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Background and Documents on Attempts to Frame Assange as a Pedophile and Russias spy

Earlier today the website DailyKos reported on a smear campaign plot to falsely accuse Julian Assange of pedophilia.

Here is the description of the plot from Mr Assange’s legal team, the investigative report into the front company and associated correspondence. An unknown entity posing as an internet dating agency prepared an elaborate plot to falsely claim that Julian Assange received US$1M from the Russian government and a second plot to frame him sexually molesting an eight year old girl.

The second plot includes the filing of a fabricated criminal complaint in the Bahamas, a court complaint in the UK and laundering part of the attack through the United Nations. The plot happened durring WikiLeaks’ Hillary Clinton related publications, but the plot may have its first genesis in Mr. Assange’s 16 months litigation against the UK in the UN system, which concluded February 5 (Assange won. UK and Sweden lost & US State Dept tried to pressure the WGAD according to its former Chair, Prof. Mads Andenas).


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Breaking: ND Prosecutor Seeks "Riot" Charges Against Amy Goodman For Reporting On Pipeline Protest

by Democracy Now!

(Bismarck, North Dakota–October 15, 2016 ) A North Dakota state prosecutor has sought to charge award-winning journalist Amy Goodman with participating in a "riot" for filming an attack on Native American-led anti-pipeline protesters. The new charge comes after the prosecutor dropped criminal trespassing charges.

State’s Attorney Ladd R Erickson filed the new charges on Friday before District Judge John Grinsteiner who will decide on Monday (October 17) whether probable cause exists for the riot charge.

Goodman has travelled to North Dakota to face the charges and will appear at Morton County court on Monday at 1:30 pm local time (CDT) if the charges are approved.

“I came back to North Dakota to fight a trespass charge. They saw that they could never make that charge stick, so now they want to charge me with rioting, " said Goodman. "I wasn’t trespassing, I wasn’t engaging in a riot, I was doing my job as a journalist by covering a violent attack on Native American protesters."


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#PeaceWithRussia: The Necessity of Peace With The East

by Lance Schuttler , The Mind Unleashed

With tensions nearing post-Cold War highs between The United States and Russia, and the possibility of greater conflict ahead, we must look at this situation and begin to understand it for what it is. As someone born in the US, I propose that we must also demand and enact peace, true diplomacy and cooperation with Russia. It can be no other way.


We seek to create a peace campaign. Change this to your profile image on your social media accounts!


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Judge Rules Architects of CIA Torture Program Must Testify in Court

by Derrick Broze, The Anti-Media

Washington — Despite the Central Intelligence Agency’s best efforts, at least two former high-level officials must sit for depositions as part of a lawsuit against the two men who were responsible for designing and implementing torture techniques for the CIA.

On Tuesday, October 3, U.S. District Court Senior Judge Justin Quackenbush ruled CIA officials would be required to answer questions under oath as requested by defendants James Mitchell and John Bruce Jessen. Both men are former U.S. military psychologists who are seen as the “architects” of the CIA’s torture program.

According to the recent Senate report on CIA torture “neither psychologist had experience as an interrogator, nor did either have specialized knowledge of al-Qa’ida, a background in terrorism, or any relevant regional, cultural, or linguistic expertise.”


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Here's the Company Who Fought for Our Privacy as Yahoo Sold Us Out to the NSA

by Josie Wales, The Anti-Media


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Damian Marley Is Converting A California Prison Into A Marijuana Farm

by Amanda Froelich, True Activist

You might know Damian Marley for his soulful reggae music and for the fact that he’s Bob Marley’s son, but recently, the artist has made headlines because of a new business venture. That’s right, Marley has partnered with Ocean Grown Extracts and is converting a former 77,000 square foot California State prison into a cannabis grow space. Eventually, the farm will provide quality herb to medical marijuana dispensaries in the state.

Marley has not missed the irony of the new venture. He says,

“Many people sacrificed so much for the herb over the years who got locked up. If this [venture] helps people and it’s used for medicinal purposes and inspires people, it’s a success.”

According to Billboard, Marley is excited about the potential economic boost that will result from the marijuana venture. Reportedly, the farm will generate about 100 jobs, as well as 100 million dollars in annual tax revenue for the Cali neighborhood of Coalinga.


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BREAKING: British PR Firm Paid $500 Million To Create Fake Terrorist Propaganda In Iraq

by Whitney Webb, True Activist

A Public Relations firm based in the UK was paid half a billion dollars by the Pentagon to create fake terrorist videos in Iraq, according to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism (BIT). The PR firm, Bell Pottinger, is no stranger to controversy as it also represents a variety of questionable clients such the Saudi government and Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet’s “charitable” foundation. Bell Pottinger took the project not long after the US invasion of Iraq and was initially paid to make videos promoting “democratic elections,” though this later devolved into more lucrative videos related to psychological and information operations.


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Who Lost Last Night's Presidential Debate? America Did

by Nick Bernabe, The Anti-Media

(ANTIMEDIA Op-Ed) Trump’s supporters and conservative media say he won. Hillary’s supporters and the liberal media say she won. But who lost the presidential debate last night? Well, America did.

America lost because Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are among the most unliked candidates in American political history. We lost because Trump is a billionaire who spent his entire career benefiting from politicians to make his fortune. We lost because Hillary is a politician who spent her entire political career benefiting from billionaires to make her powerful (and rich).


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This 8-Year-Old Raised Money To Buy Hot Lunches For Thousands Of Classmates

by Brianna Acuesta, True Activist

For the majority of students, helping out a classmate for lunch entails sharing a snack, trading food, or, at most, buying them lunch occasionally with leftover credit on their lunch account. For Cayden Taipalus, a third grader living in Michigan, these approaches weren’t going to work when he suddenly became concerned about several students unable to afford hot lunches.

Cayden was at school one day when he witnessed his friend give up his hot lunch from the cafeteria because his lunch account balance was overdue and unpaid. Instead, the school gave him a cold cheese sandwich, which is better than nothing, but Cayden was upset for his friend nonetheless.

He went home that day and brainstormed with his mom about how to help other students at his school that faced similar situations everyday. They came up with a plan to first pay off all of the overdue balances by returning empty bottles and cans and soliciting donations from friends, family and neighbors. On Monday, Cayden presented the school with $64 to pay off 150 lunches.

“I am so very proud of my son. He is only 8 years old and to grasp the concept around this is just amazing in my eyes. He has a heart of gold,” his mom said.


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Big Pharma Spent Nearly $1 Billion Lobbying Government to Push Opiates — and It Worked

by Alice Salles, The Anti-Media

(ANTIMEDIA— Op-ed) The pharmaceutical industry is often the target of relentless criticism. But while the concerns brought up by said Big Pharma critics are often legitimate and unsettling, they are also the product of heavy government intervention.

Because misdiagnosing the disease — in this case, Big Pharma’s influence and its consequence — has been the standard approach among reformists, proposed medical solutions continue to kill patients. In other words, as reformists propose still more regulation and government involvement, Americans who fall victim to the cozy relationship between Big Pharma and government continue to suffer.



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