GFP Newsletter - 10/10/2018

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A Catholic priest visited a Catholic family. There was a little boy sitting very happily beside his cat, which had just given birth to six kittens.

The priest asked, "Why are you so happy?"

The boy said, "Because all the kittens happen to be good Catholics." Very satisfied, the priest went home.

Two weeks later he visited the family again. As soon as the little boy saw him, he began crying desperately. "What's the matter?" asked the priest. "Why are you so sad?"

The boy replied, sobbing, "The kittens are no longer Catholic."

"How can you say that?" asked the priest.

The little boy replied, "They have all opened their eyes."

The moment your inner eye starts opening, you will not be a Catholic, you will not be a Protestant, you will not be a Hindu, you will not be a Mohammedan, you will not be a Jew - you will be simply yourself; hence, all the organized religions have been avoiding the very subject.



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