GFP Newsletter - 12/10/2017

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Look at the flower that bloomed this morning.... Just near the flower there is a rock. By the evening, the flower will be gone but the rock will be there, because the flower is more alive and the rock is not so alive. The flower is dead by the evening. What do you want? - to be a rock-like phenomenon or a flower-like phenomenon? Why does the flower die so soon? - because it is so alive, so intensely alive that death comes quickly; it doesn't linger on. The flower was not dragging; it lived the moment, it lived totally - it danced under the sky, it enjoyed the sun, the breeze. For a moment it was eternity.

The flower laughed, the flower sang, the flower did whatsoever was to be done, and by the evening, the flower was ready to die - and without a single tear in her eyes, without weeping and crying.

Look at a dying flower - the petals have already fallen on the ground but you can never say that it is ugly - it is beautiful in death also. Then look at a man dying; he becomes ugly. Why? - because of the fear. Fear makes you ugly. If you are too afraid you will become more and more ugly. The flower is fulfilled; now the time to rest has come and the flower is going to rest, and when the rest is over the flower will come back.



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