GFP Newsletter - 6/17/2017

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Existence is not divided into either-or, it has no duality. It is one energy flowing from this end to that.

Both banks of the river are joined together underneath - they are part of one land. They appear to you to be two because you have not entered the river and you have never gone to the very bottom.

The banks are not two, they belong to one land. But for the river to flow, they appear to be as two.

Existence is just like two banks meeting underneath, and mind is just looking at the surface. So mind says: I am at this bank, and you are at that. You are against me. If you are a friend, then you are on this bank with me; you are an enemy if you are on that bank. But both the wings belong to one earth. The mind cannot see so deeply. The mind is the phenomenon on the surface - hence dualities. Existence is one, it cannot be otherwise. There are not two existences, only one exists.



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