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Dakota Access Caught Infiltrating Protests to Incite Violence, Funding Trolls Online

by Nick Bernabe, The Anti-Media

You know the Dakota Access Pipeline protests are working when oil interests start resorting to underhanded tricks to paint water protectors in a negative light. As the fight against the pipeline grows in North Dakota and around the country, dirty tricks are being deployed in an apparent attempt to delegitimize the opposition.

Dakota Access Employee Tries to Incite Violence, Sheriff’s Department Makes False Report That He Was Shot by Protesters

Mother Jones journalist Wes Enzinna, who was at the protests, says he witnessed a Dakota Access LLC employee try to infiltrate the Dakota Access Pipeline protests:

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The Real Winner of the U.S. “Election” Will Be The People

by Lance Schuttler , The Mind Unleashed

There is no doubt about it. Many people dislike Donald Trump and many people dislike Hillary Clinton. Each candidate has several flaws which have been discussed for many months now. If one of those two are to win, we will certainly see a major sector of the people in the U.S. very upset. While many of you reading this might be thinking, “is this guy crazy? How can the people be the winners of the election when we have two candidates who have such major flaws?” Allow me to explain.

As I stated above, it is very likely that a major sector of the population is going to be very upset at the outcome of the race, regardless of who would win–Hillary or Donald. I believe this is going to force a lot of action and a lot of change.

Let’s think about it a bit. If you are upset about something and want something to change, a rational choice that is often made is to do something about it; you take action. I believe that whoever wins, we will begin to see people take action of all sorts, even from those whose favorite candidate wins.

For instance, some Trump supporters are claiming that an election win for Hillary Clinton could lead to a revolution within the U.S, according to The New York Times.

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This is the Man Militarized Police at Standing Rock are Working For

Isaac Davis, Staff Writer
Waking Times

The months long Dakota Access Keystone XL pipleine protest at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation by Native Americans and those sympathetic to protection of our water supply has been met with heavy-handed and brutal clamp down by police and national guard. Militarized goons in battle dress have stormed protector camps with LRAD sonic weapons, attack dogs, tear gas, tazers, and even live ammunition (killing horses), while politicians and mainstream media do their best to ignore this growing atrocity, hoping to wait it out until the protestors give up.

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Why The Nobel Peace Prize Is A Complete Joke

by Whitney Webb, True Activist

Numerous war criminals, such as Barack Obama and Henry Kissinger, have won the Nobel Peace Prize over the years, which seems fitting as Alfred Nobel himself was known as “the merchant of death”.

Since its founding in 1901, the Nobel Peace Prize has ostensibly been the most prestigious international award recognizing those who have done “the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses.” However, the Norwegian committee, which chooses the peace prize winner annually, uses no formal definition of “peace” and has been criticized for the politicizing the award numerous times.

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Iowa Woman Arrested On Her Own Property For Protesting DAPL Construction

by Lance Schuttler , The Mind Unleashed

This past weekend, Cyndy Coppola was arrested on her family farm after she was protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline construction that was taking place on that same land.

Cyndy lives in Calhoun County, Iowa and has been actively protesting the pipeline construction which is taking place on her own family land, without her permission.

With her friend and well known Iowan Ed Fallon, who is a peace activist and former Iowa state lawmaker, the two were arrested Saturday for attempting to block trucks carrying pipeline across her farmland. Bold Iowa, an environmental alliance, was also present.

Coppola and her family are part of a lawsuit brought by nine Iowa farms against Dakota Access for using eminent domain to gain easements, which they say is against Iowa state law.

Cyndy said:

“It was very frustrating, and when I first saw that topsoil piled up when they started digging, my first reaction was to cry, because we’ve tried everything.”

In addition to unlawful land-grabs taking place in Calhoun County, video footage of a pipeline worker has been released in which he said to peaceful water protectors:

“How much for the little girl?”

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Hillary Clinton Begs Forgiveness From Rothschilds In Leaked Email

by Whitney Webb, True Activist

Hillary Clinton asked Lady de Rothschild "Let me know what penance I owe you" after requesting Tony Blair accompany her on official business, preventing him from attending a Rothschild event scheduled for that same weekend.

Though the influence of money in politics is well-known, many people are amazed to learn that most of that money comes from a very few individuals – the 1% of the 1% as it were. These individuals comprise the global elite, whose mind-boggling fortunes are often used to buy ‘favors’ and even set policy in governments all over the world, not just the United States. Many of these elites made their fortunes through centuries-old banking dynasties. The most infamous of these are undoubtedly the Rothschild family, who have been the world’s wealthiest family for over 200 years.

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Background and Documents on Attempts to Frame Assange as a Pedophile and Russias spy

Earlier today the website DailyKos reported on a smear campaign plot to falsely accuse Julian Assange of pedophilia.

Here is the description of the plot from Mr Assange’s legal team, the investigative report into the front company and associated correspondence. An unknown entity posing as an internet dating agency prepared an elaborate plot to falsely claim that Julian Assange received US$1M from the Russian government and a second plot to frame him sexually molesting an eight year old girl.

The second plot includes the filing of a fabricated criminal complaint in the Bahamas, a court complaint in the UK and laundering part of the attack through the United Nations. The plot happened durring WikiLeaks’ Hillary Clinton related publications, but the plot may have its first genesis in Mr. Assange’s 16 months litigation against the UK in the UN system, which concluded February 5 (Assange won. UK and Sweden lost & US State Dept tried to pressure the WGAD according to its former Chair, Prof. Mads Andenas).

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Breaking: ND Prosecutor Seeks "Riot" Charges Against Amy Goodman For Reporting On Pipeline Protest

by Democracy Now!

(Bismarck, North Dakota–October 15, 2016 ) A North Dakota state prosecutor has sought to charge award-winning journalist Amy Goodman with participating in a "riot" for filming an attack on Native American-led anti-pipeline protesters. The new charge comes after the prosecutor dropped criminal trespassing charges.

State’s Attorney Ladd R Erickson filed the new charges on Friday before District Judge John Grinsteiner who will decide on Monday (October 17) whether probable cause exists for the riot charge.

Goodman has travelled to North Dakota to face the charges and will appear at Morton County court on Monday at 1:30 pm local time (CDT) if the charges are approved.

“I came back to North Dakota to fight a trespass charge. They saw that they could never make that charge stick, so now they want to charge me with rioting, " said Goodman. "I wasn’t trespassing, I wasn’t engaging in a riot, I was doing my job as a journalist by covering a violent attack on Native American protesters."

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#PeaceWithRussia: The Necessity of Peace With The East

by Lance Schuttler , The Mind Unleashed

With tensions nearing post-Cold War highs between The United States and Russia, and the possibility of greater conflict ahead, we must look at this situation and begin to understand it for what it is. As someone born in the US, I propose that we must also demand and enact peace, true diplomacy and cooperation with Russia. It can be no other way.


We seek to create a peace campaign. Change this to your profile image on your social media accounts!


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