GFP Newsletter - 9/4/2017

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Tense, you are like a river in hot summer; only in some spots little pools are left, but the bed is dry.

Somewhere you can find a little dirty pool, but there is no flow; so again sand, so again a little pool.

This is how a tense man is: there is no flow of energy-many blocks, many dry beds, and somewhere a little pool exists and that pool is bound to become dirty. When energy is flowing you are fresh.

When energy is moving without any blocks you are river-like, and the ocean is not far away. When you are a summer river; when everything is dried and only pools of energy exist, and there is no interlink between your energy pools, then you can never reach to the ocean; then God is the farthest thing possible. Flowing, He is near - non-flowing, He is very, very far away. Flow is needed, and when you flow you are beautiful.

Look at a child, watch a child; he is a flow, a river-like flow. He moves like wind and he never tires.



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