GFP Newsletter - 9/7/2018

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Two things happen in orgasm: one is, mind stops the constant yakkety yak - it becomes for a moment no-mind; and second, time stops. That single moment of orgasmic joy is so immense and so fulfilling that it is equal to eternity.

In the very early days man became aware that these are the two things which give you the greatest pleasure possible, as far as nature is concerned. And it was a simple and logical conclusion that if you can stop your chattering mind and become so silent that everything stops - time included - then you are free from sexuality. You need not depend on the other person, man or woman; you are capable of attaining this state of meditation alone. And orgasm cannot be more than momentary, but meditation can be spread over the whole twenty-four hours.

A man like Gautam Buddha is living every moment of his life in orgasmic joy - it has nothing to do with sex.



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