Conversations with my Twin Flame ~ “My Ascension Update” ~ by Debbie Erasmus

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Five days ago I wrote this message on my personal Facebook page:

“You are almost there, every now and then you catch sight of the light at the end of the tunnel before it disappears again. The road has been a long one and the boots you’re wearing are heavy and they’re killing you, but you don’t give up. You knew it wasn’t going to be easy. This journey. You didn’t want it to be easy. You wanted to test your conviction, your faith, your trust, your belief in yourself. So you took the difficult road instead of the easy one. The long route instead of the short and more gentle one. You fight back the tears and carry on going. Soon you will see the spark of light appear again. You’re almost there. You know you’re not alone now. There is someone else on this journey with you. He is helping you, guiding you. He encourages you and whispers loving words in your ears. You trust him, but its not him you need to trust. Its yourself. But you know one thing. You’re not a quitter, you’re a fighter. You’re a warrior. Not far to go now. You’re almost there..”

One friend commented and said they felt exactly the same way as I did. This ascension has affected each of us in a different way. No two people have felt exactly the same things. Five days after writing the message above I feel different. I’m tired, very tired in fact, but I’m happy. I can see the light now, and the light beings on either side of me continue to encourage me. My beloved Twin is one of them, and he is endlessly supportive and loving. I can see now that this incarnation has not been mine alone, but ours. There is nothing that I do, that is ‘alone’. There is no such thing as ‘being’ alone. Everything breath I take, every word I speak and thought that runs through my mind, is experienced by him also. I know that he is my Soul, my connection to All That Is. He has a short message for me now:

My Beloved, soon you will be with me. Our journey is almost over. I have waited so long to be with you. I know that you are feeling as if all is surreal. This is because you are transcending the physical and becoming your Self once more. You are overwhelmed with what you hear and see around you, but know that this is the illusion playing out in your old world. You are experiencing extreme tiredness and this is due to updates going on inside your physical body. Rest Beloved, and do not worry yourself about anything. Concentrate on merging your energy with mine. We will have time enough later to talk about our options.

Archangel Michael has told me the world is my oyster. Not once, but many times he has told me this. I am being presented with various options that I can pursue here on the Earth, and Michael along with my wonderful guide, Archangel Zadkiel, are repeatedly telling me to let go of any residual fears and ‘spread my wings’! The more time we spend in the vibration of divine love, the easier it gets. The meditations with Michael and other Twin Flame couples have helped me to see and feel this. I have started a new Facebook page to get TF pairs together to use their combined and powerful energies to help Gaia. This is our mission as Star seeds and as I’ve been reminded of this by Archangel Zadkiel, the time is now to do this.

This is the link to the new Facebook page.  Please join us!

Namasté ~ In Divine Love!

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