GFP Newsletter - 11/9/2017

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Buddhas have always said that if you have any desires, you cannot know the Truth because your desire will color it. If you want to achieve something you will not be able to know reality. The very effort to achieve something, a desire, will color it.

When you are desireless, when you are not in any way ambitious, when you are not moving to achieve something, when you are simply a being, totally still and quiet, then suddenly the reality appears to you.

So this is the mechanism - you and the reality, and in between these two, the mind. This is the mechanism of the unreal, the illusory, MAYA. You and the reality and no more mind in between; suddenly, all that is there is revealed, all mysteries open. But when the mind drops the bridge drops.

You and reality become one because now there is no dividing line.



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