GFP Newsletter - 2/22/2018

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The moment you know yourself, you become part of the whole existence - so organic a part that the question does not arise of taking responsibility. You will respond, but your response will not be a responsibility. Your response will be the response of existence itself, just through you - just as flowers belong to existence, but roses will come on a rose bush. They don't belong to the rose bush; ultimately they belong to existence. And only a stupid rose bush will think, "they are my flowers, my responsibility." But rose bushes are not stupid, they are utterly relaxed, they let existence take care. They are not separate from the earth, from the sun rays; they are joined in a thousand ways.

The rose bush is only an expression of existence: So are you. But first know it! And only with a non-tense mind can one know oneself. So relaxation or let-go are only devices. Once you are so relaxed, the way the trees are relaxed, you will find your roots in existence. All that you have is not yours - not even you; it is a flowering - existence has flowered in your individuality in a certain way.

Existence loves variety, creates unique individuals, unique animals, unique trees.



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