GFP Newsletter - 10/17/2017

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You may have observed in yourself and in others also, that there is a very deep urge to become unconscious. Puritans cannot understand it, moralists cannot understand it, hence the appeal of all types of alcohols, drugs, chemical intoxicants - why?

Preachers go on preaching against it but it has not changed a single person; not a single man has been changed through it. Humanity goes on moving on its path: puritans go on condemning, but nobody listens to them.

It cannot be an ordinary thing, something extraordinary is involved. That's why it is so difficult to try to change an alcoholic - very, very difficult, almost impossible. Why is there so much appeal in becoming unconscious? - because self-consciousness is such a disease, it is such a burden.

And there are only two ways to go beyond it: one is to fall into unconsciousness, the other is to become superbly conscious. Either move to superconsciousness, or move to unconsciousness.



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