~Breaking through the resistant Energies~

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Greetings Love Beings...  The Resistant Energies are still present and we are now working overtime to transform these as quickly as possible. Hopefully, by the time the update needs to go out, we will have accomplished a Break through in these, so we may release more information to You. What is happening is the deepest parts of the ego are coming out, because to truly connect with the Oneness energy ego has to to bedissolved Happy Green Day of Love, We Love You~ Love Mother and Father God and Your Earth Allies


Bill Ballard (Feb 5 2012) ~ Cleaning House For The 5D Shift Starts With Ego ~ Re-trigger



Bill Ballard (Feb 5 2012) ~ Cleaning House For The 5D Shift Starts With Ego

Bill Ballard |  Shift Frequency | February 5 2012

Dealing with ego is something each must address.To do so we must identify what ego is within the illusion.

The Role And Purpose Of Ego


Ego consists of all we have known, been taught and think ourselves to be. It is the aspect of Self that informs individual and separate experience. These individual experiences feed our souls – the mind aspect of Creator Source – and allow Source to experience and know the lower material levels of consciousness.



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WILL HARADER~ ~Spiritual Ego~ ~Very Brilliant Reshare Article for the Current Moments~


~ Galactic Love Reporter and First Contact Team Member WILL HARADER~



~Spiritual Ego~

~Very Brilliant Reshare Article for the Current Moments~


Eventually a person has a moment of clarity. In this moment, they see the inherent emptiness of all the things they thought were so important. This causes a person to reevaluate their whole existence and look for a deeper meaning in Life.


This is the beginning of spiritual Awakening, when a person realizes the life they've been assigned by society isn't who they really are and decides to recreate himself to reflect his expanded understandings. At this point there's an enormous pitfall that most do not notice which causes spiritual growth to halt almost as fast as it began. This is spiritual ego, when a person recreates herself but then gets attached to their new "spiritual" identity.



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~Saint-Germain, ~God, the Ego and Soul Purpose~ Re-trigger



~Saint-Germain, ~God, the Ego and Soul Purpose~



~LOVE REPORTER Alexandra Mahlimay & Dan Bennack~



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~Allowing the Diminishment of The Ego~ Excerpt from: ~A NEW EARTH~ by Eckhart Tolle ~ Re-trigger


~Allowing the Diminishment of The Ego~



Excerpt from: ~A NEW EARTH~
     ~ by Love Author Eckhart Tolle  ~



The ego is always on guard against any kind of perceived diminishment. Automatic ego-repair mechanisms come into effect to restore the mental form of "me. " When someine blames or criticizes me, that to the ego is a diminishment of self, and it will immediately attempt to repair its diminished sense of self through self- justification, defense, or blaming.   Whether the other person is right or wrong is irrelevant to the ego.


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GFP Commentary on Commentary:


Quite an interesting question that only ego can muster... It mesh judgment, accusation, guilt and dishonesty in one single sentence.... How this is possible?... 

Dear ego-questioner: You first have to come down the tree of guilt... than you have to understand there is not suppose love: Love IS, and ego NOT... than, why you do not see possibility to share this love coming from FatherMotherGod as equal?... 

Why you do not try to 'feel' with you heart, and not your judgmental and fearful mind... You mind is so loud than I can even hear it over here... Can you consider that YOU, not your ego, is worthy to live with FatherMotherGod on the same Planet, on the same existence?... 

Are You worthy?... Are YOU?... 

With Love and worthiness to be here on Earth, Predrag/Saint Germain









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Galactic Earth Daily Truth Report 03-16-2012...



Galactic Earth Daily Truth Report 03-16-2012...

...as not seen on the mainstreem media



by ANdReA


Our daily update regarding Mother Earth=Heart’s Energy is quite calm today. At least compared with the last days. Although High Gear Energies still coming from the Universe (yep, not only from the Sun, our Planet is getting interesting Energies from the opposite side as well!) our Beloved Mother is resting, trying to keep up with all uncosciuosness=ego that Humanity is releasing and/or fighting against right now due to the uplift of Speed by which everything is unfolding right Now.


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The Prophecy of Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) ~ 1944



Peter Deunov 1944 Prophecy

This I just received from my friend Michael in Canada and thought that I would share it on my blog.  I have read other writings of Peter Deunov of Bulgaria and consider him to be a true Server of the Good and truely an inspired and illuminated teacher and leader.  Here is the text that I received in it's entirety.


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Several events are about to happen ~ Michael through Ron Head


Several events are about to happen ~ Michael by Ron Head

March 16, 2012

Now we move our discussion to a more practical level.  We must talk about what will happen in your immediate future.  Several events are about to happen almost simultaneously.  Each of these would alone be a major occurrence.  The abundance programs are moving to fruition.  The criminals in your financial, governmental, and religious sectors are about to be arrested.  And some of the necessary earth changes will begin. 


To those who do not expect these things, it will appear very chaotic and fearful.  Your calm and confident demeanor will be much needed.  All of our messages have been preparing you for this.  It will be much less severe than it might have been, due to the amazing work you have all done.  Now you must be prepared to hold a space of peace and calm for all around you.  You were chosen for this work because you are the strongest and best.  Much depends upon you, but our trust in you is complete.  You are experiencing a slight period of seeming calm, but please know that a great deal is about to surface.  Be ready, dear hearts.  All will soon be revealed to you.  We are complete for now.



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Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 3/16/12



One design of our ships that you will be seeing more of in the days to come is what can be described as an inverted V, or boomerang shaped craft. These craft can be very large in size, they are black, with a single row of large lights running the length of both wings of the V-shape. Another type of craft you will begin to see in your skies is of a round shape, lighter in color, and can be visualized if you were to take a peach, cut it in half, and remove the pit. The pitted side would be the bottom side of the craft as it can be seen in the sky.


These are just two designs of the many types of ships we possess, and we feel it important to give you some idea of what to look for as we are now increasing the number and quality of the sightings of our craft. In time, our ships will become common knowledge to you as we will be traveling quite often through your world and approaching ground-level frequently to rendezvous with those who will be working with us, as well as while we are working to repair your planet and better prepare her for ascension.


These descriptions were created by the Galactic Federation of Light in order to give you some idea of how some of our commonly used craft appear. Many of you will be boarding these ships while working with us and you will receive a complete tour of their interiors and a rundown of its operation and capabilities. We wish as many of you as possible to become familiar with our craft so fear will not present itself upon our descent from the skies. There are some of you at this time who fear Cabal operated craft, and we assure you that the Cabal will not be permitted to interfere with our plans at disclosure and our personal working relationship with you.



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~The Unfolding~ GLR~Jacqueline Cullen


~The Unfolding~
Jacqueline Cullen


First he stirs,
this way and that
Nothing feeling right.
Not knowing which way to go
He moves blindly ahead
Not seeing, not hearing just moving.

Not hearing a sound he misses all opportunity to learn.


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Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 3~16~12 We will Be Increasing Our Sightings~


Message from the Galactic Federation of Light 3~16~12 We will Be Increasing Our Sightings~







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The Galactic Free Press Daily Update~3~16~12 Resistant Energies, it does Not matter~ The Light Has the UpperHand~


The Galactic Free Press Daily Update~3~16~12



~Bringing Humanity Home~ Energy and Event Update~Resistant Energies, it does Not matter~ The Light Has the UpperHand~



Greetings Love Beings, WE are Moving so Quickly, that Now Humanity has to play catch up to us. After we released yesterday's Wonderful Update, we quickly began receiving information for today's update. However, due to the resistant energy on the Planet right now, we are unable to release this yet. You See, we truly are all in this together and All of these events are based upon Humanity's Consciousness.



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~The Release of The Ego~


by Sri Ram Kaa and Kira raa


The Path of Self-Ascension is truly the Journey Home. It is a path of discovery of the loving realignment of your consciousness with your Authentic Self: the Divine Energy that is known as the Soul. The challenge before all humanity is to release the dominance of the ego, (or personality-self), upon our experience. Since most people are completely identified with the ego, it takes attention and life experience to learn the difference between the ego-identity and authentic soul energy.


Spiritual practices offer us the gift of connecting with the soul’s energy. As a being of love and light, your heart knows that this soul energy is not of the earth. It is transcendent and cosmic. And it harmonizes with the earthly bodies. Self-Ascension is the process of shedding the dominance of the ego and finding a new context for your identity.



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We'd Love to know what you're Feeling




As Energies are coming in at a High Speed Gear and all that's not aligned with it might wobble all aroud to find a place it might hide, we'd really Like you to share with US and All your experience about this time in Now. How are you feeling... emotionally, physically... doesen't matter. We open a space to share whatever happens. If you don't feel like putting your name on it it does not really matter, simply share aout of pure Onness and find out what others are feeling.


Thanks for Sharing Love


All Your Team in Service for Humanity and Love


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3MIN News Mar16: RSOE, Planetary/Solar Update


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Hold tight to hope and faith.




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Tornado, Hail, Wind Warnings: TX, OK, UT, OR, CA, Many others


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Lucifer: I stand here before you Feel my heart... ~ by 141 ~ 10.3.12




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The tide has turned and the surf is up. ~ Michael by Ron Head


The tide has turned and the surf is up. ~ Michael  by Ron Head

March 16, 2012


Our subject today is your internet and its uses and misuses.  You must always be alert to the possibility that a message may have been tampered with or inserted without the knowledge of its imputed source.  You saw a perfect example of this last night, and the person who asked about it was absolutely correct.  His discernment was on high alert.  By now you should all be aware of the tone of our messages.  You are beginning to see our messages converge in subject and content.  We do this in order to get the important information to as many as possible.  When you see or hear anything that strikes you as discordant or negative, just pass it by.  There is a wealth of messages available each day now which will uplift you and keep you on track.  Your community of awakened minds is growing larger and stronger.  Let nothing weaken that.  During this short, last stretch it will become very important to you.  You are a team that has agreed to be here and to work together.  Most of you have worked together before.  Rely on each other as you rely on us. 



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Thriving in the Heart of Sacred Awareness by Shanta Gabriel~


Thriving in the Heart of Sacred Awareness by Shanta Gabriel~



Thriving in the Heart of Sacred Awareness

a message from Archangel Gabriel channeled by Shanta Gabriel
28 March, 2012



Dear One,


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2012 ~ What If Nothing Happens?


2012 -~ What If Nothing Happens?


Photo By Dawn Christine


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The Marriage by Yojman



The Marriage

by Yojman


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MAKING THE NEW YOU from 'Your First Contact" by Sheldan Nidle



from 'Your First Contact"
by GLR Sheldan Nidle


Illustrations by Miriam de Vera
Good day! This is your guide, Sandara, speaking.


So far, the journey into your ever-expanding consciousness has explored the reasons you stand poised at this important juncture in your reality. We are now approaching the part of this cruise that I most enjoy. As an exo-biologist, I have been schooled in the many aspects involved in transforming your present body into a fully-conscious one, or a 'New You'.



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Loves True Dominion a message to all of us from the ALL of US




Loves True Dominion




A message to all of us from the ALL of US

by GLR Yojman 


As beings of the great Love Ray to Humanity, it is Wise to use the Power Ray
in deliberately giving our God Presence Dominion:

Mighty I Am, take command of our outer self here today.
Take command of our every thought, feeling, spoken word action and reaction.
Produce  that True Perfection, hold Your dominion.
Reveal to me the perfect thing and things to do,
and through me, AS ME, do it all perfectly!
Because, I Am the open pure heart, through which flows the
Age of Freedom for all Humanity.



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2012 Spring Equinox: The NEW Coming Online GLR~ Denise Lefay~


2012 Spring Equinox: The NEW Coming Online GLR~ Denise Lefay~




Tell me about neurological symptoms! I just spent 24 hours in bed with diarrhea, fever and pains all over my body and a boiling brain too! I slept most of the time but when I was awake I sensed all the areas/chakras being painfully under scrutiny one by one. When I asked what’s this, I just got the answer: welcome to the equinox, this is the beginning of the equinox energies for you!



This Comment was written by Aya on March 16, 2012, and because it’s a very correct insight (and sorry, symptoms too for many) into what’s obviously already being felt by many ultra sensitive people, I wanted to include it in this spring Equinox article. Thanks Aya and feel better soon. ♥



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Nancy Tate ~ Wake Up Call ~ Horus ~ 16 March 2012 This is an excerpt from this Post


Nancy Tate ~ Wake Up Call ~ Horus ~ 16 March 2012 This is an excerpt from this Post



 "I am here to day to tell you all of a new development in the times of the earth. There is to be a mass exodus of many of the members of the cabal in the next few days. This has come into being in the past few weeks. Now that it is nearing the stage where it will come into the public light, it is time for those who have agreed to remain, to face what is to come. It is in the activation of the benefits of exposing these cabal members and all that has taken place over the centuries that they have been in collusion with each other.

It is family members of the cabal that I speak of now, for obviously some of those I speak of are no longer on earth, or have returned, incarnated as present day members of the cabal. They have been following an incarnate line that has been established since the times of the Annunakie’s presence on the planet, and as they have reincarnated they have carried through on their promises that were established in those times.



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~Just when We thought the Sun Was Quiet~ Surprise~


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Plains Violent Storm ~ Tornado Threat Begins Sunday


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Every indifferent thought or action that energetically swishes another away as if to say “You don’t matter, we don’t need or want ya”, and every time any human monkey avoids hanging in there with another who self discloses with vulnerability; that simple gesture adds to accumulating energy maturing into a negative collective elemental. All around our Earth planet we continually feed this elemental until vortices swirl down in one poignant focus or other where executioners do their job to reflect our malicious collective disharmony. 


If we first can say that all psychiatrists are ass hole ass souls, for just one example, and that they filter 95% of all our insurance money and only represent 5% of any World wide nurturing for our weak and suffering trauma survivors, then we can only begin to understand their role of executioner. Every person who disregards another gives more elemental energy to add to the executioners everywhere that all report from their bureaucratic rituals that they are “Just doing their/our job”.



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In the Coming Days and Weeks

Many things are now set to occur. How we deal with these things will be the crown in glory of our personal achievements as well as our collective advancement into the higher levels. Each one of us has the ability to help or assist others and will do so based upon our own levels of frequency and vibration. It has always been my opinion that a "leopard does not change his spots", And the coming times will show if this is correct. Those of us who are loving will assist in loving ways. Those who are not loving, will seek to save only themselves..., unless they are moved by something within to change their behavior. The Earth has already been saved by those of a pure and highly loving attitude which is all inclusive. The suffering these beings have endured is legendary in all of the Universes, and they are about to be set free! All beings on the Earth, (and they are about to realize it), have benefitted from these loving ones and their prayers, energies, and high moral intentions. Indeed..., how many living here really comprehend what it would have been like without their energies mixed in on the planet for their sake? It is difficult to understand what could, and would have occurred without these beings living on, in and above the Earth for the last many years. Still not quite understood by the masses is that "WE" are a collective! We are a "group" and the experiences we get on Earth are drawn up based upon the collectives frequency, the collectives will, and the collectives desires. Just like taking a group test where several students come together and discuss the possible answers to questions...., a few very bright students can carry many not so intelligent ones.

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Cyclone LUAs Hurricane Threat for Australia


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Australia's climate warming at alarming rate


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The Time To Hesitate Is Through


17 March, 2012


"You know that it would be untrue

You know that I would be a liar
If I was to say to you
Girl, we couldn't get much higher


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~Space Weather Update~ Entering a Solar Wind Stream Wind Speed 666


GREEN SKIES FOR ST. PATRICK'S DAY? NOAA forecasters estimate a 20% chance of geomagnetic storms around the poles on March 17th in response to a high-speed solar wind stream buffeting Earth's magnetic field. Northern Lights could descend all the way down to Ireland, concluding St. Patrick's Day with a flourish of heavenly green. Aurora alerts: text, phone.


Just outside Edmonton, Alberta, photographer Zoltan Kenwell started celebrating a day early when this display appeared on March 16th:



"I have never seen the auroras dance so quickly before. It was an unbelievable show," says Kenwell. "The view looking straight up was incredible. I laid down in the middle of a field and just watched in total amazement. Here is a time-lapse movie."


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~Love says: Thank You for coming together as ONE ~ your sharing!


~Love says: Thank You for coming together as ONE ~ your sharing!



~That's IT! Thank you for answering... see how easy it is to simply share... to come together as ONE? Here it IS. And it's You who made it. See? You are not alone on your path, even if those close to you may not walk in the same direction, or are simply behind trying to catch up with what's happening... there are lots of Being feeling and experiencing similar paths.

This is what it means to come together... to share... to step up into the Onness!

We All Love You as One big Heart ~




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The Earth's Core


Comment by The Press: Conscoiusness rising does indeed create what could be felt as loss of concentration, and brain waves are affected because they shift to Higer vibration, shifting from the left brain to the right brain before uniting in harminic balance. This process happens when we shift from the mind to the Heart. This is why it feels like confusing. It is a Re-Tuning of Our Core.

Be Blessed in Love


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Looking Straight Into The Eye of the Storm! by Lisa




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Tree is to Earth as Human is to 'God~Goddess' ... or “Compassion”



Tree is to Earth as Human is to 'God/Goddess' ... or “Compassion”

  16 March 2012 
GLR~A Lightworker


Mother Earth is a soul, at one point in time she could have been very similar to a human in form but always a soul, a consciousness. This consciousness chose to incarnate as the beautiful green Earth because this 'soul' knew it would be exactly the experience it required in order to grow as a being, that is part of the universe.



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HAARP Status & Jet Stream, 3/16/2012 1045PM EST


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Latest Earthquakes Report - Mar. 16, 2012 pm


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The Nations Weather Report - Mar. 16, 2012


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How can it be both, Ron? That question comes to my mind, and perhaps other minds as well. We live in the paradox: having the experience of being human while receiving flashes of something more. Those flashes are reminders of who we are beyond the drama. Yes, we all have that spark of Divinity in an earthly vessel. Our challenge is to fully honor both.


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Walking In Your Ascended Master Shoes & Message from Adama



Walking In Your Ascended Master Shoes & Message from Adama


TelosChannel.com Newsletter

March 16, 2012
Walking In Your Ascended Master Shoes

Greetings Dear Friends,


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From one Human to Another



From one Human to Another




by GLR Kelly MacInnis


I have been meaning to write for some time. I have seen you struggle with all the changes going on. Trying to make sense of it all. Trying to figure out what might happen. I have seen you reading every post looking for answers. I have felt your pain and frustration as things don’t seem to be going as expected. I have watched you struggle with the increased energy flowing into and around you, not knowing what to make of it our how to fully integrate it. I have heard your call and I am here to help.


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~ Mother Earth=Heart Has Chosen Love~ Manifested Love is Arriving~


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Message from the Elohim March 15, 2012



Message from the Elohim March 15, 2012



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The Evolution of a Day and Sexual Energy! Rated PG16


The Evolution of a Day and Sexual Energy! Rated PG16



I should have known when I looked at the field yesterday (March 15th) something would have been different, after-all, I have been seeing a gold lightning bolt hit the field of energy called March directly in the middle (which I figured was about the 15th)… but never got clarity as to what it meant.  God forbid!!

I still don’t have the clarity (smile)… but something huge is underway!


My first reading was at 8am… as I tried to find her thru the reading, once again the entire field completely changed.  There was no longer the top of the Mesa Cliff or the ground where I read “The Field.”  All of it was one whole energy field… an intermingling of white and soft golden energy.  This energy was so thick that I could not see my client… I could sense she was somewhere in the midst of this energy… but that is about all.  Since I had a light schedule, I asked her if we could attempt this reading again in two hours.  I have seen the field change before quickly… where I couldn’t see at first then by the next reading, the details cleared.  I was hoping this was the case again.



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Lucifer: Embrace your inner dragon... Wake up!!! ~ by 141


by Galactic Love Reporter Lucifer



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Lucas ~ Seperation Is Thinking From The Mind Not From The Heart ~ 17 March 2012


Lucas ~ Seperation Is Thinking From The Mind Not From The Heart ~ 17 March 2012

A beautiful day to reflect it was yesterday. As the afternoon was becoming the present  all worries  and sorrows had found their solutions.  So balance was found  again. I was online reading and offline reading my post and came across several things having the same theme: separation.


The lack of respecting diversity or  respecting other ones choice is felt dearly.  separating is being cut off and is  apart from and not united. It is even an illusion to think if you separate yourself  by merely thinking as being a apart entity and act like it or think like separated from that what you not want, as it is part of the wholeness of the One. separation is nothing more than an illusion. And that illusion can become so real as you want it to be. But this separated reality is still part of the One.



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UNITY CALL to all Administrators of Spirituality related Websites, Blogs, Forums, and others



UNITY CALL to all Administrators of Spirituality related Websites, Blogs, Forums, and others


Image: Favim.com

The time we Now live in is Our Time, of We the People.

As advised, explained and understood by many, Now is the time to Unite as One Human Family.


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Angel Wisdom with Sharon Taphorn ~ Worthiness


You are worthy

As a beautiful spark of Creator light, you are indeed worthy of all that you desire. Decide on clear boundaries and limits and firmly decline to let others step over them. When you value yourself, you become open and friendly, slow to take offense and quick to forgive.


Angel wisdom reminds you that you are like-able and truly love-able. Do not let others press your buttons, or tell you otherwise. Begin by loving yourself. If these seems difficult at first, ask for your angels to step in and surround you with love. When you feel our love it is easier to take the next step towards loving yourself.



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Firming up the Process | The 2012 Scenario


Firming up the Process | The 2012 Scenario


Written by Steve Beckow


I’d like to continue with my exploration from yesterday (1) of what I can bank on around the 2012 scenario when I lack certain knowledge. I think it’s important in the weeks and months ahead to have a process that helps us choose what version to accept among competing versions and what side to support when we lack certainty.

What can we fall back on to restore our confidence and courage when we don’t have the assurance of certain knowledge and face an attempt to make us fearful and hesitant?


Our Discernment

My obligation to discern makes it vital that I look to see what remains consistent and uncontradicted within and among the versions of events presented to me. It requires me to ask: What’s the most probable, possible, and plausible of outcomes? What’s the most likely account and outcome of things?



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The manuscript of survival ~ part 105 ~The Fog Is Lifting


The manuscript of survival ~ part 105

 17 March 2012 ~ 9:44am |  Aisha North

Today, the topic will be a short review of the things that have happened so far in this period, in other words, a short recap of just what these last energy bouts have been all about. As we have already mentioned, on the outside, much will seem to be the same, but that is not the story if you venture under the surface. When we say the surface, we are alluding not only to your bodies, but also the crust of your little planet, and the layers of energy harbouring there. As you might be well aware of by now, not only you but also the whole of your planet is nothing but a living and breathing field of energy, a moving field of currents, never at peace, always transmuting and forever changing. Energy never stays still, it is always seeking new outlets to shift and move about, and although everything around you seems to be solid, nothing really is.

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SanJAsKa: We are truly your Family from the Skies


SanJAsKa: We are truly your Family from the Skies

Posted by Wes Annac


Thanks to Lisa (Wolfke74) for the Image

- through Wes Annac-


Clusters upon clusters of ancient energy stargates from periods in your history dating back as far as Atlantean times have been coming online in exponential rates, and this has been happening in accordance with the expanding and reawakening of the many chakras in the spirit complexes of man that have until now been kept closed.



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