GFP Newsletter - 12/9/2017

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You are self-conscious but not conscious of yourself; you are aware but there is an ego. You are aware of the total - the trees, the sun's rays, the breezes blowing, the birds singing, your activity - the digging of the hole, the mud coming out - you are aware of everything except yourself. If you became conscious of yourself, in that moment an orgasmic feeling would happen. It is like deep love, it is like sleep, it is like death. You will come out of it totally different and new.

If you don't move into a let-go, life cannot happen to you. It happens through that passage when you are not. When you are not standing in the way, then life happens to you, then you feel fulfilled.

When you are fulfilled there is no fear of death. When there is no fear of death, you become more and more capable of let-go.



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