GFP Newsletter - 9/23/2018

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Only in meditation will you find one day the exact meaning of easiness - not in any dictionary. When you feel so full like an ocean, everything is possible if you want, but there is no desire; the ocean is silent, resting. And just the feel of resting energy is so blissful, so peaceful, that if you come close to a man who is easy, you will start feeling yourself, a certain relaxedness.

Avoid laziness and create yourself a pool of energy without any ripples, and the small statement of Chuang Tzu, "Easy is right" will be understood in its essential meaning. Anything that is not easy and creates tensions in you, anxiety and anguish, is not right - don't do it. Follow the easy way to the point that you forget that it is easy. It becomes so natural to you that there is no need to remember that it is easy, or to remember that it is right. This is the state of enlightenment.

Easy flows the river of consciousness towards the ocean.



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