GFP Newsletter - 11/14/2017

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Learn through life, otherwise things are not going to be different. Everybody thinks: This time it is going to be different. You are not different so how is it going to be different this time? And if you observe closely you will see that not only do you repeat, you fall in love again and again with the same type of man or woman, the same type. It has to be so.

I have heard about one man who was divorced eight times. And then he suddenly became aware:

What is happening to me? Is somebody playing a joke or what? Because I always fall in love with the same type of woman again.

Nobody is playing a joke; you are choosing. And if you remain the same and you have not learned, how can you choose another type of person? Again the same type of person will appeal to you. You will fall again in love with the same type of person, then the same circle will be repeated. Eight or eighty times - it makes no difference. If you remain the same you will do the same. You will again find the same person first appealing, then disgusting.



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