration process for use by commercial and private wireless networks during national crisis.’”

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Here Are The Real Terrorists We Should Be Worrying About

Source: | Original Post Date: January 11, 2016 –

They consist of 16,000 individuals, about the size of a crowd at a professional basketball game. The inequality horror they’ve fomented is reaching far beyond the half of America that is in or near poverty, for it now impacts those of us well above the median, those of us in the second highest of four wealth quartiles.

1. The .01% Have as Much Wealth as 80% of America

The combined net worth of the 16,000 richest Americans is approximately the same as the total wealth of 256,000,000 people. Details for this statistic and other facts to follow are at You Deserve Facts.

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After Year 2 Of Legal Pot In Colorado, ALL Drug-Related Charges Drop Significantly, Record Revenue

Source: | Original Post Date: January 7, 2016 –

Two years have passed since Colorado residents began legally buying cannabis under voter-approved Amendment 64, and the state is seeing enormous benefits on multiple fronts.

First and foremost, thousands of people are not being thrown in a cage for possessing a plant. Charges for possession, cultivation and distribution have dropped more than 80%. Besides sparing people the stigma and financial burden of a cannabis arrest, cops and courts aren’t wasting taxpayer money going after pot smokers.

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42% Of Americans Ditch Two-Party System, Say Government Is Biggest Problem

Source: | Original Post Date: January 12, 2016 –

More people in the United States than ever are breaking away from the political duopoly by refusing to self-identify as either Democrat or Republican — and they now effectively comprise the true silent majority: Independents.

According to a Gallup poll released Monday, for 2015, just 29% of respondents call themselves Democrats, while 26% identify as Republicans — but fully 42% say ‘nay’ to both parties and claim to be Independents, down only marginally from 43% last year. Indeed, Independents as a group reached 40% of the population for the first time in 2011, and have comprised at least that percentage since then.

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The Plant Of Immortality & How To Use It

Source: | Original Post Date: May 21, 2014 –

Ancient Egyptians dubbed aloe vera the “plant of immortality”. You may have used aloe vera already if you’ve ever experienced a bad sunburn; it’s the clear green goop that is commonly found in nearly every pharmacy aisle.

The earliest recorded use of aloe vera by humans goes back to 16th century B.C. While it’s great for healing sunburned skin, there are so many more uses you should know about.

Healing from the inside out

Aloe vera can be a powerful healing agent when taken internally. It can soothe and repair intestinal tissue that is damaged. Stomach ulcers can also be soothed and repaired with aloe. An aloe remedy should also be considered if there are inflammation issues in the digestive and/or intestinal system.

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Monsanto Cutting 1,000 Jobs As Chemical Giant Takes First Annual Loss In 6 Years

Source: | Original Post Date: January 6, 2016 –

St. Louis, MO — Agrichemical behemoth Monsanto plans to cut an additional 1,000 jobs to compensate, in part, for a slump in sales of its genetically-engineered corn seeds. The seeds led to a first quarter loss of $253 million — which, on the whole, represents a 17% drop in revenue.

“Monsanto has struggled in recent quarters to deal with slumping corn prices in the U.S., which have reduced demand for its best-selling product: genetically-enhanced [read: modified] corn seeds,” reported ABC News. “Farmers are shifting more acres to other crops after surpluses of corn and other crops, including wheat, have squashed commodity prices.”

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The US Helped Overthrow Libya In 2011 – Here’s What’s Happening There Now

Source: | Original Post Date: January 6, 2016 –

“We are helpless and not being able to do anything against this deliberate destruction to the oil installations. NOC urges all faithful and honorable people of this homeland to hurry to rescue what is left from our resources before it is too late.”

That’s from Libya’s National Oil Corp and as you might have guessed, it references the seizure of state oil assets by Islamic State, whose influence in the country has grown over the past year amid the power vacuum the West created by engineering the demise of Moammar Qaddafi.

The latest attacks occurred in Es Sider, a large oil port that’s been closed for at least a year.

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Six Huge Stories The Mainstream Media Don’t Want You To Know About

You might have heard about a few of them, but not as much as you should. Here’s our pick of the last 12 month’s top news stories, all pretty much ignored by the corporate press.

Whistleblowers, Ecocide, top secret trade deals, and shady ties between the Islamic State and the West’s closest allies…here are a few hot topics the mainstream media barely covered in 2015.

1. Any Tragedy That’s Not Western-Centric

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Error 451: New HTTP Code To Show That Sites Are Censored

Just to make things clear, this code isn't about censoring the Internet, which is already happening. The 451 code has been created for greater transparency and it will let people know that a site is being censored.

IETF assigns Error 451, the new HTTP code for internet censorship

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), the independent organization responsible for many of the internet’s operating standards, has approved a special HTTP status code known as ‘Error 451’ that will be used on pages that have been censored by the government for legal reasons.

“This status code indicates that the server is denying access to the resource as a consequence of a legal demand,” said IETF in a statement.


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