How To Love Yourself

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How to love yourself? Be in the moment, be happy for who you are and what you have. Widen your perspective outside your comfort

zone, allow yourself to grow. Realize everything happens for a reason and life is an opportunity to better yourself. There are no right and wrongs, there just is. Be compassionate to yourself. There is a quote that I believe sums it up by Judith Dagley that I try to read every day:

“Practice Compassion Within, because withing you is where you must set the template for everything you see reflected around you. Be the diamond you are, value it.”

We are all diamonds, and just like diamonds we need polishing in order to bring out our luster. For a lot of us there are unseen blocks in our life that we may or may not see. This is why the Nadi Science is so beautiful because it shows you what the blocks are and REMOVES THEM. It shows you EXACTLY where you need polishing to allow yourself to shine your true beauty. This science is truly a gift if one could only make use of it. Let go of your pre-conditioned thoughts that keep you in your comfort zone and experience liberation. Experience what it feels like to truly be in control of your life in a way you may never have thought possible. I can tell you that not only is is possible, it is meant to be.


With All My LOVE,





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Dear Ryan,


Lovely words, Compassion allows ourselves and others, forgiveness and allows non attachment, and also dismisses 'judgment'.


All and any of us really want - is to be Loved and to Love.  Though we never know this until we have a taste of that wonderful feeling, the Love within the Pure Heart.


Unconditional Love.


This Love is Essence ...


Heaven On Earth Incoming.................


This is the Divine feminine of Pure Love.....In full force, absolutely No thing can 'distort' it.


Alas, I do support the divine Masculine energy - yes I do.  For all those downtrodden 'Husbands' I have fully supported you for years.......


My new Book could be titled


Your Mother Does Not Love you........ Now one of my great moments in life was witnessing the disdain on my mother's face, as I fully supported the notion of Unconditional Love, my partner at the time was the Opposite of all that 'her daughter' should accept as marriage - so I enjoyed it even more - I did!  Yep, may be chained the sink she was a Thatcher wanna be, Yep she has a picture with Mrs T!  proud was she!  How I pitied her Husband so!   These false female energies going going gone. I thank the Lord ...It was worth it God,,,,all that you put me through.....



My Husband Twin Flame has such a great future fully knowing this.! Such Loyalty , Support, Love, Worship - yes worship in a sense, worshipping and honoring the Gift of Love.


Thank You.

Dear Ryan,   Please tell us

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Dear Ryan,


Please tell us EXACTLY how you can love yourself.

And what is this Nadi Science...?


As it is........these ...what you are blabbering about here, 

is a run of the mill, senseless talk about 

something you might not even know about.


What I want to know is............ if you are walking your talk,..........

Then you can talk about it.

THAT is impeccability. 

The readers  will know if you are.


I apologize for these hard words, but so many bloggers everywhere

seem to say things just to look impressive.